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RE: Sleeper Cartel - General Fund
Please feel free to use my donation where it is most needed.
Teamspeak 2 is due on May 5 (this coming week). As such, I\'m tired of the quality suckage and am ready to give in to the call of Teamspeak 3.

Our old TS<b>2</b> rate was a nice $100 every year, being $8.33 a month. For 12 months of a 50 slot TS<b>3</b> package, it\'s $134.45 (and that\'s due to a 41% discount) and $11.20 a month. However, for a 24 month plan, it\'s only $227.88 (50% discount, $9.45 / mo). I think that\'s our best bet to come close to our old costs.

Our balance on the PayPal account is $163.30. Don\'t go nuts everyone, and if you\'re a good portion of that existing balance, you shouldn\'t feel compelled to donate, but it\'s not like I\'m gonna turn any donations away. Smile
Our current PayPal Balance is $2.79......cuz I just paid for two years of TeamSpeak3. Smile
There were a couple donations I missed during Nomfest, so the balance was left at $52.02.

Good thing too as we had a webhost payment ($41.94) that went through that knocked us down to $10.08.
Do we need to bump it up, D?
We should be good until about January when the next bill comes.
Current balance is again $10.35. It was $58.33 (as someone made a donation at one point) but the Network Solutions bill came through at the first of the month. Most of this stuff I have go through paypal...but I apparently had this tied through my own bank account (no wonder I got a bill from them; thought it was for my own website!). So, I withdrew the $47.98 from PayPal to my own account.

Now, I\'m off to take my family to the Chinese buffet...
Our webhosting bill is due. The fee is <b>$41.94</b>. If you can drop a little coin into the coffer, please feel free to do so as you are able.

What the kitten above me said.
A couple of weeks late, but thank you to those who donated. The first two who donated gave us a \"cushion\" so that the $41.94 withdrawal went through. Thank you to the couple others who donated that same day to give us a cushion for next time. Smile
The rent was due...

<img src=\"\">

I paid it. This is our current balance in PayPal.

<img src=\"\">

I had it registered as private previously, but we were like 50 cents short. We\'re good now for another year.
Thanks, D. Do we have other bills coming up that need to be paid?
Yep, TeamSpeak server is due May 1 or so.

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