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RE: Sleeper Cartel - General Fund
Beyond what we do in the game, there are a few "RL" expenditures that come along with running a guild.  Primarily, this comes in the form of our website maintenance costs such as hosting fees.  For the most part, this cost has been shouldered by a few generous members of the guild\'s leadership staff.  While I do greatly appreciate all they've done, I don\'t believe it's fair it\'s always asked of them to help out.

At the bottom of the website pages is a link to Donate to the guild's general fund.  No one at any time will be looked at any more or less highly for donations that they do or do not make.  This is 100% a volunteer basis, just like donations anyone might make to the guild vault in-game.  If you have the means to contribute and wish to, here is your link to do so.  If you're broke, a student, or just want to play the game and not devote RL cash to worries.  You're still Family.   Smile

I do want it to be said though, that those of you who are generous...take it easy.  Five to $10 is just fine.  Dropping a hundo on us is NOT necessary!

Please Note
This is not considered a charitable donation.  
It's doubtful you'll be able to claim this on any taxes now or in the future...just FYI!
Also note, the reason I\'m posting this is that our webhost invoice is due, and we currently have a PayPal balance of $8.55.

If you can donate, thank you. I\'ll post we have enough to cover the bill.

<img src=\"\" width=75%>
D, when is the TeamSpeak fee due?
Not until May. Fee is $100.
Thank you to those of you who donated. <b>The webhosting is now covered.</b>

We now have a total of $21.10 in the PayPal account that will go towards TS once we need to pay for it.

<div style=\"margin-left: 2em;\">PayPal balance: $44.77 USD</div>
PayPal balance: $102.43 USD
<b><i>PayPal balance: $11.84 USD </i></b>

Just paid $100 to DarkStar Communications to re-up our TS account for another year.

Thank you to those who\'d already paid into the General Account. This made things VERY easy to pay our invoice. Thanks guys!
Hey guys, the bill for our webhost came in to the tune of $29.94. If anyone happens to be able to contribute, please use the link above.
Why does it say \"Home Linux\"? on the bill? Do you run Linux at home? Are you running WoW under Linux? I was thinking about trying that...
I\'m betting that is \"Home\" as opposed to \"Business\" site and \"Linux\" as opposed to the oddity of a Windows server.

I\'ve never met anybody running WoW on Wine, but there seems to be a fairly large amount of information out there on doing so. WineHQ says that it runs on an out-of-the-box Wine install.
BTW, thank you to all who donated, and we now have <b><i>$55.94</i></b> in the General Fund. Ya\'ll are too quick for me to turn off the tap before you keep donating!
Our payment to our website host came and went last week and it\'s thanks to guildie donations. We had 86.41 in the vault following our last charity, and we got a few donations from guild members that easily took care of our $30 bill for the next six months.

Current PayPal balance: <b>$158.80 USD</b>

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