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RE: Guild night ideas. - Telonnar-Perenolde - 04-14-2015

1) collect all the rare followers. we make a big circuit of the 5 rare followers and show people who need them where they are. (the tricky ones are Blook, Tormmok, Leorajh, Dagg, and Goldmane the skinner). Several others like Abugar and Image of Archmage Vargoth require fetch quests. There are videos for these on youtube fyi. We could also form 5 man groups to try to do the heroic dungeon rare ones (Croman and Leeroy Jenkins). People could swap out alts etc if they already have them.

2) rare hunting in shattrath city and the pit (people can load up new 100 alts etc and we hunt for 615 gear as a pack) we can also buy the dailies now with garrison pts. There are some achivements for killing the rares (cut off the head and heralds of the legion). those areas are hard to do now as the mega groups have dried up. running 5 mans for the guild ach is also an idea.

3) garrison boss summons thats an idea. Im not sure how it works. max of 5 for that though.

4) Heroic dragon soul or another cata raid on heroic (weve done most of them on normal now - most have anyways). Dragon soul is the only cata raid on heroic thats a bit tricky to solo because of a couple fights near the end. I solod all the others on tel without much trouble.

5) avianas wings and things like the glass of milk for the pet cow on the 2nd floor of barn. (that takes a few tries with the wings of aviana). avianas feather drops from an inn quest for a feather from skyreach heroic dungeon. ill keep an eye out for it when its up. I think you can load it from the inn even if you dont have one but need to confirm. We then could do some crazy stuff with the wings later on (the portal to the timeless isle as well as dropping in to a horde base en masse with a prompt air assault)

6) when darkmoon fair is up go for a big sleeper presence on the isle. maybe see if the rares are up etc and try out the new events (and of course the rabbit or wolf). Maybe try for the pvp trinket match etc.

6) if we are low in turnout we could run 5 mans for missing achievments (Tel still needs share the love from gundrak)

7) Join one of the x-realms groups and hit one of the world bosses. (this may be easier to do solo due to the nature of the spawn timer and the rarity of them activating)

I had most of these on the facebook page last week. I copied them here and added a few more notes.

RE: Guild night ideas. - Neinna-Perenolde - 04-17-2015

These are good ideas, Tel.

FYI, I got my glass of milk for the cow pet on the first floor of the barn, so no frustrating jumping trying to get to the second floor. It was on the top shelf of a bench/set of shelves that are on the left wall after you walk into the barn.

Another WOTLK achievement that cannot be soloed is Soul Power - Defeat Bronjahm in The Forge of Souls on Heroic Difficulty with at least 4 Corrupted Soul Fragments alive. From what I read, this cannot be done alone, as the fragments will not spawn.

I have missed a lot of guild nights recently, but if I\'m on, I would be up for any of these.

RE: Guild night ideas. - Telonnar-Perenolde - 04-22-2015

yep i think i need the bronjam one as well. it wasnt needed for the overall wotlk ach though unlike the one i mentioned before.

fyi: all my 100 alts are setup for random heroic runs as dps as I have silver proving grounds on all of them as dps; i can tank them with tel. I havent tried to get silver proving grnds tanking i dont think yet with the others (maybe freecheddar). I did it once at 625 or so on tel but it was rough.

I even managed to get silver proving grounds done on baconbit for dps at 607 ilevel Smile. feral has decent dps for that ilevel.

I havent tanked much but do know most of the heroics and id rather practice the runs with sleepers than pug as tank. (and 668 or so tank set should help lol).

And if we enter them manually via the maps people dont have to pass the proving grounds.

RE: Guild night ideas. - Telonnar-Perenolde - 04-22-2015

Also everyone could load the ptr and transfer their main over to it.
then on guild night we load up tanaan jungle and go in as a raid.

fyi: I did get the dock started on nailea on the ptr but as alliance we cant do much with the ships yet. (they are like followers and not really useable objects). Ill post the pictures on the facebook group.
They lowered the cost from 5k to 150 to get the dock built. I still plan on banking resources just in case lol.