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To My Family...
Ten years yesterday, I accepted a responsibility. We were a community of goofy gamers who didn’t know who we are, but the guild leader was stepping down, and I decided to pick up the flag and run.

In that time, I have made LIFELONG friends to an extent I never would have imagined finding; I have watched members of this guild marry and some divorce; I have watched children be born (not in person), grow up, and in some cases, start playing the game, with the guild likewise watching my own minions grow up; still, we’ve lost some very good friends IRL over the years as well, but every cup of coffee has some bitterness I suppose.

To put it succinctly: this is not a game for me. This truly IS my family. Some people are extremely close with their coworkers and treat them like family; knowing life with them along with all the ups, downs, and in the middles, but for me, this guild has been all that and more.

When the guild is doing well, when people are online, when guild chat is flying by and every guild night is us having the goofiest fun…I’m on cloud nine. When life interrupts me, and I can’t make it to guild night, or something keeps me away from helping take care of the guild, I feel a part of me is missing. When someone once-close to us leaves in a rage, fades away for greener pastures, quits the game for RL issues, a part of me is lost. It hurts a little more each time.

Despite my attempts, Sleeper Cartel isn’t for everyone. Some people came to us over the years because they wanted a home just to feel safe and have fun. Some have left us because they got the raid bug and realized that long-term, structured, progressive raiding isn’t what we’re about. Others have tried their DAMNEDEST to bring us down because they had one thing in mind about this guild……and they were wrong.

We. Are. Still. Here.

Ten years yesterday, I accepted a responsibility. The $14.95 I’ve given to Blizzard each month has been returned a hundredfold to enrich my life. Thank you – and all of those who’ve added to it over the years – for all you’ve given me.

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