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Biker Gang (long range, crazy idea)
I skin and mine, will send arctic furs your way and Titansteel bars (every other one because I\'m still trying to buy expert flying) and I can also send cobalt bars your way.
Melisande Heart
I have the mats and funds for Bike #1, just need someone to send cash to for buying the parts Smile

Go Fox!
Could we use this bike mats program as some sort of formal or informal exchange? What I mean is, pretty much all of us have a profession that is helpful in farming certain of the materials for the bike and not others. If we could get people submitting materials in the proper proportions, then one person submitting, say, 40 arctic furs plus the gold for the bought parts could buy a bike off the exchange, as could someone submitting, say, 200 handfuls of cobalt bolts plus gold or 75 titansteel bars plus gold (I\'m sure these estimates are not realistic, but you get my drift). Comparative advantage and gains from trade!
since there is no cooldown now on making titanium from saronite on alchemists the player-made mats are much easier now.

To make the icc armors, Ive been using my miner/engineer slartis to farm elemental fire and mine earth/shadow and saronite/titanium from sholazar.
I send the fires to tel and send the saronite to nailea - then convert the saronite to titanium
Tel then makes the titan steel. (again no cooldown now).

Over several hours I could make 4-6 titansteel bars fairly quickly so it is doable. Its hard to do for a long time though because it does get boring. But a few hours a day would build up titansteel rapidly.

We could also go through WG as a group and farm the heck out of it on a guild night when we dont have enough people to do something else.

I like the idea of a farming party in WG or wherever else for mats for a future guild night. We could those that don\'t have an herbalist / miner could easily assist by keeping stealthy horde rogue types occupied. Smile
I have been wanting to do a bike ride event on a server for a long time. I have my chopper and my engineer can make them. I would definitely help farm mats ot get these made for guildies to do a SC sponsored server wide party ride.

We could ride to starting areas and give free gold to noobies or something.
I would think with cata out now, titanium ore should be fairly cheap on the AH? I have not looked. I suppose it could get scarce as not as many people are mining it now.
What a neat idea = are we still working on this?
I still have the mats on a mule toon. Way short. But I\'m up for bringing it back, particularly since I now have an engineer.
Stein, what are we looking at for completeable vehicles vs. mats required?
I don\'t know if either of my toons can be helpful in this but if I can be... please let me know. I\'ve always wanted one of these bikes and to see the guild on them would rule!
Bikes are great...but all of us on Lions is cooler Smile
True dat! I\'m working on that rep fast as I can but it\'s gonna take a while... Sad I might actually have a bike faster.

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