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RE: GWEN GOT MARRIED - Erudi-Perenolde - 08-08-2015

Our former member Gwen got married on Thursday and she says \"Hi\" and I don\'t know how to feel about it, but I wanted to pass this message on! If you remember Gwen, awesome. If that was before your time, no worries! Know that a former member thought of you!

RE: GWEN GOT MARRIED - Rhodan-Perenolde - 08-09-2015

Congratulations Gwen!

RE: GWEN GOT MARRIED - Yeshe-Perenolde - 08-10-2015

Wow. I feel so old now... thanks Rudi. Tongue
On the other hand, gratz Gwen!!

RE: GWEN GOT MARRIED - Steinbrecher-Perenolde - 08-10-2015

LOL Yeshe. I think Rudi feels old as well. And yes indeed, grats to Gwen.

RE: GWEN GOT MARRIED - Darias-Perenolde - 08-10-2015

I think Rudi was more choked up about Gwen getting married than Avallach.

RE: GWEN GOT MARRIED - Yeshe-Perenolde - 08-11-2015

Well Av had more time to get used to the idea! But I bet he got emo walking her down the aisle. Smile

RE: GWEN GOT MARRIED - Melisande-Perenolde - 09-04-2015

Yay for Gwen Smile

RE: GWEN GOT MARRIED - Siddhi-Perenolde - 09-04-2015

Grats Gwen Smile