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RE: Merging Wort / Let it reform later - Telonnar-Perenolde - 09-23-2015

Since there are not enough sleepers (especially dps and heals) at the moment to support two raid groups and several have already joined the sunday/tuesday raid, Im suggesting the members of wort join the sunday/tuesday raid. It doesnt make sense to try to continue. If others want to reform wort feel free. Ive been wanting to join a 2 night per week sleepers raid group since I joined sleepers (as I feel its the only way to progress at a decent rate). We havent had enough people the last month anyways. Weve lost more raiders since the patch than weve gained returnees. (I feel the early annoucement for Legion and the flight PR debacle at blizzard killed interest in the last patch)

A few people want to raid and question whether they are good enough. I dont feel thats the issue. We just dont have enough players playing in the guild often enough (to have alternates etc in case someone cant make it).

Re: my own take on raiding - its not so much a matter of being good enough but it does take a reasonable amount of time that some people dont have. My friend Darksmoke/Kror who plays wow casually propably could not do it (except as an alternate perhaps) due to his job and home situation. His DPS is fine in pvp and pve as enhancement shammy but Ive been helping him with enchants which he otherwise would not be able to make or farm easily. I cant do that for everyone as its been eating up a fair amount of my own supplies. Everything takes time and raid prep is no different. Having 5 enchanters is a bit silly but its been very helpful being able to make 5 purple shards a day for free when i need to.

Ill keep working on a bunch of my 680ish alts to help out in case wort or another raid group reforms. Also if people want to learn a new class/spec im willing to level a toon with you to help out. I have lowbies from 15 all the way up to max. Its surprisingly easy to level alts now. (only the latest xpac is slower to level in) I also have 4-5 tanks locked at various levels.

RE: Merging Wort / Let it reform later - Telonnar-Perenolde - 09-23-2015

Id also like to point out that the Hellfire Citadel Raid is scaled to about 15 people optimally anyway per the forums (due to various mechanics). Running it with 10 minimum actually makes it harder. So there is a mechanics benefit to merging the raids