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Occupy theramore in mop
In the next xpac, Its been announced that the blizzard devs have the horde take part of theramore. If so I feel duty bound to take it and hold it at least for a few hours. There are videos on youtube with views of the town and datamined bits of voicechat with Jaina and the horde attackers which lay out quite a bit of information. Its clearly official as i recognize Laura Baileys voice there. Search youtube on your own for horde and theramore and jaina and they should show up. (spoilers there so beware etc).

It might end up being a no-mans land with alliance at the docks and horde on the far side (maybe a battleground). If so then I cant see a big pvp fight occuring (other than in the bg zone). But I definitely want to see what happens here. Could be a good mass event site.

here is the supposed view of a destroyed theramore. Someone supposedly used graphics programs to view the terrain data in the mop package. this is possible but could be fake.
<a href=\"\"></a>

ill need to find the find the voicechat link. It was on one of the major gaming sites, not youtube

actually at this link it sounds like its just a preset phased quest hub where the alliance players arrives after the fight is over lol. Nertz. <a href=\"\"></a> A large fight here would have been awesome (even if it crashed the servers lol)

<a href=\"\"></a>

Ill check this on the beta server. Last week I went to theramore and couldnt find anything.
there appears to be...possibilities.
<i>\"I like to think there always are ...possibilities.\"</i>

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