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Biker Gang (long range, crazy idea)
We should also definitely do it before 3.2 as when that drops and you can prospect epic gems from titanium ore, prices are going to go nuts and nodes are going to be heavily patrolled by JCs and people looking to make cash on the ore.
That\'s a VERY good idea.. we should get to that before it goes mental with the new patch and we can\'t farm AT all o.o
i got my bike built
Grats Friiar!
Grats Friiar!

Also, Remmy, if it gets to the point that the titanium ore is way more valuable than the bars, alchemists can transmute 8 saronite bars into one titanium bar every day. I know when I\'m farming, I always get TONS of saronite and not that much titanium.
I\'d be happy to xmute any Saronite if needed... and I\'m xmute-specialized.
Reggy can do that for you Eevie!
I appreciate that, Remmy, but I\'m good for now. I was actually talking about transmuting titanium in general, we\'ll need a lot of it for the bikes. : )
Another transmutation specialist here. I\'m transmuting a stack of my own eternal lifes to fires that I\'ll send in, but I\'m also willing to transmute any of the existing eternals or metals we have on the bike account.
I can probably send a couple of stacks of saronite to whomever would like them fro transmutes.
thank you for Reminding me Kel! I have like 18 <item>Eternal life</item> on my Rogue !

Feel free to send any Saronite to Blitzt for xmute.

not sure where we are on this project

would love to know what to concentrate on

skinner -so arctic furs

$- putting aside 10% of all my income

storage- have bank toon guild vault

Xdeomolisher (my son) is a miner so---cobalt ore

just let me (us) know


Thanks Louki. And thanks for contacting me in game.
Okay this may be a werid idea.. but what if whoever wants a Bike that Sc Bike or whatever we are calling it has the mats for, donates (X amount) to a fund where the 12 1/2 thousand gold can be used for that bike. or other bikes for the guild when they are ready.

I dunno.. sorry if that doesn\'t make a lot of sense =/

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