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TeamSpeak3 Server Info
Yup, that\'s right, I just (finally) put in for a TeamSpeak<b>3</b>. It\'s up and running and with a couple bare-bones channels. Enjoy!

<b>IP</b>: port: 10080

<b>PW</b>: sl33p3rc4rt3l
<b>!UPDATED 20120806!</b>

Connect to Sleeper\'s TS3 directly from a desktop shortcut.

1. Right-Click on your desktop to Create a New Shortcut
2. Enter the following string as the Location of the item you\'re making a shortcut to; replace <b>YourNameHere</b> with, well, your name of choice.


Now you can double click and directly connect. You can even click on <a href=\"ts3server://\">this link</a> to connect directly from here!
Sent to Darkstar, our TS3 provider:

<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\"><b>Subject: Our TS3 server is down?</b>
<i>On May 3, we paid 227.88 to pay for a 24 month subscription on a TS3 server (T324.DARKSTARLLC.COM:10009). We then were letting our TS2 account (TS27.DARKSTARLLC.COM:8803) die off. A couple nights ago, my guild members informed me the TS3 server is down. Looking at the login page, it says that our account is suspended.

The summary of our account shows a \"(Yearly Special) TS-50 Package (CPID: 13515)\" for $8.33 for 12 months as well as \"TeamSpeak - 50 Slots (CPID: 125382) for 24 Month(s) at $9.50. Both show suspended. The first is our \"old\" account. The second is the one we paid for in May. The first of course should be suspended...but definitely not the second.

Please resolve this account issue as soon as possible and restore our service.</i>
Problem has been resolved and the server is back online. Enjoy. Smile
Thank you sir.
The ts server seems to be going down quite a bit. Is this something they are working on correcting? Seems to happen in raids mostly. It kicked us all in a pvp rated battleground just a bit ago.
I rebooted the server just now and moved the source location to a different city. Let me know if that helps at all.
Thanks Darias! Not sure why it goes boom, but at times it seemed to. BTW, in the rated bg we got our butts kicked so it made no difference whatever, They were rated over 1300 and we were about 900 if i recall correctly - so it had no impact on that at all.
I found it. Address is the same but change the port to 10016.

Darias needs to enter his master key and reconfigure it.

Looks like they redid their network. about half the servers are listed as temporary.

Updated the original post. The new port is \"10010\". I can\'t change that.
10010 doesnt work for me (wont connect). 10016 does but i think its just a temp server.

I tried the macro above too same deal.
Well, that\'s because they also changed our IP address. Makes sense since we switched servers. See OP.
I recently upgraded my desktop and noticed that the ts3 addon \"ts3overlay\" was causing my World of Warcraft to lock-up. Disabling the addon fixed the problem. If anyone else has had this problem with ts3, you might want to check if you installed it with this option. It can be disabled from the ts3 addons menu.
I recall us having to walk someone through that a few weeks ago. Yeah, it\'s got serious issues.
I, among a few others, have had serious issues with TS3 lately. I have unstalled it, reinstalled it, and done everything you can imagine to fix issues. I have Disabled the addon. I am at my wits end.
This program seems to cause lock ups, serious lag, and also pops up a few high memory usage messages once in a blue moon.

Simply put, I prefer Vent. Vent\'s sound quality is much clearer, and once you get over the \"huge amount of crap you have to do to change something\" hurdle its much easier to quickly change volume levels of incoming speakers.

And if you join a raiding PUG they use Vent. I have never seen a PUG using TS or Mumble.


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