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So we are buying a new house!
One issue with that is she has weapons and I am not ready to die yet Wink
ROFL. Maybe she\'ll just tase you bro.
So any new news?
My mom has sold real estate for almost my entire life, and I think the one thing she constantly says is \"take your time\"... so you obviously already have that down.
<b>So awesome</b> that you paid your 1st house off already!!! If you can do that, you already know what you\'re doing, so all I can say is I can\'t wait to see pics of the new place when you find it!
Still waiting I have found a couple but not in the current schools our kids are in which i am good with but i am unwilling to move them out of their currents schools till after school is out. So since we cant agree on anything we will wait till spring rolls in and look again our goal is to have a new house by the end of july.
We so happened to stumble on accident Peter and I\'s DREAM HOUSE over the Christmas holiday and we have decided we would stupid not to go after it! Peter works so hard not to which is why he is hardly ever on! Here is a link to it also i would be making changes to it like the ugly wall paper! Here is a ink to it so prayers and warm wishes that we get it I know all of my kids would have a ton of fun on this property!!
Shades of Miracle on 34th Street. Good luck.
And it sold I kid you not! Tongue
Just roll with this Peter and I have been talking for years of leaving home ( Kc) while I love this city I love the ROYALS and I am a God fearing Jayhawk fan I bleed crimson and blue during basketball season and enjoy taking my boys to a baseball game in the summer. we both have amazing friends here that we love more then our family (sad) We have been unhappy for many years but we have been bogged down with babies and debt till now just paid off my student loans for a degree I don\'t use. (LPN and I also have been a preschool teacher) We don\'t get help from family hardly ever because well we are the bad ones because we had Isaiah ( our oldest) before we where married. ( long story)
We don\'t feel we need to stay around these parts anymore and we want to pick up and MOVE out of state! Yep since we can\'t find a house here and the restoration market sucks we want to pick up and move. we like we want to try something totally crazy and different after all we live only 1 time. Peter and I have narrowed it down to Ohio although I was fighting for the beach. We have a great friend in the same industry we are in and he is working on leads for a new job for him so he can be home with the kids and I more. He said that area of the country is fairing better then we are here and more likely he would be able to get a better position. For some reason working your bum off for 12 years wont get you promoted. With that being stated what are some areas prefer the burbs or out skirts of Dayton or Columbus that have GREAT schools NOT THE HOOD! I also want to say thank you to Vice and D for answering my questions and especially to vice for extending a warm welcome to let us stay with him and his wife why we check the city out!
Remember, Darias is in the Columbus area.
Let\'s just say we\'ve been talking a LOT this week.

Ruiness: When you need some recon done (other than Nomfest), let me know.
Well, you could always move to Canada, just saying Wink
With Sckittles and I right across from each other you could move right by us and we would be set! lol
Realistically though, I hope you guys find something you\'ll be happy with. I haven\'t had the pleasure of actually owning a home as of yet seeing as pricing here are absurd! but I know from word of mouth from my friends buying a home you have to love it before moving in, don\'t settle on something you\'re not completely happy with.

PS. apparently the home you posted above is actually back on the market now when I went to take a look. :p
Can you buy a home in Canada if you aren\'t a citizen? A bunch of Americans a few years ago got taken in by a scam - they \"bought\" property in Mexico, later found out that they can\'t own property there if you aren\'t a citizen. They got hosed on that deal.
To be honest Silv I\'m not too sure on this. I have friends with property in the U.S.A (mainly Florida) who I know are not citizens and they just rent it out during the summer and go there for winter but I\'m not sure if it works in reverse here and from experience with Dey and all the paperwork we are going through right now just to get him a visa to work I\'m guessing they don\'t make it easy to actually buy the property if you\'re not a citizen.
1st of all as much as I like Lon I don\'t want to be that close to him and it\'s COLD there!
Peter got a hold of a guy named Doug and he owns a few companies out east and is in charge of a few of them in Ohio. Well he contacted Peter and wants Peter to run a location in Ohio he said what will it take for me to have you out here ( as in peter). He has offered a hefty salary increase and other things. So the negotiations have started. Doug has known Peter since he was 16 and trained him in the business.
No matter what I will still rock my Ku shirts and proudly fly my Kc Royals flag. As far as family here goes I wont miss them nearly as much as my friends they have been amazing. Kids the kids will be fine the part that bugs me is the fact he will be out there for a month before the kids and I. We think it would be best to let the kids finish the school year out here and that will give me time to pack and enjoy the spring here and say my good byes. I will be honest it will be hard for me not knowing a soul out there and not being able to call my best friend and say hey come over lets have a beer and lets have some bbq. I know I will make new friends but I am nervous it took me 13 years to figure out the streets around here oh and the time change will not be fun.
I can feel the love there\'d love to be closer to me location wise its the cold you don\'t want to be near, and i know this listening to the cold complaints over the years ;-) At least when i do manage to get to a sleeper gathering you actually might be there :-)

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