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Time for a break
Those of you who were in game Sunday night already know this (and Darias, because I sent him a mail), but I will be out of the game for an indeterminate time. Like a lot of people, I have the end-of-expansion blahs. That, combined with an extra busy RL, made it so that I logged in for maybe an hour every week or two, and when I did log in, it was more from habit than from a real enthusiasm for playing. So I decided that when my sub was up on Sunday, I would not renew for a while.

I\'m sure I\'ll be back for the expansion, but maybe not until then. I\'ll check in here from time to time to say \"hi\" and see how things are going, but won\'t be playing for a while.

I\'ve had a lot of fun with my online family over the years and can\'t imagine staying away forever, so I will be back. Until then, take care and have a great summer!

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