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Checking In
Howdy folks! Haven\'t been on in a while and just wanted to drop a line. All is good so no worries there.Work and summertime activities seem to dominate my days. I am also on a bit of a health kick and plan to be on it for as long as I am on the correct side of the grass! For the last month I have been working on adding some mass, nailing down a workout routine and getting a diet in check while attempting to maintain this bulk. I am now at 139lbs, 5ft3 and about 17% body fat. The overall goal is to hit roughly 155 @ 10% fat when all is said and done (which is about the most I believe my wee frame could support!)

Hope to pop on this evening for guild night. Yak at ya later!
Trying to gain weight..what a concept! good luck eh!
I\'ve been doing much the same. I\'ve been using a free app on my phone called MyFitnessPal - it\'s a great way to keep track of the calories you are consuming. I\'ve also been taking Jay Robb\'s egg white protein powder - more protein and less calories then whey protein powders. I found out about the protein powder from Mysteri - she used to be a nurse and really knows her stuff. In one month I lost 8 lbs of fat and gained almost 3 lbs of muscle. My goal is also to get to 10% body fat - I started at 27% (too much WoW hehe)
Awesome progress Silv! I love MyFitnessPal, I also have it linked up with a fitbit. Logging everything helps me keep the gain under control. I have read too many horror stories about bulks getting out of hand.

I\'m not too thrilled about having to exceed my goal weight then \"cut\" to shed the excess body fat; but when I\'m cutting on a slight calorie deficit at least Arless can\'t make fun of my diet! =P

Thanks for the compliment Sil, and you are doing fantastic!!! ...but of course I knew you would. Smile

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