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TeamSpeak3 Server Info
probably a bad upgrade patch for sure with tS3. I havent upgraded it lately and still have no problems. Im using 3.07

Vent is fine but i cant get voice activation to work with it.
The only thing with vent is some people come accross as way too quiet while others are very loud. Probably just need to tweak volume settings there.
I havent noticed that as much with TS3 (when it worked etc)
Please note, I moved our server to Dallas tonight. Perhaps it will help.

<b>!UPDATED 20120806!</b>

Connect to Sleeper\'s TS3 directly from a desktop shortcut.

1. Right-Click on your desktop to Create a New Shortcut
2. Enter the following string as the Location of the item you\'re making a shortcut to; replace <b>YourNameHere</b> with, well, your name of choice.


Now you can double click and directly connect. You can even click on <a href=\"ts3server://\">this link</a> to connect directly from here!
So, the bill is due for TS. $228.00 USD (two years)

PayPal balance: $41.50 USD

We\'ve been a little thin on donations, and we just paid for our website back in March.

Still, this begs the age-old question: To TS or not to TS? I personally don\'t like Vent and find it clunky (and HATE the noises). I\'ve always liked TS and haven\'t had any trouble with it. Others have had the opposite experience, and TS crashes every time they update the program.

Vent is currently paid for by one lone person at the moment and kept as a backup should TS go down and I\'m not there to reset anything. We could either take over those payments, or let the current subscription run out and we start a new one. Or, we could pay another year (or two for the above price) to renew TS.

Please speak up.
Don\'t worry about vent. Its covered. What about another program, Mumble?
the vent server is good until 10/7/13
Where do you contribute? It is paypal isn\'t it?

I don\'t know much about mumble, but some sleepers and semper vigilans are doing lfr at times and they use mumble. I believe the late Phownhome suggested mumble years ago. It works well from what i have seen, but don\'t know the particulars. I think Galena is in charge of sv\'s mumble.
Anyone who wants to donate to TS (or just to the guild in general) can use <a href=\"\">the General Fund thread link here</a>.
Thank you all who donated!

<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">You just made a payment of
$228.00 USD
Paid to
DarkStar Communications
TS Still seems to be down.
It seems to be working now for us.. :-)
Bill came due again a couple weeks ago, and I missed the notification.

We\'ve got $71 in the general fund account. If anyone can donate, please do.


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