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RE:\'s the game and guild for you? - Darias-Perenolde - 09-04-2015

It\'s hard to believe that\'s barely been a year and a half when I posted about the <a href=\"\">End of Expansion Blahs for MoP</a> and to find out now we\'re back at the same point now. Yes, I know that there are some inherent issues with how Blizzard handled things with garrisons, flying, and end game content.

But this isn\'t a Warcraft complaint thread...because it\'s not like Blizzard is listening.

How are things actually going for you in-game? While the game content (and the lack thereof) sometimes can have people pull away from the guild, is there anything that the guild is / isn\'t doing to help you stay in the game?

A lot of the time, I log on and people have their nose to the grindstone. They\'re staring at their garrison screen. They\'re out doing their dailies in Tanaan Jungle. On the rare occasion, they might be leveling an alt. The guild itself is by no means <i>dead</i>, but it\'s also lost a bit of it\'s vitality. Unless a few spirited few of you are on -- and you social butterflies know who you are -- the channel is kinda...quiet.

Guild nights, once a staple in the guild for us to relax have kinda devolved to us sitting in Vent and talking. Now, there\'s nothing wrong from a social standpoint in the guild, and as much as Stein, Sid, Tel, Myrli, Vice, the Professor, Mary Anne, and I enjoy each other\'s company...we\'d love to find Other Things To Do. In fact, I\'d absolutely be overjoyed if someone was willing to take up Canziz\'s role of organizing guild night. Someone who\'d plan ahead, come up with an idea, post it on the scrawl, so we\'re not all sitting in channel saying, \"Well, what are we going to do tonight?\"...on through 7:30 server time and beyond.

So, speak up. If there\'s something you want more out of the guild let us know. We\'ve got several more months before beta Legion starts, so let\'s make sure our community continues rock-solid into 7.0.

RE:\'s the game and guild for you? - Telonnar-Perenolde - 09-04-2015

Ill help out with this. Ive just been busy the last 2 weeks or so helping Darksmoke (on of my RL friends from near DC) return to the game. (he has our old pnp group guild \"shadow company\" that is from the early days that we were in wow 8 years ago). We have been running low level dungeons with new alts and dabbling with pvp.

As for the Wort Raid on Wednesdays its hard to fill out the group lately. We have 6-9 consistent players but the remaining slots have been harder to fill the last month. I think the poor Blizzard PR (and planning / pvp) department mistakes has cost us many good players (especially the months long craziness about flying/not-flying). I think many will come back but not so many till Legion is near release.

FYI Ive also dabbled a bit with making two characters on cenarius to join the 35+ wow facebook guild there \"Time Bandits\". Ive leveled the orc warrior up to 20 or so but havent done much with the group yet. that may or may not pan out etc. I did it mainly just to see how large the guild there gets/progresses. I have leveled horde toons before but most guilds ive started or joined hordeside have fizzled out.

RE:\'s the game and guild for you? - Luxury-Perenolde - 09-04-2015

I\'d love to see our events back. The server parties were epic but with conflicting schedules of all members who put them together (especially you being so busy now Darias) I don\'t see them coming into full swing like they used to be.
As much as I\'d love to step up and take the huge roll of planning guild night I don\'t think it\'s realistic for me as an ongoing thing. For the time being (until schedules ultimately will change again) I can put something together and make sure my husband has the baby at guild time if she\'s up.
I\'ll come up with an idea tonight and post it in our events page and on facebook. In fact I\'ll start planning now.

RE:\'s the game and guild for you? - Melisande-Perenolde - 09-04-2015

I have an idea, how about Lux and I share the job? That way we can brainstorm together on things and if one of us is out for a day there is a back up person?? What say you Lux?

RE:\'s the game and guild for you? - Luxury-Perenolde - 09-04-2015

I\'m for sure on board Mel!
It would be great throwing out different ideas and having a back up in case someone is out.
I\'m hoping my husbands work schedule doesn\'t change dramatically and I can continue to help with this for the long-term. For right now (and the next foreseeable while) it will be fine Smile

RE:\'s the game and guild for you? - Darias-Perenolde - 09-04-2015

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