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Munec needs good PVP gear
Munec, my Panda monk Mistweaver is about to pop 90. Can anyone suggest what PVP healing gear I should get? Can anyone make said gear?
Well, I\'m 90 now and still looking to try and sort our healing gear...could use some help.
I know nothing of Monk PvP healing or the gear but I know leatherworkers can make PvP sets and Rhodan has discovered most (if not all) of the recipes. Unfortunately you\'d have to tell me what you\'d like to have crafted... I think they are Dreadscale? Also, I think they use Magnificent Hide which has a daily cooldown to make - but I could be wrong there also... Sorry I can\'t be more help.
Thanks for the offer...I have absolutely no idea what I should be wearing; evidently, no one else does either.
patch 4.7 is on the horizon (its on the ptr). 522 gear will be purchasable with honor and a new tier will be added above it. You might want to farm up jp from running dungeons, then convert it to honor in stormwind and bank it till after the patch hits (prob in a month). Thats what i plan on doing for my alts that arent geared that well (mainly to get pvp shields trinkets and weapons). Timeless gear may be an option as well if upgraded to 535 (it may be reasonably good to start pvping in after the patch). Im waiting to see how they handle the pve gear downrating in pvp after the patch etc.

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