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RE: Battle Tags - Krv-Perenolde - 03-22-2015

So I have never been one to share my battle tag, but I have been playing other Blizzard games a bunch lately and miss the Sleeper Cartel folks to play with.

So if you play Hearthstone, D3, Starcraft II, or are in the Heroes of the Storm beta add me.

If you don\'t play those games and still want to add me, please do. I need to break out of my little antisocial cocoon I live in a bit, and this is one way to do that.


P.S. Heros of the Storm is awesome.

RE: Battle Tags - Luxury-Perenolde - 03-22-2015

I don\'t play these but maybe a few random licks here and there can break your anti-social cocoon.

RE: Battle Tags - Sckittles-Perenolde - 03-23-2015

Added as well.

Mine is Sckittles#1964 if anyone wants to add me as well.

RE: Battle Tags - Steinbrecher-Perenolde - 03-24-2015


RE: Battle Tags - Phosphor-Perenolde - 03-25-2015


It should be #1 since I am unique.

RE: Battle Tags - Telonnar-Perenolde - 03-31-2015

my battletag is Telonnar#1402

RE: Battle Tags - Corsina-Perenolde - 04-02-2015