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Blingtron Flash Mob
I don\'t know how many people have the pattern, but how creepy would it be to drop a dozen or so Blingtrons all in an area. A spawn point, flight point, the bank, auction house, whatever. Their smiles are creepy.
I like. I have an engineer. Do you know how to get the pattern?
From your trainer. Smile
Going to check tonight.
Takes spirits i think to make. Mine has the pattern but not enough spirits - she is 85 or 86.
Krvatius, my very smexy Pally, has a Blingtron available. Count me in.
Just made mine tonight! Ready!
Maybe in a few weeks after i finish the second weapon ill make one (I keep putting off the later engineering stuff as i need the mats for blacksmithing). The 502 weapons use up an insane amount of bars but they make such a huge difference for a fresh 90 alt (with my plate alts
etc) that i will probably keep making them.

What would help is if someone with a JC can put some of the specific gems for bling in the guild bank. Ill try processing some ore etc on mine in a week or two but my jc has almost none of the superior gems and cuts as hes still 85.
oh, this is good!
Maybe add to the creepiness with gnomer pride costumes?

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