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So we are buying a new house!
Hi everyone!

I thought I would share some exciting news with you all Okage and I decided it is a good time to buy a different house for us! I am so excited and sad at the same time we have had this house since we where 1st married. I have brought all my babies through this front door and just to add no we are not having anymore tiny babes. I shut that factory down (lol) We have decided we need more room for our big family and we are on top of each other. We are going to prep this house for renters and keep it so we can have a little extra income when we get older. Plus we paid it off when we where 22 so it\'s actually a good thing I hope Smile
As we start this process good thoughts and prayers are welcomed as we go on this little journey! I can\'t wait to show you our new casa and hopefully have some of our Kc sleepers over or whoever!
Best of luck.
Congrats and best of luck finding your dream home. It sounds like you may not be around a lot to be picked on as the other thread mentioned :-)
No I will be around it\'s Skittles that wont be and now I have no one to pick on. Maybe my target should be you LB Wink
What??? Right before the xpac...and winter?

Good luck guys!
So far we have not found any that we are in love with that just scream yep this is the one. I am not being picky 4 bedrooms with 2+ bathrooms with a basement and a two car garage shouldn\'t be hard to find around here in Ks. I would like to stay in the same schools we are in but it\'s slim pickings around here so we are going to expand the search maybe out away from the city about 20 minutes or so. We shall see what happens. For some reason I am thinking we wont find it till spring or summer. Smile
If your looking in the county, I bet you find it sooner than that. Good Luck Smile

*runs away giggling* Wink
LOL Silv!
I\'m just seeing this now \"boo to me\" best of luck to you guys and your house hunting! =D
Still have NOT found one that says yes this is it! So since it\'s Peter\'s busy time seriously I don\'t see him from after thanksgiving till march we are going to have to wait till spring. That way I can work on things on our current house and not feel stressed out and waiting wont kill me although it annoys me!
Yes, lets avoid you being stressed out...people die when that happens (only in game i hope, thou i don\'t live close enough to see any body bags leaving) <---just kidding :-)

I think i will go hide now *smoke bomb*
Haha Lon Peter said good luck to my poor friend while he\'s gone because she just might be crazy enough to come and find you!
Amber have some patience we will find the right on at the right time. Lon buddy good luck come busy season because I am not around to keep her grounded Wink
A good way to keep her grounded while you are away involves bungee cords and duct tape hehe

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