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RE: Leave the light on - Luxury-Perenolde - 04-17-2016

Howdy Sleepers.
I\'ve debated this in my head for some time now and it\'s come to a point where I\'m more sure of my choice
so I\'ve come to the decision of letting everyone know I will be moving servers and sadly not be part of
SC any longer. That\'s not to say I won\'t be back or get burnt out over there but, for now this is what
I need to do. I have an abundance of real life things going on right now none that I wish to disclose
as they are things I need to work on first but a lot of these things pushed my going another direction in game.
I\'m getting into higher end content and find myself either missing guild night or miss grouping with sleepers because I\'m raiding with new friendships i\'ve established. I\'ve had members ask where I\'ve been and say they haven\'t seen me in vent in months..and this is all too true.
This is hard for me as you guys will always be my family guild.. I would vent, laugh with and even share life moments or pain with most if not all of you.
As an officier I find it hard to maintain my promise of joining guild activities and being fully devoted to
answering questions and putting anything i\'m doing on hold. I have kept to this aspect but am absent in
providing my help to guild fun. So with this I hope to pop in on alts and see you all on just to say hello.
I may even sneak some licks. But Luxury will be over on deathwing for now fighting in a pvp world.

RE: Leave the light on - Steinbrecher-Perenolde - 04-19-2016

Argh. /cry.

RE: Leave the light on - Littlebaby-Perenolde - 04-20-2016

Aww will miss you. I hope you enjoy yourself and don\'t be a stranger!

RE: Leave the light on - Myrli-Perenolde - 04-21-2016

Happy travels!

RE: Leave the light on - Darias-Perenolde - 04-21-2016

<img src=\"\"></img>

RE: Leave the light on - Sckittles-Perenolde - 04-22-2016

Sorry to hear that you\'re server hopping but totally understand, having jumped servers more than once over the course of my wow-time... Just know i will be stalking you from afar, and might actually ninja lick you before you can do it to me lol well when i return from my own hiatus that is :-)

RE: Leave the light on - Badjett-Perenolde - 04-29-2016

Best of luck. Remember to have fun and do stop by once in awhile.