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Post Your Gratitude VI: Beyond the Final Frontier
The last thread got too big.

hanks to Canziz and Mel for dragging me the rest of the way into the Barrens.
Thanks, Stein for the new thread- I\'ve been wanting to post for a long while.

Thanks to LB, Silvanos, and Vice for gear help, for both my main and my alts! (I may have forgotten some one or two of those giving me a leg-slot up, and for that I apologize)

Thanks to the whole guild for being an awesome, friendly bunch!

You guys rock.
Many thnks to Cicif for help with the Emperor\'s rep grinp.
I am grateful to the many peeps that helped me get my twenty kills in Timeless Island... Specifically after I was killing for about 1/2 an hour and then realized that Doink!!!! I forgot to get the quest for the extra rep and money... LOL... well, thank goodness for those warlocks that have the summoning portion... Hallelujah and rejoice! and Sinless who is a great helper in keeping me alive and well .. as without Sinless, as Stein has pointed out, I commit suicide a little too often... ROFL! Thanks to all my guildies, this is great..
So, I thank you all that helped me, Naming Sinless, Stein, Tel, Ty, Mel, Canziz, LB, and all my other \"buddies\" that I cant think of at the moment!

Killerpinky (aka KP)
A big thank you goes out to April, Stein, Canziz and Vicegrips for helping my newly levelled shaman terrorize the isle\'s many elites last night...resulting in many shiny epics for her, and very few deaths.
My thanks to all the blacksmiths who ever made gear for me. I am learning first hand what a pita it is to level one.
Thank-you Vicegrips & Tempy for helping me clear my quest log of all those scenarios!
Thank-you to all the Sleepers who make dying at Guild Night so much fun!
A big thank you to Mel and Canziz for helping me grind Dinomancers on the Isle of Giants and learning to tame the tricerotops looking dinos on said isle, as well as getting a couple pets to drop.
Cicif, Jannich, Vicegrips, & a non-Sleeper named Nag took me thru Heroic Scarlet Halls, Scholomance, Stormstout Brewery, & Temple of the Jade Serpent. What a blast! Thank-you, guys!
Thank you to Vice and Tel for taking me on a whirlwind tour of Timeless Isle. It\'s nice to see some purple on my toon again!! lol I truly appreciate both of you taking the time to show me the island. It was nice to hear some human voices for a change as well. Smile I\'ve missed that. Hopefully I\'ll get a working mic again and can respond outside of text chat! Smile
Thank you Tel for my shiny new axe Smile
Melisande Heart
Thank-you, Stein.
Thanks to Cicif, Tel, Sid, Vice and Corsina for a profitable Timelss Isle run.
Big thanks to Tel for making two nice daggers for my rogue.
Thank-you, Telonnar for the Gorge Stalker Belt & the Delicate Primordial Rubies to match.

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