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Pet Battle Tournament: Reindeer Games?
So, the Pet Battle system is live, fun, and hugely addicting. I think we should plan an end-of-year or winter holiday tournament night featuring holiday pets. I was inspired when I started leveling up my Winter Reindeer. I don\'t think we should necessarily limit them to the Reindeer only, mind you, but maybe do a seasonally themed winter pets/alpine rabbits/random snow beasts thing.
Gah. Boo. Ugh.

Simply because I haven\'t gotten to play Pokewow yet. Or get to 90. Or log on in 3 days. Dammit.

I do like the idea though. I shall level my reindeer, who shall be know as Fidget, as soon as I can.
i don\'t think blizzard fully understands this system they added and how to make cross faction and cross realm profit from it.

so lets say on p-noodle you have some one with faction X to exalted. The rep vendor sells a BoP pet.

you can buy 3 of them, learn them, and then log in a alternate faction mule or a new toon on a new server. put the pet in a cage and sell it for 10k gold.

live example, Tolbard sells a sea gull for 50 daily tokens. the pet once learned can be put in a cage. On our server those birds are selling for 10k each. the 200 token pet sold for 65k. you can also pop these in to a cage on a new server with a new level 1 toon to have a stack of cash there.

so with this said, the evil curtain gets pulled in. The gold selling company can now move money between servers by buying and selling these new traceable pets.
I haven\'t named my reindeer yet. It\'s hard to decide between \"Vomit\" and \"Stoopid\". He is obviously not an a-list reindeer.
thanks for the heads up vladz ill look into using 1-2 of the argent ones hordeside just to stash some cash there . for the ally side ill try and see if i have tol barad coinage.

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