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Bike Mats Spreadsheet
It has been updated
it has been updated. Tomorrow I\'ll probably send around some mats to various people for crafting.
Updated. I will check not less than every two weeks. I\'m sorry I have let it slide. I will also start sending out mats for processing into titansteel, titanium and cobalt bolts. I realize the party prep is going to take precedence for a while.

Thanks much.
Stein, I have 2 miners who are not using their titansteel cooldowns if you\'d like to send mats for some titansteel to Trixibell. I\'ll get them back to you as soon as they\'re done.

Also, has the spreadsheet changed much since September? I know the party had everyone busily farming stuff, but I know that I have some time now before the patch to do a little more, if we can get an update on what we still need. Thanks. : )
Stein, I have my Rogue and My Warrior at your service dude.. I\'m hoping by march of next year to have a Chopper on my Own for my Warrior >.> or Rogue..
Bumpity bump bump
I\'m sure others are capable now but just FYI, Sainthood can craft the bike for any of you rich would-be bikers out there. :-]
I hope to update it this week. I have artic fur and titansteel to dump in. I r slacker.
Titansteel Bar for 1 bike: 12; o/h 79; enough for 6 bikes

Cobalt bolts: for 1 bike 40: o/h 43; enough for 1 bike; have 302 cobalt bars which can be made into bolts

Arctic Fur : for one bike: 2; o/h 40; enough for 20 bikes

Gold (to purchase eng. parts): 12500 for 1 bike (may be less with faction discounts) o/h 860

We have 35 to 40 of the various eternal elements for titan steel.
FYI the vendor parts are limited supply from the vendor, 1 set every 12 hours can be purchased.

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