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RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Wholeylight-Perenolde - 08-08-2015

As an avid WoW’er for many years (starting in 2006ish) and then there were my numerous “mains“. Some knew me as Casziel, Riverbirch, Kersplatt, Wholeylight- the list goes on.

Anyhew, it has been some time since “retirement” and I’d thought I’d drop a wall of text. When I made the decision to end my playtime, I was able to personally say good bye to folks that were on, via chat and vent. …There were several that I did not get a chance too and for that I am truly sorry.

That said, every single Sleeper, past and present, has my highest regard. You are all dear friends and have been there (knowingly or not) through both my darkest and my most revered moments in life. It was truly memorable!

It goes to say that through thick and thin, disagreement and compromise, the Cartel is the best place to hang your hat.

Enough of the tear jerker stuff! All is well on the home front, if anything, my wow-retirement has allowed me to tackle several projects that have been put off for far too long; such as interior painting, underground irrigation for my back yard…and GOLF!!
Where’s Waldo (Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt)????? Dunno, but the scrawling board is always there!

Cheers and carry on my friends!

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Vladz-Perenolde - 08-08-2015

aww kersplatt!

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Steinbrecher-Perenolde - 08-09-2015

Good to hear that things are good. :-)

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Sckittles-Perenolde - 08-09-2015

Glad to hear things are going well, i was beginning to wonder where you wandered off to :-)

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Rhodan-Perenolde - 08-09-2015


RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Luxury-Perenolde - 08-10-2015

Was actually thinking about you the other day when the new xpac trailer came out. I seen the new pvp system being implemented and of course thought it would be kick \"butt\" to run with you again.
You are missed, thank you for dropping in to say hello Smile

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Littlebaby-Perenolde - 11-18-2015

I keep hoping that something will draw you back in. If it doesn\'t the memories will have to do for me. Great times. I wish you well.

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Luxury-Perenolde - 11-29-2015

I second this LB. I have had some really great times killing things with that crazy horde killer :p
Wholey I\'ll bake you pie if you re-sub. The offer is there.. well I may just buy you a pie.. easier to have shipped to you Smile

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Wholeylight-Perenolde - 12-31-2015

Awww!!!! I luv ya guys! It was soooo much fun and I think of you often. As I sit here with my bro Jettarus, we reminisce of the good ole days and the adventures we shared are priceless. I may be back... Jett may be back...Stay tuned!!!

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Littlebaby-Perenolde - 02-01-2016

Great having you back and it was good seeing Jett on the other night!

RE: Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt??? - Telonnar-Perenolde - 03-02-2016

Welcome back.

I noticed you were using a 660 or 675 staff last night in the raid so i made you the parts for a full 705 staff on trathos and mailed the parts to tel, then traded them to you in the raid.

I noticed on wowarmory this morning though that you already had a 705 crafted staff from 2/23 (unless its wrong etc).

If you dont need the mats for the 2nd 705 staff please send them back. I can give them to another sleeper to help them.

I can only make about one weapon like that a week (and thats using all my alts to farm kazzak each week etc).

If its a wowarmory goof let me know. Im just curious etc.