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Was hangin\' around Ironforge opening my gifts and noticed a 15-meter tall T-Rex with a ghostly appearance walking around. It was AWESOME!. Walking slow just like a 15-meter tall dinosaur would.

It had the \"Skymirror Image\" buff - from <a href=\"\">Ai-Li\'s Skymirror</a>.

I couldn\'t find anything that would cause Skymirror Image to have such a huge image. Glyph of Disguise apparently only works on humanoids.

Wouldn\'t it be cool to have a dozen or so huge T-Rex\'s thundering through the canals in Stormwind? (or, anywhere for that matter)...
Found it.

The skymirror will make you look like your humanoid target but the trick is to get your humanoid target to look cool.

* pull out a hunter pet which is huge in the wild
* attack greenwood tricksters with the pet - they use a mirror spell
* have a rogue pick-pocket the trickster with glyph of disguise
* then use the mirror on the rogue - you will show as the original size of the wild pet

probably nerfed already, but it looked very, very cool...

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