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RE: Gold, and more Gold! - Krv-Perenolde - 01-30-2016

Its that time of the game again. Its obvious people are either getting tired of the expansion, or have already packed up the Garrison and are waiting until Legion.

I was (still am) in the first boat, but I knew I was going to pre-purchase Legion (did) so I wanted to occupy my time in another way in WoW that might help move things along when Legion drops.

I set a goal for myself to make 300,000 gold before Legion drops, which for me would be the highest amount of pixelated goodness I have ever had in game at one time. I started this adventure 5 weeks ago with all I had left, 8,700 gold, as the seed money. I came into WoD with over 100,000 gold, but spent it on all kinds of things such as raid wipes, powerleveling characters, cool pets, and fast women. It was time to go back to work.

I have an addon called Trade Skill Master, and have had it since the birth of TSM way back in the day. It would be horrible of me to try and explain what this addon does in detail, so go check it out at or (home of TSM). I finally decided to use this addon to its full potential, and boy is it powerful. Once you get through the basics and delve into the hard core mechanics it is truly the very best addon in the game. I had to watch 20 or so video\'s on Youtube to even grasp what this thing does, which sounds hugely overwhelming (and it is), but you are only going to get out of it what you put into it.

Using TSM, and some other stuff which I will tell you about below, I blew by my goal of 300,000 gold in just under 5 weeks. Check out my bag frame and how much gold is stuffed in my pocket.

<img src=\"\" />

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to brag or want people to be in awe of a measly 300k, I just wanted to share with Sleepers how you can do this was well, and just as easily.

Let me make something very clear. I am lazy. I want the easy way out, so I am only scratching the surface of what TSM can do.

The most powerful thing about TSM? (at least in my eyes). It can tell you value of a non soul bound item by simply hovering over it. You don\'t have to run to the AH and see if someone else has posted one, it tells you that on the hover over. It gives you a realm AH value if it currently listed, a realm average of what it has sold for in the last 90 days, and it gives you a Global average value (all the AH\'s) of what it sold for in the last 90 days. You can change or add any of this hover over information as well. So what does this mean? It means that if you loot something that you think might be of value you can hover over and know RIGHT NOW what its worth. This tells you if you should vendor it or sell it on the AH. I cannot express to you how cool this feature is. It will change your WoW life. Transmog is THE biggest money making thing you can do in the game even though it is the HARDEST market to make gold in. Now with simple hover you will know if that shield is worth 8g in vendor trash, or 27,000 gold on the AH. It works every EVERY non soul bond item in the game, including pets (more on that in a bit).

I can say without a shadow of a doubt TSM has made me more gold in the last 5 weeks then I have earned in my entire WoW playtime, and 1/3rd of that 300k in my bag is from paying attention to Transmog AH values.

So what about the other 200k? I am glad you asked.

Garrisons. I know, boring. Seriously, watching presidential debates is more exciting then Garrisons. But Garrisons are HUGE OMG GOLD MAKING THINGY\'S of GOODNESS. The hard part is having enough gold up front to seed your Garrisons. Note that Garrisons is plural. You need, IMHO, at least 3 level 100 characters to get the Gold ball rolling down the hill. I have 8 level 100\'s, and 6 of those have maximized Garrisons, and the other 2 are working towards its. You MUST have a level 3 Barracks (so you can have 25 followers instead of 20), a level 1 trading post, a level 3 salvage yard (this is where some serious gold is made), and a level 3 Inn. You use the Inn to hire followers with the scavenging and treasure hunter traits only. You use the Salvage Yard to open the boxes that you get from level 100 follower missions. When you have 25 followers all leveled up to max level and gear you will be getting 10-15 boxes per day, which is 70-150 gold per day. And that is if you only check on the followers once a day. Get an addon called Master Plan, makes sending you followers on missions a breeze. I check on my followers at least 2 times a day (morning and evening) and right now I am pulling in 1000 gold (roughly) per character per week, so I see 5000 to 6000 gold per week for doing nothing more then clicking a button. I hire, from the Inn, every week until I have 25 followers on that character. I hire 2 treasure hunters for every 1 scavenger. The scavenger will double your Garrison resources for a mission, which I then use those for buying trade goods at the level 1 trading post. These goods are used to produce profession items. (more on profession items in a bit)

Shipyards. Even more boring then Garrisons. Ugh. I don\'t utilize these well enough, as only 2 of my characters have shipyards that are awesome. Pink Krv and Red Krv can pull 2000 gold a week each depending on the mission types that pop up, but when a gold mission is on the board I jump for joy because I usually have a 3X multiplier ship available and can see 700 to 2100 gold per mission.

Garrisons and the Shipyards have allowed my to pull in over 100k in the last 4 weeks. We have a long time until Legion drops, you can get all your level 100 character garrisons going full bore in that time. Please realize that Garrison/Shipyard gold is gold for almost zero effort after the initial investment to get the buildings to level 3.

Professions. With 8 level 100\'s I have every profession covered, and multiples of a few. The best money maker (right now)? Hands down and by a clear margin (for me) is Enchanting. I have 2 enchanters that are pumping out enchants that sell for 1200 to 1500 gold depending on the day of the week. I can, and realize I am pretty lazy, push a few buttons and right now am producing 4 of those enchants per toon in a seven day period, so 8 a week. Crafting cost (which TSM will show you) is roughly 500-600 gold per enchant, and they sell for 1200-1500. That\'s double your money. Second is jewel crafting, followed by Tailoring. Why? Even this late in the expansion people (mostly raiders) need Gems to fill their slots on the gear that drops for them, and the market for Hexweave bags is still strong. I make 2-3 bags per week, the crafting cost is around 300g, and they sell for 1000 to 1200 gold.

Pets. OMG, there is some huge profit potential here. Level a desirable pet to 25 and then sell it for thousands, if not 10\'s of thousands. I don\'t level pets, I don\'t like the pet battles. I just flip them on the AH. Which brings us back to TSM. Seriously, get this addon. TSM has a feature called Sniper, which when you use it scans the last page of the AH constantly. This means anything posted RIGHT NOW will come up on Sniper. You set a few values and what to look for in the options and it will tell you what just came up on the Auction House. So what, you say? Here is the what. If you are paying attention to Battle Pets you will start to notice people, for the most part, don\'t have a friggin clue what these things are worth. Almost any blue pet will sell well, and with the Sniper function enabled you will see someone post a level 1 lizard for 25g. You hover over the pet, notice that based on TSM historical data it is worth 3,000 gold, and immediately purchase it. You have to be fast, other folks are also using Sniper in TSM. If you don\'t make the decision to buy that pet in about 3 seconds it will be gone. You buy the 25g lizard, run the mailbox, collect said lizard, run back the AH, and list that thing for 2500 to 3000 gold. If you want quick gold list it for 1000 gold and watch another \"flipper\" snatch it up. You just made 975 gold for 30 seconds of work. I snatched a Pygmy Direhorn for 16,500 gold. I sat on it for a week, and then listed it for 28,500 gold. It sold in 11 minutes. Not to shabby.

TSM allows you to buy low (stupidly low) because 90% of the player base is even lazier then me and doesn\'t take the time to learn the true value of items they are posting. Then you sell high, and watch the gold come rolling in.

Old raids. Level a 100 Death Knight or Hunter. Get an average of 650 gear (baleful) and then go crush old raids. 1000 to 1500 gold per run of 25 man heroic raids such as Ulduar and ICC. Plus Transmog gear potentially worth thousands.

I am just showing you the tip of the iceberg here, but do yourself a favor and download TSM. Spend a few days learning it (I still am) and then go make some gold. Lots of gold.

RE: Gold, and more Gold! - Littlebaby-Perenolde - 02-01-2016

You nailed it Krv. It isn\'t hard making gold this xpac. You have been doing the same things I have in a lot of respects. If people try it isn\'t hard to make the cash. Thanks for the post!