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maxing skinning at level 16 for pvp purposes
A lot of the older members probably know this but I thought Id Just mention the trick i use now to get skinning maxed to 225 before entering battlegrounds. First id get the biggest bags you can afford for space for loot and skins.

I level up normally, skinning when i can but not doing all that much of it.

Once ive locked xp at 16 (at invisible guy in battemaster room next to the throne room in SW - costs 10gp to lock/unlock), then i work on leveling skinning in 1-10 zones. At 50 go to trainer and train up the 2nd tier of skinning

In any 11-20 zone make sure your skinning is up to 125. Go back to trainer and train the next tier (3rd) this will allow you to max it out to 225

Then Id enter random dungeons. When you get a wailing caverns group finish it normally, skinning as you can.

When in a random dungeon group for wailing caverns, once its finished you can drown in the deep pool at the bottom of the shaft next to verdan the everliving boss. This will allow you to rez at the dungeon entrance (with rez sickness) in the barrens. Falling no longer works as the damage isnt enough and the health respawn rate is very high.

Id also recommend going out to ratchett (avoiding crossroads) and getting the fp so you can return if needed.

You can then have anyone meet you at the dungeon entrance (or use a 2nd acct main) to farm the leather off the mobs.). You should be able to get up to about 200 skinning the mobs in wailing caverns. Its great as most of the lizards are near the entrance.

once ive finished with that then i start farming in the first 4 dungeons for the loot i need

Then once im geared and enchanted Id start farming the wolves and bears in duskwood, taking care to only pull one mob at a time. This should easily get you to 225. If squishy id start on the north edge of duskwood and work on the wolves then head west and south along the river.

i then unlock xp again in stormwind (near king in side room) and youd be ready to rock in battlegrounds.

If anyone needs help for this on a new alt im game to help just ask me.

oh if you are parked in the barrens near wc entrance check the pool there outside the entrance for the hydra rare - he drops a mail belt for str users that is still nice for twinking and sells well.

I recently rolled 5 more hunters on Cairne, just for PvP. I was planning on twinking them out at various levels and doing some multi-boxing PvP. Question is, do you get extra crit from skinning at such a low level? Crit is a hunter\'s best secondary stat, and if I\'m to min/max I\'d want skinning as a profession on all 5 toons.
yes its about 6-9 percent crit at level 16 if i remember right 6 percent for 150 and 9 percent for 225 (need to confirm). So its worth doing if you want to make your hunter pack really insane lol

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