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Biker Gang (long range, crazy idea)
I am totally willing to help out with this too...I\'m a miner, that\'s gotta be worth something, right. As soon as I start finding titanium, I\'ll start smelting and storing it.
I\'m going to farm some Titanium right now.. do I sent it to SC bike?
Perlita will send her accumulated bike mats to Steinbike tonight.
Is there any interest in setting up an elemental farming evening to farm up some of the crystallized fire, shadow and earth for this? I\'m thinking a good sized group in Wintergrasp over an hour or two could put a decent dent in the eternals needed for the titansteel. I\'ll put one up on the events scrawl if there\'s interest and people can tell me what day(s) might be good for them.
Ok, I know nobody\'s responded to my last post, but based on the previous posts, there are a lot of people willing to do some farming for this, so I\'m gonna set up an event for Monday, June 22. Check out the events scrawl and sign up if you want to help farm up some crystallized stuff from the elementals in WG.

I figure we can do like we did our elemental farming in Elemental Plateau last year: everything gathered will go toward either the bike materials bank or any cash proceeds from selling junk (etc.) can go into the guild bank for whatever the guild needs it for. Unless someone else really wants to do it, I can collect all items we might want to auction and put the proceeds in the bank afterwards.

A possible bonus is that if we have enough people and run into some Hordies while farming, we might get some kills toward the Wintergrasp Ranger achievement too. You never know....

Also, I\'ve heard rumors that you can only farm WG elementals if your faction controls WG. I haven\'t noticed that to be true when I\'ve been there, but really wasn\'t paying too much attention. Does anyone know if this is true? It might make a difference on when we can do our farming.
That latter point about the elementals is correct. The little guys are still around, but not the big ones.
What I heard (but haven\'t experienced in my very limited forays into Wintergrasp) is that you always see elementals there, but you see bigger, more, and better-loot-dropping elementals when your faction controls.
Ok, cool. So we\'re not completely out of luck if we don\'t control then. However, I\'m going to try to do the battle before 7 server (when I scheduled the event) to try to help us control WG for our farming.

If the battle is going on during our farming session, I guess we should probably join the battle. It might be kind of messy otherwise. lol
I have 3 toons who can smelt titansteel, and they all have cooldowns available: Perlita, Beaudry, and Betagon. If you mail mats to Perlita, she can spread them around and get maximum bars back to you in the shortest time.
Reggy can smelt Titiansteel!
Neinna, I\'m committed to the Seekers on Monday nights, so unless the rest of the gang votes to give up instance time to participate in this (which wouldn\'t suprise me at all, \'cause they\'re all awesome!), I\'ll have to continue to farm separately and give what I can to the cause.
anyone up for getting a group together tonight to farm some Titanium?
Hard to farm it as it\'s just a random spawn on top of saronite nodes. Icecrown is best, but if we split up and hit that, SB and Wintergrasp we could sweep them all pretty clean.
sounds like a plan Webmonkey... who\'s up for it? maybe we could make it a guild night with trivia and stuff on TS while we farm.

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