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My guild bank
I didn\'t know this, but my guild bank recently came up for grabs. My banking toon had been logged out for too long, apparently. Mysteri grabbed it for herself, but Stein or Sid coulda been the proud owners of a 5 tab GB. I\'m gonna have to bribe her for ownership when I come back and play lol!
I went out there just to get on that character, its still there Smile
I noticed last month that leadership for our Warlock guild \"Azeroths Warlock Elite\" (AWE) is up for grabs too. Heh, we have such a cool laid-back group. Smile
I deleted my AWE toon. Need to make another. Might do that just to see what leveling a new toon post 6.0 feels like.
for myself??? Sheesh!
Ingrate, you are *so* gonna pay for that comment. ;P


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