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GN re-runs
First, hats-off to the folks that keep GN going and going and going...

Years ago, I originally joined sleeper in 06\' as a low-level newb Warlock Casziel and have always looked fwd to Saturday\'s insanity if I am able to attend. I would like to respectfully suggest GN re-focus/reboot to a majority of activity based themes and games; not necessarily built on current content, conventional raids, progression, grinding and so on.

Honestly as the years have passed all I remember are flashbacks of insanity, but I did scavenge past ideas from this board from others that I do not believe would take huge amounts of overhead and planning. In addition, with the Cairne merger, I am betting(hoping) that participants will have open toon slots available. I have also tossed in a couple of ideas. If I misidentified the original person or swiped another idea, I apologize:

Deviate Guild Night – Stein
Old fashioned silliness – Stein
Noggenfogger Roulette – Phos (not sure what the thoughts were here but it sounds fun)
Invade another Server (lvl1) – Tel
<Breakfast Club> reunion (RP server guild with breakfast themed names)– Yeshe
Naked War Games (Sleeper PvP) – Darias
Underwater Picnic and exploration – Stein
Lowbie dungeon escorts – Silv
Awe event (gnome warlock >10 req\'d)– multiple folks
Jousting tourney – Stein
Where is Waldo? (hide and seek including exploration) – Breyean
Boat Party w/events (non phasing) – Kelbun
Egg races (lvl 1 escorts/games) – Darias
Sleeper lvl 1 “BGs” (horde v alliance--wargames or flagged?) – Dartaris
Sleeper Flash mob silliness (Auction Houses, high traffic areas, gifts, twisted emotes, etc) - Inspired by Darias\' Bling flash mob idea
Occupy Org (taken from a Theramore suggestion) - scouting needed to prevent camping
Lookin for a Fight (hop on your lowest lvl toon but > lvl 10 and cause trouble at Horde low level quest hubs.)
Relay races (use of an item to pass off to your teammate) - I see lots of death opportunities here.
Mix & Match - mixem\' up, combine events to meet time considerations or add a \"twist\"
Scavenger Hunt (party)
Trivia (party)
Costume contests (party)
battle pet (party)
all sorts of things and stuffs
Mini parties
DK Ding (part one/two): lvl a DK on X server until ready for outlands (58) and lock XP. next phase: payback a Fel Reaver, decimate some horde villages, etc..
Want some of this? - Sleeper\\Mystic cooperative - maybe incite some world pvp in Outlands or elsewhere- no stabbity stabbity your guild mates
Critter carnage - lvl 1 or 90 hunter/lock pet battle royale in Gurubashi Arena 1v1, 2v2, free for all - once again no stabbity your guild mates unless directed otherwise.

...and finally
50/50 draws - is this still OK with Blizzard\'s Tos? If it is a gray area, we could call it a \"guild-bank donation\" Could help rebuild GB funds thanks to the timeless isle money pit. Rewards can be stuff other than cash

/end wall of text

I like these ideas.

Another PvP idea is War Games. You can create two different teams, select War Games from the PvP menu, and battle the opposing team. This does not award Honor or Conquest Points, it\'s just for fun. You can do BGs with as little as 5 people or arenas with as little as 2 on each team.
Breakfast Club is still alive on Wyrmrest Accord and I think there are a half dozen folks still in the guild, though I think my alt is the only one that\'s been on in ages.

Looking through even older threads, I saw another if these are still available: <a href=\"\">Get folks attuned</a>
I like all of these things and all the things you might have missed too.
I not only like all these ideas, I remember most of them!
Another one i had was we all roll tanks of one type etc and run dungeons etc in clumps of 5 tanks. parade through town etc form a raid and engage the horde at the crossroads etc. We are kinda doing that now with the monks though.

I called the idea \"dueling for aggro\"

It also goes back to an early dnd group idea (even preceding mmo\'s) I had where all the characters wore plate armor (paladins, cavaliers, clerics and fighters etc) forming a \"Paladin Hit Squad\" against evil etc.

I have some alts on cairne already set up to do this or run dungeons at 16-17 locked etc to build up gear.

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