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RE: 9/2 next WORT raid time. - Telonnar-Perenolde - 08-19-2015

Due to a shortage of signups next week im postponing the next raid time till 9/2. I figure more people will be on then with flight coming to Draenor on the 1st (and school having started etc).

Lately weve had a shortage of dps so if anyone would like to join let me know and Ill add you to the invite list.

We are semi-serious laid back group id say so while dps is certainly a factor we mainly just need a few more people. (and we certainly have the first few bosses down on farm and are close on the third) Minimum ilevel should probably be 565-570 (easily doable with apexis gear and new timewalker gear). Also im sure some of us can run with you in tanaan and help people gear up etc.