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Welcome to the Sleeper Cartel

Sleeper Cartel is a World of Warcraft alliance guild that is dedicated to helping each other out. We are located on the Perenolde realm and currently have 81 members.

Here's some other things happening for SC lately...

DARIAS!!!!  Y U KICK MEH?!?!11111ELEVENTYONEONEThe Legion is coming, and along with that, Legion is coming. There are some of you who we've not seen in a year. Some of you we haven't seen in longer than that. I've been a supreme slacker and haven't cleaned the roster in ages.

So...I did some house cleaning tonight. The following criteria removed characters:

  1. If your main hasn't been on since January of this year
    1. all of your characters were removed.
  2. If your main has been in on in the last 3-4 months an alt was removed BOTH of these criteria were met
    1. haven't been used in 2016
    2. were less than or equal to level 90

Darias! Can I get back in? Yes. When you're ready to play again, we'll be here. But, you have to apply again just like you did the first time...but knowing the guild you're coming back to this time and letting us know why you want to come back home.

I've slacked off a lot recently. It's time to do some sweeping, patch some holes in the roof, and get the guild house in shape for Legion.
A feast for Sleepers..and Stormwind!
A feast for Sleepers..and Stormwind!After downing the Lich king we decided to feed the server..
We miss you and stuff. Miss us?
We miss you and stuff.  Miss us?Today, 6.0.2 dropped. The long summer of barely anyone else on is behind us. The next expansion is only a month away.

You might have "taken a break" for awhile.

You might have quit WoW "for good".

You might think there's no reason to come back.

We're still here. Your family is still here.

Come back home Sleeper. Your guildies have been missing you.

Happyness is HARMONY my friends!
Happyness is HARMONY my friends!Make love, not Warcraft.

Make peace, not PvP.

Embrace the love and flowers within you......and on your tabard.

Just waiting for my income taxes to come in and we'll have a new guild name.

I love you all...

- Darias
Issues...overwhelming, or, problems with coalescing servers
Issues...overwhelming, or, problems with coalescing serversSo, unless you haven't been in-game for a month or so, you might not have heard that Perenolde has merged realms with Cairne. They're still Cairne, and we're still Perenolde, we can see each other just like in the Cross Realm Zones, BUT we can join guilds and easily join parties/raids as if we were on the same server.

All was OK with this until Blizzard decided to add "-Perenolde" to all of our names in game. It's cool to have a last name, but not when your guild has an addon which reads that user name and updates the website roster using it. Our roster updater went nutso disabling all of our normal names -- "Darias", "Erudi", etc. -- and replacing them with "Darias-Perenolde", "Erudi-Perenolde", etc. like we were new accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: To combat this, you will soon need to log in with "-Perenolde" after your username. This is the easiest fix as I don't understand the upload script enough to parse out all the "-Perenoldes" during the upload. When this change to how you log in happens,
  1. You don't need a new PW.
    • Use your existing name and just add "-Perenolde" onto it.
  2. Your profile remains the same.
    • Again, it's still your same profile...the name is just changed.
    • This is similar to how a few of you have had your mains changed.
  3. If you (or someone on Cairne) has a same-name toon on Cairne as here on Perenolde, this will alleviate any confusion as to who is who.
    • Also, if the same-name-toon is an alt of yours (I'm looking at you Telonnar), if Telonnar-Cairne is on the roster, having "alt-Telonnar-Perenolde" will keep them part of your Perenolde main.

I know this is a bit of a pain, but it's going to make life easier for all of us going forward as people from Cairne eventually join us. God help us if there's an Erudi-Cairne out there...but this will make future member additions much smoother.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
- Darias

Update 01/16/2014
Can't log in? Read above.

If you don't remember what your password was, please email an officer. - D
Sleeper Cartel -->> Evil Pink Bunnies
I've got the request in now with Blizzard for the name change, but all the Easter pictures over the weekend had me inspired. We need to add some spice to the guild and revitalize us. We need to set ourselves apart.

We need a rebirth. The site will redirect to the new domain by the end of the week.


Sleeper Cartel Celebrates Eight Years as a Guild!
Sleeper Cartel Celebrates Eight Years as a Guild!In March of 2005, what was a guild even? WoW was just this new game, and people barely had a clue how to play, and here 10 people got together, signed a charter and made this guild named "Sleeper Cartel". Who would have known that eight years later that it would still be a living breathing entity on the same server.

On Saturday, March 9th, we spent the evening of our weekly guild night celebrating the community we've come to treat as our second family. We threw off fireworks. We danced. We laughed. We had a parade. We made at least one person say, "WTH are you doing?" That made it a success.

Thank you Perenolde for putting up with us all these years. Thank you Karin for founding a great guild with great principles which we've built on. And, thank you to the members of Sleeper Cartel -- past and present -- for good times, surviving through bad times, and for the memories that I look forward to collecting in the years to come.
In Memoriam: Hallex
In Memoriam:  HallexSleeper Cartel is always about family. This year, we lost another member of our family.

On Saturday, December 1st, Sleeper Cartel took a moment to remember our friend Hallex who passed on from this realm into the next. Hallex played a myriad number of toons. He was willing to change out to any one of them to assist someone if they needed help be it in a dungeon, questing, or just crafting an item.

We journeyed to the Shrine of the Fallen on the Isle of Quel'Danas to honor our fallen friend. Afterward, as Hallex did enjoy raiding so much, we grouped up to raid Sunwell Plateau. Furthermore (since all outgeared it), we had Siddhi -- as our only mage in the group -- tank the instance for us.

Hallex was a great member. His humor was dry, but he had a great wit. He'll be missed by the guild greatly.
When Johnny Sleeper Comes Marching Home Again
When Johnny Sleeper Comes Marching Home AgainIt's the eve of Mists of Pandaria tonight. Right now, we're less than four hours away from pandas, monks, and battles. But you know what we're missing?


Maybe you took a break from WoW because you burned out on raiding. It happens. Maybe you took a break because Cataclysm just didn't do it for you. You're not alone.

Sleeper Cartel hasn't purged it's roster hardly at all in the last few months knowing those facts. You're our friend. We miss you. With new content only hours away, we're hoping to see a lot of faces we might not have seen in weeks or even months all of a sudden pop into guild chat.

Come on back to your second home. Sleeper Cartel misses you.
Are you ready?

The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Expansion Pack goes live at midnight Pacific Time (aka 3am ET -- ugh)
Azeroth's Warlock Elite (A.W.E.) Down Deadmines!
Azeroth's Warlock Elite (A.W.E.) Down Deadmines!An intrepid band of Glocks -- two level 20s, an 18, a 16, and a 14 -- banded together, minions at their disposal, and annihilated the Defias dwelling within Deadmines tonight. We're all a bit closer to 20 (well, except for those who ARE 20...cuz they're already there), and the rampaging continues.

Sleeper Cartel Remembers
Sleeper Cartel RemembersTonight, members of the Sleeper Cartel set up light pillars on the two entrance towers to SW to remember 9/11 and symbolize in a small way the same twin pillars of light that shone from where the Twin Towers once stood ... and together we remembered.
We did it!
We did it!The Sleeper Cartel casual raid group /JUMP has cleared the 3 original Cata raid instances.

These Guild Raid runs give us another achievement
and [Reins of the Dark Phoenix] for every one.

Congratulations to every one on your new mounts and titles!
Attack of the Killer Blueberries!
Attack of the Killer Blueberries!Tonight, the Azeroth was afflicted with a new terror: the might of A.W.E.!

Azeroths Warlock Elite is our new fun guild, very much in the style of the Warcraft Hunters Union. Mind you, this is on a much smaller scale both in the fact we're only 20 members strong so far, and it is ONLY populated by gnome warlocks and is level capped at 10.

Our rampage across Elwyn Forest struck fear into Hogger's heart, and zomgwtfpwned the elites at Mortwake's Tower (in SE Westfall), before being utterly annihilated by a trio of bears in Duskwood. (Rumor has it they were grumpy after some blond chick from Goldshire ate all their porridge or something.)

Still, I'm sure this is going to be the first of many, many fun times in AWE, and if you'd like to join, anyone in Sleeper Cartel who has a toon over there has full invite privs. Just let us know and we'll bring you in as long as you're a gnome, a warlock, and less then level 11.

GLocks & Blueberries rule!
Welcome Monkey Butt!
Welcome Monkey Butt!The guild has been undergoing transformations since Cataclysm, and what better way to celebrate that than a name change!

I petitioned a GM this morning to officially change our name to "MONKEY BUTT"! I think it better identifies our guild and our goals for the future.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

(Happy April Fools everyone! It was the best I could do on short-notice.)

Guildiversary...yeah, that's how we roll...err...fall.
Sleeper Cartel Dings Six Years!
Sleeper Cartel Dings Six Years!Thank you one and all who were able to attend guild night this passed Saturday to help us celebrate six years on Perenolde! It was a hysterical time as we did it oh-so-Sleeper style via mass aerial suicides from max height over various locales. (The picture to the right was of our drop over the Trade District fountain in SW.)

After a brief speech from me to kick things off, on behalf of the rest of the leadership of the guild, we passed out a little present to each guild member in attendance in the form of a [Personal World Destroyer]. We paraded them around a bit later through town as well. (NOTE: We created 140+ of these guys so each active member of the guild SHOULD get one. Unfortunately, I hit a "spammer throttle" and can only send 22 mails in a given period. Got about 90 to go!)

We also took the time to head out to Orgrimar and try to go splat in Garroshtown. Unfortunately, we got flagged early before everyone could get summoned, and a couple overzealous Horde members thought we were really trying to raid the town (and not suicide dropping into it). One blast wave from a shaman as we dropped, and our nice concentric pile was ruined. Party pooper!

Again, thank you to the new people, kinda new people, not so new people, and the people who are in-guild that are the wallpaper holding up the roof. You all make this guild what it is today and what it will be in the future. It's why I play the game at all, and that also goes for many other members I'm sure.

- Darias

Great Father Winter is Coming!
Great Father Winter is Coming!On Saturday, December 18th around 7pm server time, the members of Sleeper Cartel will be winding their way throughout Azeroth, spreading gifts to the world (of Warcraft) as we do every year for Winter Veil. A good time is had by all, and so we welcome anyone who wants to join in on the reindeer parade to just jump in line with us. :)
The Knights of the Silverhand Prevail Over Kel'Thuzad!
The Knights of the Silverhand Prevail Over Kel'Thuzad!Last night, a band of ten brave paladins ventured into the fiendish citadel of Naxxramas. We took no mages. We took no druids. We certainly took no warlocks. All we had on our side was the Light...and really, what else did we need?

Thank you one and all to the following brave knights for venturing forth on this mighty undertaking! This was truly an epic night.

  • Darias (well, it was partly my idea)
  • Bratski (Yeshe)
  • Noobadin (Erudi)
  • Argert
  • Danorus
  • Bakhtosh (Lyiam)
  • Cilheria (Littlebaby)
  • Melisande
  • Luvan
  • Leda (Herra)
Summer 2010 Fundraiser: NSC Rescue
Summer 2010 Fundraiser:  NSC RescueFrom our very own Foxtrot:

For the summer 2010 Charity I propose that we support NSC Rescue. NSC is a local Denver based animal rescue. They frequently pick up animals with literally hours left to live from the local kill shelters. They then foster these animals, cover spaying/neutering, vaccinations and tagging. Each adoption also includes mandatory training for owner and animal to provide the best possible chance of success.

NSC is where I adopted my little BT Mugsy from (right).

NSC is small, they work very hard and have an amazing staff. Georgia the VP was fostering 5 animals a few weeks ago in addition to her own crew of 5. That is dedication and a lot of hard work.

Thanks for considering

A little bit about NSC

NSC started as a response to the unfulfilled need for professional assistance during the dog adoption process. While numerous people are willing to adopt shelter animals - many times the combination of untrained dogs and unknowledgeable owners leads to returned or unwanted pets. By giving the dogs structured training before, during and after home placement - their chances of success more than quadruples.

Our founder - Gina Biernat - has over seventeen years in the animal behavioral business. She owns and operates Clearwater Dog Training - a facility that promotes educated owners and educated pets. With this background, NSC was destiny in the making. Gina has had years of exposure to the problems that ultimately fail dogs - and after the passing of her beloved German Shepherd Keno - she felt it was time to act.

"Keno touched so many - I just wanted to help people find forever friends like him. These dogs have it in them - they just need the right second chance."

In the early part of 2006, NSC received its 501(c)(3). We are working towards upgrading our current facility to include a fenced dog run so that the animals can have time outside off of the leash in a secure environment. Long term - we hope to have the funds to build or buy headquarters that would allow for an even greater number of rescued animals.

At NSC - we try every day to provide the necessary tools for our shelter dogs to lead positive, well mannered lives in the homes they find themselves in. While all of our dogs are a work in progress - they are more likely to be successful in that endeavor with our help.

Please consider our organization if you or someone you know is looking for a forever friend.

Integration Training

The training process begins with our professional trainers evaluating the animal. We gather as much information on the dog by observation, interviews with past owners/shelter staff, and by trying out a few behavioral commands. Next we work out a strategy to achieve main objectives for each canine: overcoming separation anxiety, discouraging dog aggression, basic manners, etc. Each plan of action includes determining where the dog would best be served as far as living situation. If foster families are available (and are thought to be appropriate) we will arrange for them to work on their behavior while in a home environment. Some dogs need the consistency of living at the training facility to overcome initial problem behavior.

Those animals that live at the facility receive thorough behavioral modification from the trainers and from volunteers during their everyday care. Dogs learn to walk on a leash properly, to submit to human intervention, to refrain from problem behavior (such as jumping), and know the basics like ‘come’, ‘sit’, and ‘down’. Animals that have separation anxiety or aggression are given more professional attention to help with these behaviors. When possible, our dogs are exposed to small animals and children to determine if they would be suitable for living in such an environment. They are also evaluated for their reactions to other dogs, both as living companions and in public situations.

How can you help?

Sleeper Cartel is filled with animal lovers (just look at how many hunters and druids we have!), so this has to be a perfect charity for us to sponsor. I thank Foxtrot for coming up with this charity, and if you like pets of any shape, size, or level of furriness, I urge you to make a contribution (of whatever size) by clicking on the PayPal link below.

Sleeper Cartel members can do amazing things in-game, but as history has shown, we can do some amazing things in the Real World too. We will continue taking donations for NSC Rescue through Labor Day Weekend (Monday, September 6, 2010).
Sleeper Cartel Downs...C'Thun?!? LOLWhut?
Sleeper Cartel Downs...C'Thun?!?  LOLWhut?Shut up. It was an achievement...and we had fun.

Grats to all. :)
Sleeper Cartel wins's Guild of the Month for November 2009
Sleeper Cartel wins's Guild of the Month for November 2009We're finally good and ready to announce the winner of last month's Guild of the Month contest, and as you probably saw in the headline above, Sleeper Cartel of the Perenolde server is walking away with the prize: A $100 gift code from SwagDog. This is a guild that almost needs no introduction, considering they've made previous appearances here on I'll let Sleeper Cartel do the talking behind the cut below.

Before that, I want to remind everyone that December's Guild of the Month contest is still ongoing, and you still have time to enter. Make sure you check out the original posting, as well as the official rules. If you've entered previously and weren't chosen, don't get discouraged. Competition is fierce and ever changing.

Take it away, Sleeper Cartel!
Sleeper Cartel Christmas Charity 2009: One Meal...SUCCESS!
Thank you one and all who donated to this cause this year. I just now sent out the following to One Meal. I'm sure they'll be able to put it good use with Christmas this weekend.

Awesome job from an awesome guild!

Sleeper Cartel Christmas Charity 2009: One Meal
The other day, I found this article on Something about it touched me. A young girl taking the initiative to see a need and then having the drive to do what little she could to take care of it. Watching her family rally around her in support to feed so many who are in need in their community, and seeing that they're 100% donation driven made me realize that there's something Our Family can do to help them.

Our charity for this holiday season will be One Meal of Mobile, AL. I've set up a PayPal link for every Sleeper (or non-Sleeper, as I'm not making this a guild-only post) to donate to below. On Monday, December 21, whatever donations we have, I will deposit into One Meal's PayPal system on behalf of Sleeper Cartel. One Sunday meal provided costs around $150. While the 21st is just three short weeks away, I've seen wonders from his guild over the years, and when we put our mind and hearts to something, we can achieve great things.

I thank you in advance for whatever you can do to help this charity.

It's a Dead Man's Party - October 24, 2009

Arthas still makes you wait . . ., it'll reset in a week. Wash, rinse, repeat.
The Call of the Crusade? You've answered it so many times you let it go to voice mail
Killing Onyxia? Nice loot, but it's not as much fun as doing it five man . . . and naked

Are you looking for something different to do on a Saturday night?

On October 24th, 2009, the dead will rise up again in the lands of the Scarlet Enclave
This time though, they're not here to destroy life . . .
They're just here to have a good time.

What do you mean...a party? You mean in-game?
In case you've never seen us in action, take a look at our previous events including our Spring Break blast earlier this year, "What happens in the Basin...stays in the basin", or our rompin' stompin' 2009 summer party, "The Sleeper Summer Showdown". This time though, it's Hallow's End. The dead have risen...and they are here to partay!

What and Where
On Saturday, October 24, 2009 @ 7pm Perenolde server time (MST), Sleeper Cartel will present to the denizens of Perenolde, another in our long line of epic parties. The party will be held in the eeriest of locations in all of Azeroth, The Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave. The entire server is invited from the guy who rolled here on day one down to that gal from off-server who rolled on the server the morning of the party...just to see the magic.

Coming from off-server?
Roll an alliance alt on Perenolde and send me or one of the officers a mail in-game prior to the party and we'll arrange for transport (summons) the night of the party. This offer is limited ONLY to those who mail us in advance.

See our full-page ad here for continuing details!
Coming to Perenolde...October 24, 2009...One Night Only
Coming to Perenolde...October 24, 2009...One Night OnlyAll dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin' with a dead man
Waitin' for an invitation to arrive
With a dead man . . . Dead Man . . .

I was struck by lighting
Walkin' down the street
I was hit by something last night in my sleep
It's a dead man's party
Who could ask for more
Everybody's comin', leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door . . .

Children's Week Screenshot Contest Winner: Congrats Alexiya!
Children's Week Screenshot Contest Winner:  Congrats Alexiya!At the beginning of May, we had a little contest to see who could put their Children's Week Orphan into a weird / funny location. Several guildies made some rather humorous shots, but after discussing it with the officers the winner can only be...

The Cow Tipper!

So I got this little punk from the orphanage and decided to show him around Elwynn Forest. He ran around like a madman, getting into all kinds of mischief. I finally had enough when he started letting his energy out on the helpless animals...

Congratulations to Alexiya for winning her prize of 500g!
Sleeper Cartel Donates $965.00 to!
Sleeper Cartel Donates <strong>$965.00</strong> to!In late January, Sangster suggested that the guild use as our next charity. Several current and former members of Sleeper Cartel have also been members of our Armed Forces. This charity seemed to be a perfect fit for us.

It was definitely a good fit, because the outpouring of generosity of SC members was just astounding. I was very pleased to send the following email to Startline Nunley, the coordinator of this charity:

Hello Starline,

I wanted to drop you an email to let you know that I have just made a deposit into your PayPal account our charity drive's final total: $965.00! I believe that's three full sets of gear for our furry soldiers and a baby step toward a fourth.

We would love to also be visible on your Organizations page. If the following is too much, let me know and I'll shorten it, but I think this adequately describes us:

Sleeper Cartel - A World of Warcraft Guild

High school and college students, executives, housewives, teachers, military personnel, and the occasional grandmother or two are all a part of our organization in what some may view as "just a video game". Sleeper Cartel is much, much more. Sleeper family.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. My number is xxx-xxx--xxxx. As it turns out, I'm closer to you than you might think. I live in xxxxx, OH near Columbus. If it wasn't for PayPal, I might have been able to just drive out passed Springfield and hand you the check in person!

You have a wonderful charity going here, and on behalf of the rest of the membership of Sleeper Cartel, thank you for all you are doing for our military personnel...whether two footed or four. :)


Thank you one and all who donated to this charity!

...and if you have a suggestion for the next place for us to donate, please drop me an email!

What Happens in the Basin, Stays in the Basin

How's WotLK treating you?
Is 80 today making you remember what "bored at 60" was like?
Are you looking for something a little different to do?
Are looking for a bit of a crazy time?
Are looking to be at something that people will talking about for weeks, months, or maybe years to come?
Maybe it's time to go somewhere where no one cares about your purples, and is just there to have a good time.

Maybe it's time for a Sleeper Cartel party.

What do you mean...a party? You mean in-game?
In case you've never seen us in action, take a look at our previous events including our 2008 Summer Party"The Sleeper Summer Showdown", our 2006 Hallow's End Party, or even our last spring party, "The Sleeper Supremacy".

Why have a party?
In March 2005, ten people gathered together and signed a charter that put the tag < Sleeper Cartel > over their heads. Four years have passed since that date, and despite triumphs and trials, it has (thus far) withstood the test of time. Not many guilds have been around for four years, so we think it's something we should celebrate...and we'd like you to join us...for a little Spring Break bash.

What and Where
On Saturday, March 21st, 2009 @ 7pm Perenolde server time (MST), Sleeper Cartel will present to the denizens of Perenolde, another in our long line of epic parties. The entire server is invited from the guy who rolled here on day one down to that gal from off-server who rolled on the server the morning of the party...just to see the magic.

Coming from off-server?
Roll an alliance alt on Perenolde and send me or one of the officers a mail in-game prior to the party and we'll arrange for transport (summons) the night of the party. This offer is limited ONLY to those who mail us in advance.

Winter / Spring Charity:
Winter / Spring Charity:  SupportMilitaryWorkingDogs.orgBased on a suggestion from Sangster, Sleeper Cartel is proud to announce it's Winter / Spring Charity as

Their Mission:
To provide co oling vests, and other protective gear such as Doggles, MuttLuks, and any other necessary gear to help the Military Working Dogs in Iraq's extreme conditions, who in turn protect and serve our Soldiers.

How did the idea for this project come about?
Starline Nunley, a member of the Gem City Dog Obedience Club, started with the idea of helping her son, Major Parker Frawley, who is a Longbow, Apache helicopter fighter pilot stationed in Iraq. She asked him if he would like a Cooling Vest to help him cope with the typically very hot temperatures encountered there. His reply was “Mom, I am and we (soldiers) are all right. The military provides for us very well, but dogs have different needs. It is so hot that they are having trouble doing their job and that puts us all in danger.”

Temperatures sometimes reach as high as 145 degrees. The dogs cannot work for more than an hour to an hour-and-a-half before being completely exhausted. Our troops are provided with proper equipment but the dogs are our first line of defense in many situations. They’ve been forgotten and have no protection against the heat, blowing sands and rough terrain.

What are the goals for this project?
The initial goal was to provide Cool Vests for the 15 MWDs at Marez, Mosul, Iraq. This was expanded to purchase Doggles to protect their eyes from the blowing sands, Muttluks to protect their feet from the hot sand and asphalt which is melting in the 130 plus degree temps. This sticks to their feet, causing burns and not allowing them to dissipate their extra body heat since dogs “sweat” through their feet. Plus collapsible lightweight water bowls that can be used for both food and water and allows no water to be wasted, and one toy for them to enjoy during their “down” times.

However, once we had reached our initial goal, we have continued to raise funds to be used to outfit more Units of MWDs. Our goal now is to outfit all 45 kennels in Iraq, which is approximately 300 dogs within the 45 Units. This number changes, as dogs are rotated in and the ones who were there are sent home for R&R. The gear goes with the dogs, since most will be redeployed back to Iraq, they at least, will have their gear. So there will always be a need to outfit the incoming MWDs and replace gear that wears out, as long as we are in Iraq.

What is the cost to outfit one dog?
$300 purchases one cooling vest, two cool packs, doggles, muttluks, a water bowl and a toy. We do receive other requests for items such as extendable leashes which wear out, and sturdy storage containers for the dog food (the rats were eating through the bags and into the food faster than the dogs could be fed!)

What's Sleeper Cartel goal?

As a guild, our aim is to provide AT LEAST one set of gear (as listed above) for the dogs serving abroad. Raising $300 is not outside of the scope of this guild to say the least, but let's start there. If we get two, that's awesome, but with these economic times, let's stick to just one for now.

UPDATE 1/29/2009: We've already received donations for two, so, I've raised the bar to trying to raise enough money for FIVE units by our deadline...

The deadline for all donations is April 30, 2009. I will apply the donations on May 1, 2009.

Whatever you can contribute, thank you in advance for your donation!

(donation period ended)
Elven Reunions
Elven ReunionsOur friends and fellow Guild Relations Program members over at YQLIF are having a little reunion...and they're having it on Perenolde!

Now, by reunion, we don't mean the players necessarily...we mean the Belfs and the Nelfs.

All you need do is create / bring your Belf toon to Silvermoon City. From there, we'll trek en masse across the world (of Warcraft) to Darnassus by way of Undercity, Orgrimmar, and a mad dash across Ashenvale. High-level escorts are welcome, but if you're horde side, we'd prefer them to be Blood Elves. If you don't have a Belf, bring your alliance toon (preferably a Nelf), and we can use you for crowd control to keep overzealous Alliance players from killing us and our friends.

For the evening, I'll be playing my son's hunter Arnolde. Ashling / Illustria of YQLIF will be playing her toon Liktaina. PST either of us for invites, and we look forward to seeing you there!
Thank You Sleepers!
Thank You Sleepers!Thanks to your generous donations, the guild was able to donate a total of $300 to Toys for Tots! This will go a long way to helping a few children have a little more happiness this Christmas season. I'm honored to be a part of a guild with such a generous heart!

Thank you!

Fundraiser Winter 2008: Toys for Tots
With the Holiday Season fast approaching, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping and family and work-related activities. It's often so easy to forget that there are others very nearby who maybe don't have to worry about the "hassle" of shopping because they don't have the means to do so. As our country faces difficult economic times, It's so important, now more than ever, to take a step back and remember what the Holiday Season is all about.

Sleeper Cartel is proud to announce its official charity sponsorship for Winter 2008:


The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.


The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a shiny new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy youngsters that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.


The objectives of Toys for Tots are to help needy children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas; to play an active role in the development of one of our nation's most valuable natural resources - our children; to unite all members of local communities in a common cause for three months each year during the annual toy collection and distribution campaign; and to contribute to better communities in the future.


The principal Toys for Tots activities which take place each year are the collection and distribution of toys in the communities in which a Marine Corps Reserve Unit is located and in communities without a Reserve Unit that has a Marine Corps League Detachment or group of men and women, generally veteran Marines, authorized by Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to conduct a local Toys for Tots campaign. Local Toys for Tots Campaign Coordinators conduct an array of activities throughout the year, which include golf tournaments, foot races, bicycle races and other purely voluntary events designed to increase interest in Toys for Tots, and concurrently generate toy and monetary donations.

How Do I Get Involved?

To the WoW Community:

Sleeper Cartel encourages the entire WoW community to get involved by dropping off a toy at a local dropoff location or by donating funds online toward this great cause!

To Sleeper Cartel Members:

In addition to the challenge of donating toys at your local Toys for Tots dropoff location, SC will be collecting funds from its Members via the Guild PayPal account. All of the accumulated funds donated to the PayPal account between now and December 1 will be sent to Toys for Tots in one lump sum under the Guild's name.

To make a donation to the Guild's Toys for Tots fundraising efforts, click on the PayPal button below:

link removed

If your financial circumstances prohibit you from donating toys or funds to Toys for Tots, we encourage you to find some way to help your local community during the Holiday Season by volunteering at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter or similar organization.

Sleeper Cartel wishes you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season

Thank you Sleepers!
Team Bethany managed to raise $3,315, blowing away their goal of $2,500! Thank you all for your contributions!

Summer/Fall Fund Raiser 2008: DSACO Buddy Walk
With a body of individuals such as we have, and the things we've already accomplished...why stop at things just in the virtual world? We first kicked things off for our guild anniversary with our inaugural Sleeper Cartel Donation and Charity Drive.

After a little bit of discussion, we realized we could do more, so, we're setting aside one single charity in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter for our guildies to donate their available time and resources too.

The World of Azeroth (at least on Perenolde) knows what Sleepers can accomplish...let's show the real world what we can do too!

Summer/Fall Fund Raiser 2008: DSACO Buddy Walk

Team Bethany (Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio Buddy Walk)

History of the Buddy Walk

The Buddy Walk was established by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) in 1995 to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome and to raise funds for education, research and advocacy programs. In 2007 alone, the Buddy Walk raised more than $6.5 million nationwide. This year over 250,000 people are expected to participate in more than 275 walks across the country. It is the premier advocacy event for Down syndrome.

What is the Buddy Walk?

The Buddy Walk is an event where we celebrate and support people with Down Syndrome. We use this event to gain support for our organization. Individuals with Down Syndrome, families and friends walk a one mile course and then enjoy fun at the Crew Stadium. We anticipate the Buddy Walk to attract over 3000 participants from across central Ohio and hope to reach our fundraising goal of $250,000. More importantly, we hope that all participants will help spread the word that individuals with Down Syndrome possess a wide range of abilities and are active participants in the community.

How you can help

Make a tax deductible contribution to DSACO and TEAM BETHANY at

From the Team: About us

Bethany is a very active 8yr old girl. She played t-ball and soccer this summer and kept the family very busy. Our family has participated in the Buddy Walk for 6 years. This year will be out 7th Buddy Walk. She is in the 3rd grade and has a 3 year old brother named Jeremy. This event is very special to our family and usually have lots of family and friends join us for the event.

Sleeper Summer Showdown: Summer Party '08
Sleeper Summer Showdown: Summer Party '08
Has your guild got the Expansion Jitters?

Taking a break from progression due to summer attendance?

Is "bored at 70" starting to feel like "bored at 60" two years ago?

Maybe you just need a break.
Maybe you just need a night to kick back.
And maybe...just maybe...Sleeper Cartel can help!

On Saturday, July 26th, 2008 @ 7pm Perenolde server time (MST), Sleeper Cartel presents to the denizens of Perenolde, one of our epic parties. The entire server is invited from the guy who rolled here on day one down to that gal from off-server who rolled on the server the morning of the party...just to see the magic.

This is now our third summer party, and with the truckload of materials our members have farmed up, it's bound to be HUGE.

For those who spent their early days in Elwynn Forest, you're probably quite familiar with the bitter feud between the Stonefields and the Maclures. What few people outside of the back country realize is that for one weekend out of the entire year, Ma Stonefield and Pa Maclure and their kin set aside the differences between their two families. Harkening back to the days from before the feud when the families lived in peace, they have a summer celebration.

This year, the families have asked for Sleeper Cartel's assistance to (as Pa Maclure put it), "...have us one heck of a hillbilly hootenanny!"


The evening will be filled with lots of stuff to do thanks to the creative minds of our event planners. You'll see everything from scavenger hunts, the occasional PvP duel, a custom-made questline, and of course...I'm gonna kill me some level one gnomes. :)


You don't even want to see how much cloth we've stockpiled! In the very near future, our guild tailors are going to be set loose crafting the most stylish Hick-wear the game has to offer. For a VERY minimal cost, we'll get ya'll decked out right fine. Supplies ARE limited, so get to the party early before we run out!

Also -- while supplies last -- we're also offering a free shirt for the evening!


Guild Night 7/5 @ 7pm: TRENCH RUN!
Guild Night 7/5 @ 7pm:  TRENCH RUN!So, if you're 70, you've been to IQD to bash your head against the SSO dailies for a few weeks at least by now. During that time, you've done countless bombing runs down the Dead Scar.

BUT!...have you ever wondered what it would be like to run down it...on foot? This weekend, we're gonna find out!

Now, in case you're not 70, you're probably saying, "But Darias, I can't use the IQD portal! I'm not 70 yet and it won't let me!" Fear not my minion...err...padawan...err...loyal subject. We did a bit of an experiment tonight, and I got our beloved Auctionette summoned up no worries. :)

We may have a couple guildies do some bombing runs and clear out the Pitlords at least...or we can just see how many people come and we take 'em out ourselves. :)
Guild Night Saturday 6/21 @ 6:45: Epic Dolls Running of the Bulls / Fire Festival Party
Guild Night Saturday 6/21 @ 6:45:  Epic Dolls Running of the Bulls / Fire Festival PartyWe have been cordially invited to attend a little cow trot and summer soire hosted by our friends Hordeside, Epic Dolls.

As per Velanna (the coordinator of this event):
  1. Thou shalt create a level 1 tauren for this run, or have one available.
  2. Thou shalt run from the start area in Mulgore to the City Gates of Orgrimar by the fastest route possible.
  3. Thou shalt NOT pre-run the course and set your hearth to Org, or use flight paths.
    This is a road race..or cattle drive..or..umm..yeah.
  4. Thou shalt receive zero assistance, other than a rez/heal if you croak(First come first served constant pleads for rez either once you have made your initial request, we will be keeping an eye on the deaders in raid) . It is incumbant on the racer to shout out for a rez.
  5. The winner shalt be the first cow to cross the city gates, a screen shot WILL be taken and in the event of a "photo-finish" the judges will review and determine a winner.
  6. The judges' decision IS FINAL...(save yer gripes and moans for whispers to the judges no drama please.)
  7. There is no preset route, the first entrant to cross the Finish Line wins.
    Cool We will be doing this in RAID to help track who croaks, and to issue the START and notify of a WINNER.

Please be prepared to join us on "the darkside" for the evening!
Grats Pojo!!!!
On behalf of the rest of the guild, I would like to offer mega-grats to Pojocatdog for completing the final quest in [High School: Graduation].

Grats to Pojo (and any other graduates in SC to come)!!!!
Two Out of Three Fairies Agree...
Two Out of Three Fairies Agree......That the ELC is the place to be!

Join us for the second annual Eastvale Logging Camp gathering in Chapmanville, West Virginia on May 23 through May 26 (Memorial Day weekend in the US) for fun, food and a chance to meet your fellow guild-mates!

Full information is available by searching for "ELC" on the General Scrawl, and all the informational links are collected on the Eastvale Logging Camp sign-up sheet on the Events Scrawl.

This year, we have a couple of outings planned, a birthday party, and lots of good food prepared by Callistana and Darias. Also, see the Gift Shop for the official t-shirt, magnet and bumper sticker!

And don't forget - the ELC is only the beginning! There are gatherings scheduled throughout the summer - Ladythunder's Westfall BBQ, Foxtrot's Birthday Bash, and many others!
Guild Night 5/10 @ 7:15: Mothers' Day Picnic in the Garden
Guild Night 5/10 @ 7:15:  Mothers' Day Picnic in the GardenIn honor of the Mom's that are in our guild (and Grandmothers count too of course) we will once again have a Guild Night devoted to Mothers' Day. This year, we'll have it in the Garden of Stormwind Keep.

Last year, everyone seemed to enjoy the scavenger hunt I put together for this event. I did the same this year, and again, for every item you bring in, I'll be giving out free tickets in the 50/50 draw. In addition, if you're a mom and you attend guild night (that's actually there in the Garden with us, you'll get 10 free tickets as well).

A [Teardrop Blood Garnet] and a [Cat Carrier (White Kitten)]
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
[Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper] tied up with strings
These are a few of Mom's favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
A fresh-bought shiny little [Symbol of Kings]
These are a few of my favorite things

[White Woolen Dress]es worn by all of the lasses
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Boys should be wearing [Antique Silver Cufflinks]
These are a few of my favorite things

Tasty [Buzzard Bites]
A [Heavy Silver Ring]
It won't be so bad
Just bring with you some of Mom's favorite things
Free 50/50 tickets are so rad!
Guild Night 5/3 @ 7:15: The Race for Booty's Hope
Guild Night 5/3 @ 7:15:  The Race for Booty's HopeI've barely thrown the last few guild night's together, and the Emissaries and Officers have had to make due (and <3 for their help in that). That said though, it's come to my attention, that I ain't killed no one in awhile.

I should fix that.

This Saturday night is a Darias race EXTRAVAGANZA!

• Ten grueling checkpoints!
• A race course of beyond Olympic distances!
• Death and carnage for all level ranges!

We'll be starting out on the roof at the top of the bank in Booty Bay. From there, trek through Stranglethorn Vale, Duskwood, Stormwind, the Tram and out at Ironforge. From there, the last half of the race continues into Loch Modan, through the Wetlands, Arathi Highlands, The Hinterlands, and up to the front door of Scholomance. Then, the final grueling leg takes you into the dangers of Corrin's Crossing, where you sprint for salvation and the finish line at the doorway to Light's Hope Chapel.

As I said, this will be for all level ranges. To equalize the race, for you uber 70's, we're going to mix it up a little:

  • Levels 1 (you're insane) through 60 = No mounts*, but no other restrictions

  • Levels 61 through 67 = No mounts* either...but you gotta run naked

  • Levels 68+ = No mounts* still, and you can even wear your armor...but you gotta be flagged PvP

So, you think you got the guts to pull this off? As this is guild night, the prizes for the run will be tickets for the 50/50 draw. No, it's no guaranteed payoff...but you're here for the fun...what's a little death to one of my guildies?

• First Place: 300 free tickets
• Second Place: 200 free tickets
• Third Place: 100 free tickets
• Lowest level toon to finish in 2 hours from start: 150 free tickets!

I look forward to seeing you all there! The race will start as soon as we get 20 participants or it's 7:30 server time (which ever happens last)!

See you there......smeared on the road.

* Please note, by mount, I'm including actual mounts as well as travel forms of Druids and Shaman, and also speed increases from hunters. This is for cheating!
Guild Night 4/19 @ 7pm: 'Speak Up Sleepers'
Guild Night 4/19 @ 7pm:  'Speak Up Sleepers'This week our guild night location will be handled by Mori as she'll be "taking pictures that will form part of the design for the Speak Up Sleepers T-shirt that I will be designing and Locheart and I will be wearing during the walk. We will make these available to you as soon as possible."

Locale will be announced ASAP.

About "Speak Up Sleepers"

As some of you may know we have a variety of people in our guild who are impacted in some way by Autism, or one of the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Some of you have brothers and sisters whose children are "on the spectrum," that is to say, has an ASD. Some of you have the even more difficult task of being primary caregivers for someone with an ASD.

The First Annual "Speak Up Sleepers" Event is dedicated to all of those in our Sleeper Family, and their extended family who are affected in some way by Autism.

Locheart and I have formed a walking team, and we will be accepting donations for Autism Speaks.

The Walk event (in Oklahoma City, OK) is scheduled for June 7th 2008.

We support Autism Speaks as our charity because Autism Speaks donates more of their money for scientific research related to Autism than any other Autism Charity. For more information regarding the policies of Autism Speaks, we encourage you to visit their website.

We would ask that all donations be sent only through the Autism Speaks Donation system, as we do not want the responsibility of receiving personal checks.

We urge you, our Sleeper family to take this opportunity to help support those in our family whose lives are affected by Autism. Speak Up for them!

If you already support a local Autism charity, or support another national Autism Charity, for your own reasons, please continue to do so.

Below I have included some general facts about autism. Also, please see this thread for complete details on the event.

Autism Facts

  • Autism (and ASD) is a neurobiological disorder. It is considered a developmental disorder, as it manifests itself early on. However, Autism is a life long condition with no cure.
  • The Autism Spectrum of Disorders includes: Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Child Disintegrative Disorder (also known as regressive Autism), Retts Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. A diagnosis of anyone of these disorders (collectively called ASD) means that one is "on the spectrum" of Autism
  • Currently, 1 in 150 children are "on the spectrum"
  • Boys are four times more likely to have a diagnosis of one of the Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Some of the clinical features of ASD are:
    • Impairment in social interaction
    • Impairment in communication
    • Sterotyped or repetitive behaviors
    • Sensory integration issues
  • Autism is highly "heritable" meaning that there is a strong genetic component to the illness. However, environmental factors may play a role as well.
  • Autism is more prevalent than Diabetes, Huntington's, Cystic Fibrosis and many other illnesses and disorders. However, it currently only receives 5% of the research funding available each year.

Guild Night 3/29 @ 6 PM: Epic Dolls Prom (H)
Guild Night 3/29 @ 6 PM:  Epic Dolls Prom (H)NOTE: Guild night this week starts at 6pm rather than 7pm.

This week for guild night, we're going to be going Hordeside, and it's a formal affair.

If you don't have formal attire, check out the event that Leayla posted. Many of the guildies who have Horde toons have some costumes / crafting available to get you suited up.

For full details on the prom event, check out ED's Podcast Episode 29.
Guild Night 3/15 @ 7pm: Stonewrought Riot
Guild Night 3/15 @ 7pm:  Stonewrought RiotSo, it's *almost* St. Patrick's Day. Let's head over to a nice pretty green area and have a good time for the evening.

Guild night tonight will be in Loch Modan. Yes, I know that a loch is Scottish. But the zone is pretty, is green, and the dam is a great place to spread out. Of course, we'll also do our usual 50/50 drawing, and I'm sure Erudi will challenge someone to a duel.

And who knows...Dam Gnome Darts anyone?
Sleeper Cartel Downs...GRUUL!?!?
Sleeper Cartel Downs...GRUUL!?!?Mega huge grats to Team Wick'd for downing Gruul on it's first night and only after it's second attempt!

Once a week at least we get an application that you can tell there's someone who just doesn't get Sleeper Cartel. They see our members en masse in Kara, in ZA, and now they've seen us in Gruul's Lair. They think to themselves, "ZOMG! I wanna raid too!"

SC isn't about raiding, it's about family. Tonight part of our family rocked the house (OK, the lair) of a 25-man instance. So much for being just a casual-leveling guild. :)

I'm extremely proud of all of you all. Grats on all your work!

....and I look forward to sponging off of you when you have the place on farm. :)
Guild Night 3/8 @ 7:15: Caprizorion's Gambit
Guild Night 3/8 @ 7:15:  Caprizorion's GambitCaprizorion didn't like my idea to just go to the Darkmoone Faire this weekend ("LOL, how original!") He came up with a variation on the idea. So, join us at Nesingwary's Expedition in STV for guild night.

For some reason, Cap said to bring a warlock alt, water breathing pots, or [Nagrand Cherry] (poop cherries). No idea why, but maybe we'll do some swimming with the crocs (Blimey! Ain't she a beaut?).

Afterwards we'll parade to the Faire and pass out snowballs (anyone got some spares?)! Also check the couch cushions for some spare change to enter the 50/50 draw!
Guild Night 3/1 @ 7:15: Sleeper Slumber Party!
Guild Night 3/1 @ 7:15:  Sleeper Slumber Party!Chances are, on some obscure bank toon, you've got a Twill set laying around. Now's the occasion to pull it out of mothballs!

Come wearing your toon's finest PJs and join us at the inn in Telaar, Nagrand. Hopefully we'll have a couple locks on hand to port you lowbies up there, but I can't make any promises.

As always, we'll run our usual 50/50 drawing, have some drinks to pass around, and just generally have a good time making the rest of the server see we're a bunch of loons (like they needed more proof).
Guild Night, 2/16 @ 7:15: Level one Hogger Raid...AS HORDIES!
Guild Night, 2/16 @ 7:15:  Level one Hogger Raid...AS HORDIES!Hogger, big deal. Humans have raided him. Gnomes have raided him. But how many Belfs, Undead, Cows, or Trolls have done it at level one?

I will leave the race to the choice of the populace. Post below with what race you want this to occur with and we'll all create a level one toon (for those that have space) as the race that has the most votes by Friday evening.

And no summons here people...we're running.

Guild Night 2/9 @ 7:15: Pwned Puppy
Guild Night 2/9 @ 7:15:  Pwned PuppyYeah, we did this as a guild gathering on Wednesday. Yeah, a few of you have done it otherwise. Yeah, it's only the first week, so you'll have other chances.

...but killing Omen is just too much fun!

Join us in Moonglade with your at least level 40 tune and get yourself an [Elune's Lantern] and make all the [Elune Stone]s you want! (Once a day at least.)
Guild Night 1/26 @ 7pm: Picnic over Spirit Fields
Guild Night 1/26 @ 7pm:  Picnic over Spirit FieldsJoin us for an evening of merrymaking atop a shady island above the Spirit Fields of Nagrand.

Bring a change of clothes lest your favorites become too bloody from the games. :)
The Ding Heard Around the Realms!
The Ding Heard Around the Realms!They said it wasn't possible. They said it wouldn't happen until the next expansion came out. However, a mad band of 39 adventurers gathered together, and kept a n00b level 69 guild leader alive on the steps of Black Temple.

And in the end, Darias dinged 70!

Thank you to all who came for this event. I had a blast running around gathering up those mobs racking up all that XP in one fell swoop. While I wish Doomwalker or Kazzak woulda been around for us to take on, but the MC run where I got the little added gift of [Lawbringer Belt] AND [Lawbringer Boots] was a blast. LOL

Also, thank very much for the cash gift and head start toward getting my epic flier. For now, my Snowy Gryphon will have to do. :)
Guild Night 1/19 @ 7pm: For the Horde!
Guild Night 1/19 @ 7pm: For the Horde!Sleeper Cartel switches over to the darkside for the evening. Hope onto your Hordie or roll one fresh for the evening.

Your tour guide tonight will be Erudo as we journey through the lands of the evil...err...misunderstood faction. :)
Happy Winter Veil Perenolde!
Happy Winter Veil Perenolde!Last night, Sleeper Cartel members spread themselves across Azeroth bringing holiday cheer to n00bies and veterans alike.

We began our evening staking out Goldshire, Kharanos, and Dolanaar. We handed out numerous bags (of various sizes), potions, and some non-combat pets. A few philanthropic guildies also just directly handed out gold.

Later, we all gathered back together at the guild house in SW and began our reindeer parade. A good 30+ guildies strung along in a walk wove their way through the streets of SW As the evening progressed, we also started to pass out some plans & patterns (and a [Steam Tonk Controller] or two). A quick rave on the tram, and we departed for Ironforge.

Once in Ironforge, we made a full loop around town. To warm chilled holiday feet, I took everyone for a quick footbath in the forge before we made our way out in front of the bank. At that point, we started distributing a handful of epix that we had on hand. (Amazingly, they went quicker than the pets and plans.)

At the close of our night, we made holiday tree in the middle of an open field outside of Ironforge (where Brewfest was held). Thanks to Ishtaria for being our treetop angel, and for Pojocatdog being our tree's trunk. :)

IRL, I want to take this moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. This party was a blast to put together, and I hope everyone had fun.

Merry Christmas!
Guild Night December 1 @ 7:15 pm: Gurubashin' Darias
Guild Night December 1 @ 7:15 pm:  Gurubashin' DariasBeen awhile since we've been to the arena. Also, I need to head to northern STV and pick up the new FP anyway.

I will be wearing my full platemail set to look the maximum paladin sexay. Free 50/50 tickets to the person with the kill shot on me. :)
Guild Night Saturday, 11/17 @ 7:15pm
Guild Night Saturday, 11/17 @ 7:15pmNow is the time Mudsprockets when we dance! (Ah, the last golden age of SNL.)

I originally had guild night this week slated for Gurubashi arena. However, I think it'll be more fun for SC to have a group visit to the middle of Dustwallow Marsh and check out the newest flight point. I have no idea what there might be fun to do in town, but I'm sure we'll come up with something. :)

From WoWwiki:
Mudsprocket, a new goblin town, was added to south-west Dustwallow Marsh in Patch 2.3. It is the newest member of the Steamwheedle Cartel, and is a quest hub with a flight master, inn, graveyard, anvil, forge and mailbox. This town faction is tied with Gadgetzan.
Server-wide event: Caer Darrow Carnivale! (10/27/2007)
Server-wide event: Caer Darrow Carnivale! (10/27/2007)This Saturday at 7:00pm (server time), join us on the Perenolde server for an enormous server-wide party with various player-run games and contests, with thousands of gold in prizes to give away! We usually attract 300-400 people per event, and this is the sixth in a long line of parties we like to throw for our fellow Warcraft players :)

Even if you're not from the Perenolde server, we invite you to create an alliance character and meet us at Caer Darrow in the Western Plaguelands at 7pm on Oct 27th for a costume contest, a level 1 race, a trivia contest, free food and drink, fireworks, a chance to be in the official party movie and more!. It's a bit of organized chaos and we're always pleasantly surprised with what turns up. Feedback has always been fantastic too, so why not see what all the fuss is about and have some fun?

Our official event advertisement is under construction as we finalize the events, but feel free to check out our past events for more information on what to expect and these super shin-digs:
The Guild Relations Program Reborn!
The Guild Relations Program Reborn!With great pride in the accomplishments of our guild, I am honored to pass this info along to everyone:

Hello all,

We're aiming to launch the Guild Relations program this Friday, October 16 at 10:00 AM. Would everyone be prepared at that time? Could each of you be available to post in the Guild Relations forum once you're announced so that there is some activity from your guild? If not would you be able to designate a few of your guild members to do so? Also, below I've recapped some details of the program.
    • This program makes each of you representatives of World of Warcraft guilds, giving you the opportunity to provide us with feedback based upon what you think is best for the community as a whole.
    • You'll be able to participate in scheduled chat sessions with members of the community team and development, as well as take part in the creation of Q&A faqs containing information based on questions chosen by each of you.
    • Following the forum Code of Conduct, and in-game Terms of Use will be necessary at all times.
    • Activity from you and your guild members on the official World of Warcraft forums (particularly the Guild Relations forum) is strongly encouraged.

This recognition is a huge honor for us, and we're just peeking at the tip of the iceberg now.

Weekly CalliComic: To Serve Wolpertinger?
Weekly CalliComic:  <u><b>To Serve <i>Wolpertinger</i>?</b></u>After so many guildies got a kick out of Callistana's post, "Azeroth Insanity", I asked her about making this a regular feature.

Each weekend she'll send me a handful of her screenshots-turned-comics and I'll post them here on the news page for all to see.

So, without further ado, here's the first installment...enjoy!
First ever Pub Crawl!
First ever Pub Crawl!This Saturday the Sleeper Cartel will be hosting an event-filled pub crawl as part of its usual guild night and to help celebrate Brewfest!

Join us at 7:00pm (server time) at the Thunderbrew Distillery in Kharanos, Dun Morogh, to get your own [Brewfest Pony Keg] (if you don't already have one), learn how to deliver up to 14 barrels in one ram race (and see 30-40 Sleepers doing the quest all at once), have a few "starter" drinks, and watch us make our way to various pubs on the Eastern Kingdoms.

The party finishes with a complete booze-up at the guild-house, a 50/50 draw where we'll give away at least a hundred gold in prizes (if we can still count properly by then), aaand... a special surprise for everyone attending. I guarantee you that the surprise may make you envied for many months to come. ;)

Everyone on the server is welcome to come and participate. Join us tomorrow at 7:00pm for the next best thing to falling off a drunken racing ram!
Guild in-game voice chat
With the advent of the 2.2 patch, players in World of Warcraft now have the ability to use voice chat to speak with each other in-game without the use of third-party programs like TeamSpeak or Ventrillo. In order to encourage guild members to try out this new feature, the Sleeper Cartel now has it's own in-game voice chat channel for everyone to use that we recommend you join!

Click on the voice chat icon near your mini-map, click on the Add button and join the SleeperCartel channel. After joining, right-click on the channel name and select "Voice Chat". Now you can voice chat with your guildies as easily as you text chat with them. Let us know what you think!
Guild Night Saturday 10/06 @ 7:15PM (Server Time)
Guild Night Saturday 10/06 @ 7:15PM (Server Time)Fall is upon us. Preparations for the Hallow's End party are underway. Let's go someplace pretty this week.

Please join us in Azshara up by Azshara Tower. Fly into Talrendis Point, and then make your way east along the northern border and find Sanath Lim-yo. Take his teleport up top and we'll have our guild night at the tower.

We may have a little dueling contest while we're up there, but we'll see how things go. For now at least, come join us, and rest up for the party planning ahead this month! :)
Guild Night Saturday 9/22 @ 7PM
Guild Night Saturday 9/22 @ 7PMScrew up some courage ya dogs! We're takin' yonder zepplin!

That's right me hardies, in light o' this week havin' "Talk Like a Pirate Day", I thought it only fittin' we take over a Zeppelin. The Zep I'm fixin' to take be the one that travels betwix Org and Grom'gol Base Camp in STV.

It no be for PvP like we did two weeks hence, but pure for sport. Tru, some of you may die. But we'll die with honor. We'll die with pride. We'll die for absolutely no reason than to see how funny it will be to put a campfire up in midair.

We'll die like Sleepers.
Guild Night 9/8 @ 7pm: PvP Bait (Meet at Nethergarde Keep)
Guild Night 9/8 @ 7pm:  PvP Bait (Meet at Nethergarde Keep)We haven't had an official PvP night in awhile, and Crossroads to me is just boring. Too many people go there and it never made enough sense to me.

Based on the suggestions from the PvP forum, this Saturday we'll be hitting the following towns (in this order):

Tarren Mill

We'll have to fly to Nethergarde Keep, hit Stonard and warm up for 20-25 mins. Then, we swoop out (or perhaps some mage ports to IF) and head to Arathi and hit Hammerfall for awhile. A quick trip across the zone and we hit Tarren Mill.

Hopefully we can get some people's attention and get some PvP going on. We'll see what we get though.

See you there!
Website difficulties
Thanks for your patience for our recent website outage this weekend. The internet provider I use actually started to enforce disk quotas and I had to scramble to take offline a bunch of sites and photo galleries in order to get some of my sites running again. I'm looking for a new host, and I know SC has been researching website hosts for a while now. There shouldn't be any continued interruptions, however the photo gallery is offline until further notice, and all automatically resized images have to be re-created. In other words, if you notice any strangely sized images on our site, simply refresh/reload your page and the problem should be fixed. If there are any other problems, please let someone know! Happy adventuring! :)

Update: We are now on a new website host, and all website features should now be operational :)
Do what you like cuz a pirate is free!
You are a pirate!
Do what you like cuz a pirate is free! <br /><b>You are a pirate!</b>
(Formal ad page coming soon!)

Need a night off from Kara?
Tired of the rep grind and constant farming?
Looking for something a little different to do on a Saturday night?

On Saturday, August 18 at 7pm (server time on Perenolde Realm), Sleeper Cartel will be hosting its second-annual server-wide summer party, this year on Fray Island.

Whether you are a Perenolde native or an off-realm visitor, everyone is invited regardless of level, guild and even faction! There are games and prizes throughout the night. (Look below for a list of the games planned.)

In case you've never seen us in action, take a look at our previous events including our 2007 Spring Party "The Sleeper Supremacy", our 2006 Hallow's End Party, or last year's Summer Party.
Guild Night 7/28: Does a blueberry burn in the desert? (Redux)
Guild Night 7/28:  Does a blueberry burn in the desert?  (Redux)It occurred to me last month that I ended up missing guild night my first week as official guild leader. Unfortunately, I also forgot that I had other RL arrangements the very week I intended to make up for that.

It's now well past time to fix that.

Please have your main placed in Ratchet by 6:45. By 7:15 the real festivities start.
Uldamania!First the earth cooled. And then the devilsaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. And then the Goblins came and they bought Epic Mechanostriders. And Highlord Bolivar started wearing all of Lady Prestor's clothes. I couldn't believe it....

"Uldaman? Nobody goes to Uldaman anymore Darias!" This week we are!

Meet up at the Maker's Terrace in NE Badlands (just head south from Loch Modan). Once the majority of us are together, we'll hold guild night way down in the tunnels and camp out right in front of the instance.

Throughout the night we'll hold contests to see who can gather a few items on both team and solo speed runs through the instance.

Hope to see you there!
Tabard Alterations
Tabard AlterationsTo celebrate the dawning of a new age of Sleeper Cartel with me as your glorious leader, I tweaked the tabard a bit today.

There was a lot of discussions about changing the tabard back around our April Fool's day prank, but the momentum died off. If you're still honestly interested, you can post some ideas of tabard design to the photo gallery.

Until then, enjoy the new design!
Grats to our new Emissaries and Officers!
As a bit of an inaugural move (okay, actually, it's been in the works for weeks), I made four promotions this evening.


The first two promotions have been long overdue. Tonight, the long-standing commitments to the ideals at the heart of this guild garnered both Argert and Callistana their keys to the executive washroom tonight. (Try the hand soap in the orange wrapper. It smells like peaches!)

Between Calli's abilities as our "Social Director" and Argert's continued efforts to assist in raid planning (more casual though he may be), their outlook on Sleeper Cartel will be invaluable to it's continued success.


With Callistana and Argert both moving up, that left two seats vacant on our Emissary board. As is apparent, I'm big on balance, so tonight I also gave Vodkatonic and Halard keys to the VIP lounge. Their unique insights into the guild will be instrumental in assisting us further develop the fantastic community we already have.

Grats To Everyone!

If you see them on, please congratulate them on their promotions. (Just be nice...they'll be the one's busting you down to probation when you screw up next time.)
And the beat goes on...
And the beat goes on...Sparing you all the personal details surrounding my decision (although you can read about them here), I've decided to pass the guild leadership position on to Darias!

I formed the Sleeper Cartel in March 2005 shortly after getting WoW. I had been looking forward to a fantastic massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Mac for years, and WoW was the answer. While I was waiting for World of Warcraft to be released I read the forums, played some text-based multi-user-dungeons (MUDs), and got excited like the rest of the computer gaming world. One thing that bothered me early was a prevalence of negativity and immaturity throughout some communities in WoW. Not only that, but I could see the downfall of early guilds resulting from fairly fundamental (to me) flaws that could be avoided with communication, maturity and thoughtfulness. Out of that grew my desire to do things the "right way", and thus the Sleeper Cartel was born. Above all else I wanted a positive, productive and supportive environment for people to play in. A place where people would cooperate, be mindful of their participation in a community and perhaps become a better person or at least have a better online experience. To me a guild should do its best to serve its membership.

Today, I look back and see everything we've accomplished. From an early guild split where we held our ground on casual gaming, our first server-wide party which has seen five more follow it, the fact that our guild members are occasionally recognized in real life (scary!), our acceptance by Blizzard into their elite (and still under development...) guild relations program garnering all our members beta testing opportunities, membership in a premier multi-guild raiding alliance, our own recent successes in raiding, our innumerable guild programs for hacked, poor, just unlucky or otherwise normal members, our unique guild-only home-grown addons, our many videos with tens of thousands of views, our fantastic Warcraft-related articles covering everything from class strategy guides to computer health issues, a handful of real-life meetings and most importantly, the quality of members that our guild has today.

Never before have I seen 180+ people in the same organization be so supportive, friendly, mature, and intelligent in their dealings with one another. I know that this organization will thrive regardless of who is at the helm. However, Darias has countless qualities which makes him the ideal person to continue guiding our guild into the future, develop solutions to problems we haven't even thought of yet, bring us together and keeping the Sleeper Cartel as supportive and friendly as we've always been.

As for myself, I will step down to Sergeant-at-arms (officer) and continue to support the guild as an advisor. This change is partly to free myself of some of the responsibility I sometimes (and rightly) felt to the guild, but especially in light of this September being the start of my fourth and final year of university. I've enjoyed every moment of leading the guild, and I want to know that when I'm not available due to real life that Sleeper Cartel guild members are still in the best of hands.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about anything in your guild, please feel free to discuss them in guild chat, through whispers, in-game mail, e-mail or of course on this website. You have a fantastic team of mindful individuals who will always be happy (myself included) to discuss anything you care about.

Long live the Sleeper Cartel, and happy adventuring!
....and it all ended with Erudi's bad pull.
....and it all ended with Erudi's bad pull.Wow! What a weekend!

The Eastvale Logging Camp Gathering was an unbelievable, 100% success. Even the children had a good time! Too much food, too many belly laughs, and I'm exhausted.

I am now officially calling this weekend's festivities the "First Annual" which means, yes, we're doing it again next year! All in attendance agreed that it was a wonderful idea, and that we should definitely make it a yearly occurrence. With good word of mouth from those that were able to make it, we hope that our attendance can double next year!

We all had a great time. That is, until...Erudi made that pull.
The Premire Event of the Summer!
The Premire Event of the Summer!Come one, come all, Sleeper Cartel Members, to the "Eastvale Logging Camp" real-life gathering in Chapmanville, West Virginia on June 15-17! There's still time to pack up your camping gear and claim your spot in Callistana's backyard or make your reservations at one of the local hotels. This weekend is planned as a weekend to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful Southern West Virginia mountains with your guild mates, forge a few friendships and get to know one another a little better.

Children are welcome, as are spouses / parents. Food is taken care of for at least one day (perhaps both) of the gathering, and who knows what hijinx we'll get up to.

For more information, see the ELC thread on the General Scrawl Board, and to sign up, see the ELC Event Thread and check out who is scheduled to attend!
Unless you stayed in Hawaii...
Unless you stayed in Hawaii...

Welcome back Karin!

I guess it's time to give the Matrix back. :)

(Sorry, with the Transformer's thread running, I couldn't help but make an Optimus / Rodimus reference.)
Guild Night Saturday 5/19 @ 7:00PM
Guild Night Saturday 5/19 @ 7:00PM

The Wreck of the Harbringer

An expedition of Blackwater Raiders, led by Captain Steelgut, was sent to the Arathi coastland in search of elven treasure. A device made by two gnomish engineers, doctor Draxlegauge and Professor Phizzlethorpe, detected a treasure of elven gems, calcified within the stones of the reef.

Unfortunately, due to a mysterious tide caused by the Nagas guarding the sunken ruins, two of the three ships sunk. The third ship, Harbinger, landed safely on the shore, however its crew was trapped in the bay known as Faldir's Cove.

The Sleeper Cartel has been charged by Captain Steelgut to try and salvage some of the items from the ships wrecked in the bay. Callistana will be leading up the expedition, and she expects to find many priceless items as the dive teams scour the bottom of the ocean.

Falider's Cove can be reached through a short tunnel south of Stromgarde walls.
Guild Night Saturday 5/12 @ 7:00PM (Server Time)
Guild Night Saturday 5/12 @ 7:00PM (Server Time)In honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, we're going to have guild night in the Temple Gardens at Darnassus (near the priest trainers).

Also, here's a little song a little song for you to keep in mind for the next couple days.

Raindrops on [Red Rose]s and whiskers from [Cat Carrier (White Kitten)];
Bright copper kettles and [Heavy Woolen Gloves] (sorry, no mittens);
[Blank Parchment] packages tied up with strings;
These are a few of Mom's favorite things.

Cream-colored ponies and [Goldenbark Apple] strudels;
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles;
[Wild Root] as seasoning on [Crispy Bat Wing]s;
These are a few of Mom's favorite things.

Girls in [White Woolen Dress]es with blue satin sashes;
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes;
Silver-white winters that melt into springs;
These are a few of Mom's favorite things.

Get some [Bat Bites],
Find some [Gorishi Sting]s,
Darias has gone mad!,
Two days to hunt down all Mom's favorite things,
The craziest guild night you've ever had!
Has Frodo...err Karin made it to Mt. Doom yet?
Has Frodo...err Karin made it to Mt. Doom yet?Yup.

He sent me a few pics, but here's an unphoto-shopped pic of him at the mountain.
Guild Night: Cinco de Mayo en...Zul Aman?
Guild Night:  Cinco de Mayo en...Zul Aman?Zul Aman? Darias, why are you bringing up Zul Aman when it's not even open yet? And why do you have a picture of Anvilmar in half and half picture with the gates of Zul Aman?

Oh lord. You're going to kill some gnomes, aren't you?

I can't watch!

Guild night is at it's usual day and time -- Saturday, 7pm server -- but please go directly to Coldridge Valley and wait. Once there, we'll have a little bit of fun for guild night.

Please be prompt as we'll be starting the fun as soon as we have 15-20 people in the raid.

Drinks will be served at the gates of Zul Aman in the Ghostlands.

Guild Night Saturday, 4/28 @ 7:30pm
Guild Night Saturday, 4/28 @ 7:30pm1st RULE: You do not talk about GUILD NIGHT.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about GUILD NIGHT.
3rd RULE: If someone says "mommy!" or uses a pot, bursts into dance, the fight is over.
4th RULE: Only two guildies to a fight.
5th RULE: One fight at a time.
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes, no weapons, no spells causing damage.
7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
8th RULE: If this is your first night at GUILD NIGHT, you HAVE to fight (and dance nekkid if you loose).
Guild Night Saturday, 4/21 @ 7pm
Guild Night Saturday, 4/21 @ 7pmGuild Night this week will be in Ashenvale at Forest Song. It's in the far north eastern end of the map near the world dragon area.

As part of the festivities of the evening, we'll be having a unique sort of scavenger hunt I've had in the works for a couple days. Rest assured, someone will die...cuz it's my guild night.

Of course, we'll have the usual 50/50 draws, a couple of announcements, and since there's a table or two there, there's bound to be a nekkid nelf dancing up on it.

Hope to see you there!
Bon Voyage Karin!
Bon Voyage Karin!Our beloved leader is off to go digging amongst the rocks of New Zealand for the next three weeks (plus a stop off for a week in Hawaii on the way back...lucky bastard).

During his travels, he's going to be poking around Mt. Doom, so I thought I figured I'd put up a picture of what the view might look like in advance. :)

Be safe K, happy digging (is there a "break a leg" good-luck thing for geologists?), and come back safe to us.

I'll try to keep myself from the /gdisband command while you're gone. (No promises if I'll boot Pojo from the guild though!)
Molten Core to become even more molten...
Molten Core to become even more molten...Friday, Friday, Friday! Aenelle has scheduled a run into the Molten Core for the Sleepers this Friday, and everyone between level 55-70 is invited! There are 28 spots still available, and you will need to be attuned to the core (although I'm sure you could get a group easily if you need to get attuned). Hope to see you there!
Events calendar on your iPod, Google Calendar, and more!
Events calendar on your iPod, Google Calendar, and more!You can now see what the Sleepers are up to from your favorite calendar/scheduling program! Using your iPod, Outlook, Google Calendar, your Blackberry, or any other number of programs, you can import our events calendar, making your scheduling that much easier.

Events and birthdays:

Events only:

Birthdays only:

To use them, you'll need to "Subscribe" to them from your calendar program, or "Add a shared calendar", or something to that effect. Make sure you subscribe to them and not just download them once. That way you'll always have the latest data. Please let me know here what you think! :)
Sleeper Supremacy 2007
The latest Sleeper Cartel server-wide party was another smashing success! Trying to out-do ourselves once again, we wrote addons, donated gold, whispered people, mailed guildmasters, made forum posts, told all our friends and showed up when and where we were supposed to and in uniform. 70 guild members on March 24, 2007 at 7pm, hosted the largest server-wide party to-date. View the full event wrap-up here. You can see a list of our many past server-wide parties on our events page.

We had the Lordaeron Noose (a footrace involving level 1 characters), the Sleeper Identity (a player-run quest with a cast of many), Operation Fishhook (a player-run fishing derby), a Find the 'Fiche (search wrapped boxes for the secret letter), tons of fireworks, lots of free food and drinks from our many bartenders and purchasable tuxedos and dresses (hey, you have to look good at these sorts of parties!) from the thousands of bolts, food, drink, thread and dye farmed over many many weeks.

Amongst the photographs and screenshots people took, Crescence (left) and Nightkid (right) both made videos of the event.


Thank you to everyone from Perenolde for all the donations, your kind words and for attending! We also had people from many different servers spectating on our event too, which was truly a thrill in itself. If you're interested in sharing information between your guild and ours, please consider joining our ambassador program. See you at the next party!
FLASH! Sleeper Cartel downs Hakkar! Film, at 11!
FLASH!  Sleeper Cartel downs Hakkar!  Film, at 11!Actually, I forgot to load Fraps up, but we all got a number of screenshots.

This was an amazing victory for our ZG team, and I'm thankful to having had been a part of these weekly ZG runs we've been doing for so long. Sure, other guilds have done it with only 60's, but we had a lot of people last night who have only been to ZG once or twice (even counting our Priest clear on Friday). This was an amazing feat.

Special thanks for last night's two-shot goes to Utamil, Shikaro, and Foxtrot in their expertise in explaining the Hakkar fight.

Keep in mind, just because so many of us are over 60 and ZG seems to many to be so pre-2.0, that doesn't mean we're not going back there. I still have that [Heart of Hakkar] to turn in anyway. 'Twould be lunacy to blow it on a Blood Furnace run just for my [Zandalarian Hero Charm].
Smile! You're on SC Camera!
Smile! You're on SC Camera!For the entire month of February, the Sleeper Cartel will be hosting a video and screenshot contest called Smile! You're on SC Camera! Every guild member is invited and encouraged to participate. It can be as easy as pressing the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard! There are some great prizes available too. There are three main competitions:

Article-writing contest:
The first person to write an article on each of the following topics will receive 30g . The best one among all categories will receive a 20g bonus!
- Making videos on a PC
- Making videos on a Mac
- How to take good screenshots
- How to upload to YouTube & Google Video

Video contest:
Making videos is sometimes a bit harder than framing the perfect screenshot, but it's easier than you think and you might already have the software on your computer! If you're not sure how to make movies, you can check around on our scrawling board and ask people who have made our existing videos. The video categories are:
- Story-driven
- Promotional (advertising/introduction to SC)
- Misc

Photo contest:
While you adventure around Azeroth and Outland, watch for great photos you can enter into one of the following categories:
- Scariest Photo
- Best Group Photo
- Best self-portrait
- Best scenery
- Funniest photo

At least 200g will be available for prizes to photo/video contestants. In addition, there are three grand prizes to give out (one per person):

Grand prizes (three winners will get one of the following):

A 60-day game card, donated by Yeshe

An item of your choosing from our online store, donated by Callistana

A copy of the official Burning Crusade strategy guide

1) All entries should be received on or by February 28th. You can contact me directly here if you have any difficulties getting files to me.
2) Videos should be posted to YouTube or Google Video, and a post made about it on our scrawling board.
3) Screenshots should be uploaded to our photo gallery into the appropriate contest category.
4) All entries should comply with our guild guidelines.
5) Photo editing software is allowed, but please say if you touched up your screenshots or if they're unmodified. You can still enter unmodified screenshots and have just a good a chance at winning the grand prizes.
6) Judging criteria is based on effort, evocativeness, and how well it represents SC and yourself. Final decisions will be made by Karin, but there will be a public voting/discussion period.
7) All ranks welcome to enter of course!
Azeroth Idol
Azeroth IdolIn place of our usual guild night this Saturday, we'll be holding a TeamSpeak version of American Idol. Join us at 7pm (server time) in Astranaar, Ashenvale for Azeroth Idol! Prizes include 150g and a copy of the official Burning Crusade strategy guide, delivered right to your door!

Check out the full details here, and get your song picked :)
The Mystic Cartel lives!
The Mystic Cartel lives!Effective immediately, the Mystic Cartel (our horde guild) now has some new life in it! Xartan has been given the guild leader position and will be instrumental in bringing the full Sleeper Cartel atmosphere to the "other side". Just think, it will be the perfect home for your new blood elf characters!

The goal of the Mystic Cartel is to enable Sleeper Cartel members to adventure alongside each other when they play their horde characters, and I fully encourage you to try it out! The primary focus of SC will remain on the alliance side as it takes a lot of resources an attention to run one guild, let alone two. However with Xartan heading things up on the horde side, I'm confident that we will see Sleepers invading and adventuring in every corner of Azeroth and Outland before you know it!

To join the Mystic Cartel, type "/who mystic" when you're logged in on your horde character and ask any member to help you get an invite. Don't forget to place the name of your main alliance character in your public note too! Now get out there, create some events and have fun! :)
End of the Burning Crusade Beta
End of the Burning Crusade BetaA few days ago Blizzard concluded their closed beta test of the Burning Crusade expansion pack that we were lucky enough to be invited into as a guild. As usual they like to close off these tests with a bang so-to-speak, and a few of our guild members happened to be online at the time. Click below for details in our photo gallery...

End of Burning Crusade Beta
New guild service!
New guild service!As of today we are proud to announce that we're now offering in-game monetary relief to those of our members who were unlucky enough to have had their accounts hacked. Effective immediately, this new guild program will help get guild members up on their feet again while they wait for characters to be restored. To date we have had 3-4 incidents of stolen accounts, but hopefully as a guild can help lessen the blow to them.

Important information about safeguarding yourself can be found in Vint's article, "A Sleeper Guide to PC Security" and in the "Keylogger warning" thread regarding the latest security risk affecting World of Warcraft players.

This new guild service is funded by your guild bank, and relies on donations in order to service our members! All donations of weapons, armor and gold can be sent to Sleeperbank, and all tradeskill materials can be sent to Sleepermats, and always go to a good cause! :)
Happy Holidays!
Last night's Christmas party was a huge success. It wasn't meant as one of our large server-wide parties, but we still brought out 63 guildies and made an impression on a few first-time players whom we showered with gifts. Everyone attending (including guests), got either a [Festival Suit] or a [Festival Dress] to wear, and 2x[Preserved Holly] to use for later.

(Full version available here)

All our guild members and party guests got a [Steam Tonk Controller] as a gift from Karin and Shikaro. There was also holiday food, murloc-sound competitions over TeamSpeak and more. The photos can be viewed here. If you were at the party and took some screenshots, please upload them!

The Sleeper Cartel leadership will be taking a 2-week break so that everyone can fully enjoy the holidays, however we'll still be online and having fun with you. See you in the New Year!
Upcoming Christmas party!
Upcoming Christmas party!Are you busy trying to fit all those holiday parties in, or do you get frustrated shopping with everyone else on the weekend? Well the Sleeper Cartel wants to get in on that!

On Monday, December 18th at 6:30pm (server-time) we'll be holding our guild Christmas party. The event will take about two hours, and I promise a fun time for everyone! We have lots of great things planned:
  • a 50/50 draw
  • free snazzy holiday outfits for everyone
  • a reindeer parade from the Human starting area to the Dwarven starting area
  • random item/money giveaways and quest help to new players (bring some stuff to give out!)
  • holiday themed food
  • a chance for you to inspect who you have to buy for for secret santa
  • ...and a surprise gift from Karin to everyone who shows up!
Make sure to sign up if you plan to attend. You can send miscellaneous goodies to give away to new players to myself, Karin, to hold onto if you can't make it yourself. Oh, and don't forget to pick up some [Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper]...

Anyone is welcome to attend. This is a small social get-together for us to mingle. Bring a guest and RSVP!
Beta keys are here!
Beta keys are here!Earlier today, Sleeper Cartel guild members started receiving their beta test keys in their email, allowing them to participate in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion pack, The Burning Crusade. As part of our involvement with the Guild Relations Program, all of our members were eligible to participate.

We're transferring to the PvE (Hellfire) beta test server, and we already have a guild created there. Type "/who Sleeper" to see which one of us are online to ask for an invite. Also, if you signed up for our Beta Prep Program, please keep that in mind too!

I encourage everyone to log into our TeamSpeak server, so that we can keep in touch with each other regardless of which server we're playing on.

Guildies who don't have keys are unfortunately out of luck at the moment, however I'll let you know if/when we get another opportunity to add members to the beta test. I've created a new Beta Test photo gallery and a new Beta Test scrawling board, so get out there and have fun!! :)
Secret Santa 2006
Secret Santa 2006If you are interested in partcipating in our secret santa event this holiday season, please be sure to sign up by December 6th! You will get the name of a guildie around your level for whom you have to get a gift for. Be creative! Last year's event was a huge success, and I'm sure this one will not disappoint :)
Sleeper Cartel Dreamer - Issue 3
Sleeper Cartel Dreamer - Issue 3Callistana has completed the third issue of our guild newsletter, The Sleeper Cartel Dreamer! This is a fantastic issue, and covers the following topics:
  • New Emissary for the Sleeper Cartel
  • Beta Keys Expected Any Day Now
  • Guild Motto: What Says “Sleeper Cartel” To You?
  • New Add-On for the Sleeper Cartel: SC_RedBanker
  • A Place to Call "Home”
  • Know Your Fellow Guildies: Yeshe
  • November Birthdays
  • New 60’s And Other Milestone Levels
As always, you can submit news items in-game to Newshound or you can contact Callistana via email.
For Sale - SOLD!
For Sale - SOLD!(Recent article from the Stormwind Sentinal newspaper)

Announcing the purchase of a historic four story hotel by the famous Sleeper Cartel.

Sleeper Cartel has moved its organization into the quiet Stormwind neighborhood of The Park. Setting up in the unused Inn, the group claims it will reinvigorate the area with frequent parties, fireworks displays, dueling and general hoopla.

"What we're looking for is a place our guildmates can really call home," says Wintersfury, the devilishly handsome Sleeper we interviewed. "A place where they can log out and in, where they can relax and dance, work on skilling up, etc. We just need some place 'Groovy'."

While many Sleeper Cartel members will continue to set their hearthstones to other locations for convenience when questing, the Inn will always have a few folks hanging out and having fun (and when we say "hanging out", please keep in mind these are the same folks that coordinate naked Forge jumping!).

The region lacks some basic services (Flight Points, AH, the bank), but does boast an impressive mail box and a quiet, laid back atmosphere. While some will bemoan the runs to the basic service areas, most believe the quiet neighborhood will cut down on unwanted traffic.

We asked Karin, Sleeper Cartel's Ringleader, about his impression of the new guild house. "I feel safer," he said, adjusting the tilt of his [Admiral's Hat] to a jauntier angle. "Comfortable in the knowledge that in no way could a prairie dog possibly infiltrate the inner sanctum of the Sleeper Cartel."
Hallowe'en party a success!
After countless hours of farming, organizing, preparing, shopping and planning, our three-hour party (and one-hour after-party) was a huge success! We had our largest number of guild members online ever, and the great comments keep rolling in. My special thanks go out to everyone who helped and everyone who attended. You can view the full wrap-up of the event here.

(Created by Crescence. High resolution version available here)

In case you're interested, here's how our other parties have gone:
Would you like to beta test?
Would you like to beta test?Everyone in the Sleeper Cartel is invited to participate in the closed beta test of the upcoming expansion pack, The Burning Crusade. Our entire guild was invited as part of our involvement with the Guild Relations program (see news post below).

If you would like to sign up for a spot to test the game, please post on this thread with your details by Sunday, October 29th at 11:59pm at the latest (those of you already with beta test keys are not eligible to receive another).

You can begin downloading the beta test here, although you won't be able to play until Blizzard has emailed you your beta test key via email. :)

Details on which server we'll be going to an how we're going to coordinate our testing will be posted in the coming days. It's a great time to be a Sleeper!
Invited into Blizzard's Guild Relations program!
Invited into Blizzard's Guild Relations program!The Sleeper Cartel has been invited by Blizzard into their Guild Relations Program, an official program which serves to recognize guilds that have made lasting, positive contributions to the World of Warcraft community. Along with other selected guilds we will form a valuable resource for Blizzard, providing feedback based on our experiences as a guild. This is a great honour for our members since in Blizzard's own words, "members of the Guild Relations Program should be shining examples for the rest of the community".

Some of the advantages as part of this program include:
  • a link to our website from the WoW homepage with our name and details about who we are
  • eligibility to participate in upcoming beta tests (including the Burning Crusade)
  • occasional live chat sessions with Blizzard game designers
  • Q&A updates to be posted in the Guild Relations forum based on our feedback
  • additional features and benefits to come!
This also means that we now represent not just the Sleeper Cartel, but the World of Warcraft community in general which in turn reflects upon Blizzard. Because of this, I want to remind all our members about our guild guidelines, as well as Blizzard's similarly-spirited policies which are applicable to the official WoW website, our website, and in-game:
Credit goes out to all our members who go out of their way to help others, whisper a few good words of advice, brainstorm ideas on how to improve and who continually strive to keep things positive and productive throughout their guild endeavors. This is a great day for SC, and a milestone in our quest to being the best welcoming, friendly and casual guild we can be.

You can view discussions and an FAQ about our involvement with the Guild Relations program on our scrawling board here.
What could it be...
This Saturday during our regularly scheduled guild night at 7:00pm (server time), I will be making a big announcement regarding the Sleeper Cartel, something which could change our guild forever. Don't be worried, this announcement that will bring a smile to every one of our members, regardless of what your playstyle is.

Join your fellow guildie this Saturday, and experience a great moment in Sleeper Cartel history!
The Sleeper Cartel Dreamer - Issue 2
The Sleeper Cartel Dreamer - Issue 2The second edition of the guild newsletter has been compiled from your submissions to Newshound in-game (run by Callistana) and by email. Topics in this issue range from various guildie recognitions, a wrap-up of our two most recent guild nights, and a discussion on the differences between Sleeperbank and Sleepermats. Click here to read the latest edition. Keep those submissions coming to Newshound, your guild journalist, and happy adventuring!
Scavenger hunt
Scavenger huntDo you know Azeroth pretty well? You should have a look at our latest scavenger hunt! There's no time limit, just the first person to send them all in wins 25g . The list is as follows:

Please send your items to Yeshe, who volunteered to help run this event :) Good luck!

This event is now over, please check the scrawling board for the list of winners. Rumour has it that another hunt might be coming soon... :)
The Sleeper Cartel Dreamer - Issue 1
The Sleeper Cartel Dreamer - Issue 1The first issue of our guild newsletter, The Sleeper Cartel Dreamer, has been published online! For those of you who aren't yet aware, Callistana has created a character called Newshound that you can send your guild / Warcraft stories to for potential inclusion in the newsletter. This issues stories are:
  • The Sleeper Cartel Halloween Server-Wide Event
  • New Bank Toon!
  • Guild Member Promoted Within SGA
  • September 16, 2006 Guild Night Review
  • September Birthdays
  • New 60’s And Other Milestone Levels
Click here to read all the latest news on what's been happening in-game. If you have any news you'd like to share, please let us know in-game at Newshound, or contact Callistana.
New video released - Summer Party
Crescence has finished the video of our Summer Party we recently held in Redridge Mountains! You can view the low-resolution version from Google Video below, or click here for the high-resolution version (24.8 MB).

Here's a list of all our guild videos to date, in chronological order (most recent at the top):
TeamSpeak server temporarily moved
The computer hosting our TeamSpeak server is having a few problems. However Darkstar Communications, the company hosting it, has been really responsive. While they fix the problem they've temporarily moved our server to this temporary IP address and port:

Port: 8884

If you have no option to change the port number, then try connecting to "" (without the quotation marks). Your login information remains the same.

I'll post here when I find out anything new. Since we occasionally have problems during peak hours with the server resetting, I've asked that they place us wherever they think would be best to minimize those interruptions. :)
Summer Party 2006 a success!
Summer Party 2006 a success!Another server-wide party has come and gone! Our 4-hour event in Redridge saw around 400 visitors, with 700g in prizes given out with a lot of fantastic comments in return. A video of the event created by our own Crescence will be posted within a few days, however in the meantime please check out our wrap-up page, and/or have a look at our photo gallery.

A huge thanks goes out to all our guildies who helped put this event together and made it happen. I know countless hours were donated to farming, planning, preparing, buying and helping, and I'm sure the whole server appreciates it.

Remember to /wave when you see a Sleeper around Azeroth... :)
A Sleeper Summer at Lake Everstill
A Sleeper Summer at Lake EverstillThe end of summer is here. A quarter of your guildies will be grounded from the computer for the next month as school starts. Another quarter will be just quitting all together as they start that last year toward their degree. Someone should throw a big party to mark the end of the summer.

Okay. We will. :)

On Saturday, August 26 @ 7pm (server time), Sleeper Cartel will be hosting a server-wide party at Lake Everstill in Redridge Mountains.

If you've been to one of our parties in the past you know what to expect.
Hallow's End 2005
Shamrock Shindig 2005

For those not familiar, here's what you have to look foward to:

Food & Drinks

Free food and drinks will be dispensed throughout the night. All manner of summer fare from Beer Basted Boar Ribs, to Barbecued Buzzard Wings, to Redridge Goulash (of course!) will be provided.

Kick back and relax!

Our tailors have been pouring over their patterns and scavenging the zones for cloth to make some comfortable summer attire. Feel free to dress up yourself if you like, but we'll have plenty to pass around.

Scavenger Hunt Mystery

Can you help our poor guildie who's been driven mad? (Too much time raiding probably did it. Or was it the PvP grind?) Follow the clues given by the quest givers and collect the items needed to cure his addled brain.

Race: The Blonde Bombshell Blitz

What's a Sleeper Cartel party without a race? This time you'll need a level one blonde-haired human (naked of course!) to participate. We'll be running all sorts of nasty places, so be prepared to die. (A lot. Really. I'm not joking. Lots of cemetary runs.)
I'll be starting a separate thread on this in a few with the details...

Plus much more!

We've got some other contests set up as well. Half of these get their details finalized in the last week, so you'll have to show up to get the full details...
New sergeant-at-arms, congrats Mareyn!
New sergeant-at-arms, congrats Mareyn!Leading a guild like the Sleeper Cartel is no easy task! I've heard of people running 4-5 guilds at once, but I know very well that would be impossible to do that with the same level of support, the same values and the same maturity that we try to have here in SC.

As our guild has grown and since real-life requirements are always changing for our leadership team, I felt it was appropriate to bring on an additional person to help provide the same great level of service to our guildies that you've come to expect.

Since joining SC seven months ago, Mareyn has exemplified every one of the characteristics of a great Sleeper. His many thoughtful, honest and thorough posts on our scrawling board shows the attention he provides on all sorts of issues, big or small. He emails new recruits, participates on the Welcome Wagon team, writes addons for guildies (!), starts brand-new posts, has taken on rewriting parts of our FAQ, researches background information on current guild issues from time to time, and is consistently friendly and helpful with all our guildies. Plus, he rarely logs off! :)

It is for these reasons I've decided to promote Mareyn from our Emissary team to a Sergeant-at-arms. Congratulations! His promotion reinforces the leadership team of the Sleeper Cartel, comprising your Emissaries, your Sergeants-at-arms and myself. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this promotion, feel free to contact me directly either in-game or through the email address listed in my profile. Happy adventuring!
Death & Drinks in Dun Modr
"Hey, who's running Guild Night tonight?"
"I think Darias is."
"Well, if Darias is holding Guild Night, you know what that means?"


That's right everyone, it's been awhiile since I hosted guild night, and it's been awhile since we hung out at this venue.

Tonight's Guild Night will be held in the Dun Modr. Yeah, that's right, the town that's currently being held down by a bunch of Dark Iron Dwarves. Well, tonight, Sleeper Cartel is going to take it over!

The evening festivities (as usual) will begin around 7:30ish server time. Get yourselves at least to WETLANDS by 7:30, but please feel free to show up earlier to aid in cleaning the area for everyone to attend.

See you there!
New promotional video!
Kiral has created yet another video for our guild. If you remember, Kiral also made the Shamrock Shindig video for our last server-wide event. There's little else I can say about it that doesn't speak for itself (hint, it's amazing!), so without further delay, here it is:

image coming soon

This post will likely be updated soon when a YouTube link is ready (although keep in mind that YouTube reduces the quality, so if you've got the bandwidth and time, check out the one linked above). Discuss this video!
Badges!? I don't need to show you no stinkin' badges!
Mareyn has created a short video of what happened at Oobla's Night of the Dueling Guildies event that was held last Saturday. Click here for the high-resolution version or click below for a lower-quality version hosted on YouTube. Discuss it here. Good job Mareyn! :)

I challenge you... to a duel!
I challenge you... to a duel!“I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him.” -- Mark Twain

This Saturday at 3:30pm server time, Oobla will be holding the Night of the Dueling Guildies on the Isle of Dread in Ferelas.

Spectators and duelers are invited, and there are great prizes to be won! Click on the name of the event or check out our Events Calendar for details. Come on out and take this challenge more courageously than Mr. Twain did...
Engineering Night
This Wednesday at 7:00pm (server time), Mareyn will be holding our first tradeskill night to have occured in months! Join us in Gadgetzan for NerdFest, Phase I: The Engineering Tradeskill Night!

Regardless of what your professions actually are, you will want to come to the event to see what engineers can make for you, and perhaps get you interested in the profession yourself. If you are an engineer, you will really really want to come! The guild bank has donated 160g for rare materials and recipes, and guildies have been donating for weeks now. All of this gathered material will be given away on one night only.

Hope to see you there! :)
New Sergeant-at-arms: Jettarus
New Sergeant-at-arms: JettarusAfter many months of deliberation, another officer has been chosen and confirmed to help serve the needs of the Sleeper Cartel. Jettarus' long service, level-headed attitude, willingness to help others and his friendly disposition made him an ideal candidate, and he looks forward to helping administer the guild. These officer promotions are extremely difficult to make, partly because we have such a fantastic group of members who are willing to do almost anything to help out at any level, and partly because there were no bribes, at all!

Please welcome Jettarus as a Sergeant-at-arms! Feel free to ask him, myself, the other officers, the emissaries, the snoops, the operatives or anyone else for that matter if there's anything the guild can do for you.
I've been working on the railroad...
I've been working on the railroad...This Saturday, come and meet us at the Garrison Armory in the Blasted Lands at 7:30pm (server time) for our weekly guild night! In addition to the usual 50/50 draw, we'll be discussing some preliminary details on a new server-wide party possibly in the works, and there will be free [Blue Overalls] for everyone attending so we can fit in with the locals.

Got an idea for guild night? Or are you interested in what other events are planned (like our weekly Zul'Gurub runs) or simply want to plan your own run? Get involved! :)

See you in Azeroth...
New Sergeant-at-arms: Wintersfury
New Sergeant-at-arms: WintersfuryWintersfury has been promoted to a Sergeant-at-arms (officer) of the Sleeper Cartel! His patience with guildies, initiative, great ideas and positive attitude will help ensure that this guild is always a friendly, fun place for all Sleepers.

Congratulations Wintersfury! Here are some ideas of useless gifts you can send to help congratulate him: [A Frayed Knot], an [85 Pound Mightfish], or perhaps a [Sleeveless T-Shirt]!
Gnomish Bar Raid - Ratchet
Gnomish Bar Raid - RatchetGuild night tonight at 7:30pm (server time) at the Broken Keel Tavern in Ratchet, Barrens.

Lets flood the bar with Alliance and make the Horde freak out for a bit. We'll get drunk do some random SC Guild Night stuff (50/50's, naked NElf chicks on tables, etc.), and maybe hit XRoads for a bit.

...Karin's leading though, so no promises that everyone will die. :)
Warm weather (IRL) is here! BEACH PARTY!
Warm weather (IRL) is here!  BEACH PARTY!The goblin traders of Steamwheedle Port have granted us a permit to have Guild Night this week on their beach.

There are already two runs scheduled into Zul' Farrak (one that's full, and a second with a couple open spots. That covers the upper 40's group, and the low-to-mid 30's group is heading to Razorfen Downs. This Kalimdorian trend could mean a trip to Wailing Caverns pehaps for the lowbies. (Where do you big guys wanna hit? Think up some ideas!)

So, put on your beach attire, and hop the gryph out to Tanaris. (As always, transport is your own responsibility...Warlock summons MAY not be available.)
And lo! End game calleth!
We've got more 60's than we can shake a stick at, with a bunch of 55+ none too far behind. The itch for end-game in our happy little social guild is due to be scratched.

For those guildies that haven't read the myriad discussion threads about end game, they've all been consolidated here. The goal of our discussions is to find out who's up for end game, what they are after after (gear, phat l00tz, etc.), where they want to go, and when they can play.

To keep track of all of that (pending our illustrious Ringleader being able to fit it into his site development list), we'll be keeping track of the answers to those questsions here.

The plan is to start a rotation schedule where you'll be assigned into a group of four other players who you'll play with for a month of runs. That's YOUR group, you'll be assigned ONE instance and beat the hell out of it. After that month is over, you get a whole new set of four guildies, and a new instance to master.

So, please, if you're in that mid to upper 50's/60 group, and you're jonesin for a little LBRS / Strat / Scholo / UBRS / more to come, then let us know!
Shindiggin'On Saturday March 18, 2006 at 7:00pm, The Sleeper Cartel hosted its second server-wide party to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and our one-year anniversary as a guild!

Over a hundred people showed up throughout the night from all different guilds and levels. We played mini-games late into the night and gave out 1400g in prizes.

Kiral has created a video of the event which you can download here. Photos will be online soon, and you can see our recap of the event.

If you're looking for a fun, friendly guild, have a look around our website and maybe stop by our recruiting page. Otherwise, keep an eye out for us in-game should you ever need to fill a spot in your next instance run. :)
Shamrock Shindig
Shamrock ShindigAlmost a year ago, the Sleeper Cartel held the first footrace across Azeroth. And last October, we played host to 150 guests from all around the realm in our 3-hour Hallowe'en Party.

On Saturday, March 18th at 7:00pm (server time) we'll be celebrating our guild's 1-year anniversary with the Shamrock Shindig at the Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan, and you're invited! We'll be giving away hundreds of gold worth of prizes and will have games throughout the night. And of course, free drinks!

Watch our website for details. If you're a member of the Sleeper Cartel, make sure you look at what you can volunteer for. Hope to see you there!
Cut-Throat Alley sounds like such a nice place...
Cut-Throat Alley sounds like such a nice place...Guild night this week will take place in the hidden Cut-Throat Alley in Stormwind City on Saturday at 7:30pm (server time). More details to come, as well as an in-game reminder :)
Looking for our next event? You found the right place!
Looking for our next event?  You found the right place!Back in October, you may recall our Hallow's End Party.
Further back last year we held The Perenolde Footrace.

With our ever-expanding guild turning a year old March 11th, and St. Patty's Day right around the corner, we're planing our next event for Saturday, March 18, 2006.

Times and futher details to follow soon!

(PS: If you're here looking for a new, fun, social guild -- with a budding raiding interest -- apply at the Recruiting link to the left!)
Upcoming coolness...
Upcoming coolness...Moonfest 2006 last night was a success! We had 28 guildies online during its peak, lit off tons of fireworks, raised 52.4g for the guild, tried on Lilka's costumes and awed at Seizuregoat's wide collection of mounts. Here's a sneak peak of what we've got coming up:

The Atlantis Affair - Friday Feb 3rd
Do you like murlocs and/or breathing? Then you'd better not come to this event! We're telling the murlocs of Stranglethorn that their underwater city is now ours! Oh and don't worry about air, our warlocks will take care of that. Dungeons include Gnomeregan, Scarlet Monastery, Zul'Farrak and LBRS.

The BRD Bludgeoning - Saturday Feb 4 @ 5:00pm
Hosted by our very own Mirin, a group of Sleeper Cartel members hope to go into this level 50+ instance to party with the Dark Iron Dwarves. Remember, DON'T touch the ale on the table, no matter how delicious it looks...

Darkmoon Dinner - Saturday Feb 11 @ 7:30pm (server time)
Join us at the Darkmoon Faire for food, fun, drinks and cannon firings. You might even be the one lighting the fuse with the guildmaster inside! Dungeons include Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs, Uldaman and LBRS (yes again).

Cocktails at the Crypt - Saturday Feb 18 @ 7:30pm (server time)
We've asked Medihv and his chums to clear outta his tower for the night, 'cause we're taking over. We'll need a bit of help getting there, so show up early to help us clear a path through Deadwind Pass. The deadest-looking guildie wins a prize, everyone else in your best horror-movie threads! Dungeons include Deadmines, Scarlet Monastery, Maraudon and Dire Maul!

Each night we'll be doing a 50/50 draw and other fun miscellany. Come on out to meet your guildies, get all the quests you'll need ahead of time, load up a voice-chat program, and meet us there! You can always suggest future meeting places and events on our scrawling board as well as anything else on your mind.
Tonight's guild night
We will meet at 8pm (server time) in a location to be announced! Stay tuned for details or look for the Message-of-the-Day (MotD) in-game. Hope to see you there!
Jump, jive and jump some more
Jump, jive and jump some moreMambo No. 5 or the Macarena? Can't touch this or Ice, ice baby?

We're trying to decide on our guild's theme song, and we need your help! Check out this thread to see what people are suggesting, listen to samples, and vote! (note: you'll need to be logged in to view the link)

Karin bursts into dance.
Logo / T-Shirt design contest!
Logo / T-Shirt design contest!The Sleeper Cartel is holding a contest to design a logo / t-shirt we can use and actually have printed! The price of each shirt will range from $14 - $20 depending on the style, but first thing's first -- we need a design! This is where you come in. I want any guildie who is interested and willing to come up with a design better than what I made (see photo at right).

To make things interesting, I'll put up 100g of my own gold as prize money. Prizes will be given to the top three entries and even just for entering, so you have nothing to lose! So fire up MS Paint, Photoshop, or your scanner and show us what ya got! The theme can be whatever you'd like, as long as it's relevant to the Sleeper Cartel or Warcraft in some way.

Entries must be recieved by me (Karin) or uploaded to the Photo Gallery by February 20th, 2006. Voting/comments will be via the scrawling board after the entry deadline, for about 1-2 weeks.

As a side note, we're currently in the final stages of choosing our theme song. See the link for details.
Evening Tea at the Tavern
Evening Tea at the TavernYou are cordially invited to evening tea at the Pig & Whistle Tavern in Stormwind City on Saturday at 8:00pm (server time). Fancy dress not required, but will certainly help you mix with the rest of us as we enjoy scones, soft music and poetry readings. Then again, it'll probably erupt into rowdy dish-smashing madness like these sorts of things tend to do. Ah well. In addition to our usual 50/50 draw, we'll have a website trivia contest for gooooold!

After the bar fights settle down, we'll tackle:
Stockade (lvl 25-29)
Uldaman (lvl 36-47)
Molten Core Fun! (lvl 50-60)

We'll do Molten Core attunements for those who need them and then push unsuspecting guildies into HUGE FIERY MC MOBS! Otherwise known as trash-mob huntin'. Levels 50 through 60 are welcome!

Hope to see everyone at guild night this weekend! I might even debut the new guild theme song via teamspeak! :) Oh yeah, and read up on any quests you might need for the dungeons this weekend.
Guild night time change
Guild night tonight will be starting at 9:45pm (server time). Hope to see you there!
First guild night of 2006
First guild night of 2006Happy new year! I hope you all had a good holiday, and aren't too swamped with the many little things that plauge the beginning of a new year (school, work, attempts at new year's resolutions, etc).

Guild night this week will take place on Saturday at 6:00pm (server time), on the abandoned boat in Theramore, in Dustwallow Marsh. Dungeons this week will be:

Deadmines (lvl 17-22)
Scarlet Monastery (lvl 33-42)
Dungeon raid for level 50+ members (instance will depend on turnout)

We will also be doing some farming throughout the day for our Ahn'Qiraj War Effort contributions. During guild night we'll be doing a 50/50 draw too. Also, check out our dungeon quest list to make sure you'll have all the quests you need for this Saturday. Hope to see you there!
The War Effort
The War EffortAs you may already know, the latest 1.9 patch for World of Warcraft introduced two new raid instances, collectively known as Ahn'Qiraj. In order to access them, a gigantic server-wide effort must be undertaken, collecting tradeskill materials which can then be turned-in for reputation bonuses, rewards and satisfaction knowing you helped the server get that much closer.

How many tradeskill items are we looking for? Over 2.4 million of them, but we just want to make a dent in that. If you're able and willing to help, the Sleeper Cartel will be focusing on the following items as part of its contribution to the war effort:

You can turn in items at Ironforge. Important note: make sure you write down how much you contribute, or mail me after you've dropped a bunch of items off. I would like us to keep track of how we do. Thanks, and get farmin'! :)
Lots of PvP action...
Lots of PvP action...We have 16 guild members now ranking in the top 2,000 players doing PvP! Check out the rankings here. Also remember that we've got lots of tips, strategies and ideas for PvP on our scrawling board in our PvP forum (must be logged in).

On a related note, you can now join more than one battleground queue at once! Simply sign up for each one and you'll be alerted when the first one becomes available. This was added in the 1.9 patch. For the Alliance, for SC!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!Hope you all had a great holiday! From all of us in the Sleeper Cartel, Happy New Year!

Keep watching for news about the next guild night, and if you're online tonight, make sure you stop by Stormwind or Booty Bay for New Year's festivities! :)
Snowball fight - Sunday 2:30pm
This weeks guild night will take place on a Sunday this time 'round, and will be the last official guild night for two weeks (we're taking a break for Christmas)! Details will be posted soon...
Calling all Sleepers...
Calling all Sleepers...An anonymous guildie has donated a 40-person TeamSpeak server for all guild members to use! TeamSpeak is a spyware-free, easy-to-use program that allows for voice communication, and functions quite like a telephone chatroom but looks like an instant messaging program. Even if you don't have a microphone, you can at least listen in to hear what other people are saying.

Being able to speak to each other makes things a lot easier to do in-game when you're teamed up. Imagine calling out positions of horde players or announcing your target, without ever typing a word. The possibilities are endless!

I'll be logged into our TeamSpeak server tomorrow night during guild night, feel free to join! You can find full details (if you're logged in) on our scrawling board here.
Darkmoon Faire Fiesta
Darkmoon Faire FiestaGuild night this week will take place at the Darkmoon Faire, just outside of Stormwind in Elwynn Forest this Saturday at 8pm (server time)! There will be free Jublings, a 50/50 draw, a Darkmoon Ale drinking contest, secret santa signups, and 1g rewards for everyone who logged into our website and filled out their availability information.

Our dungeons this week will be:
Deadmines (lvl 17-22)
Uldaman (lvl 36-47)
Sunken Temple (lvl 50-55)

Be sure to check out our dungeon quest guide for lists of quests that you can pick up before heading in. Hope to see you there!
Secret Santa!
Secret Santa!For the holiday this December, the Sleeper Cartel will be doing an in-game secret santa event! This involves getting a list of everyone interested and then giving each guildie the name of another guildie that they must find/buy something for secretly. Here's how we'll run it:

1) Mail Karin in-game or post to the scrawling board that you're interested.

2) On Saturday, December 10th, Karin will assign names and mail you in-game with the name of the person you are to buy for.

3) Shop for something nice for them that is not stackable if possible (so that I can gift-wrap it)

4) Mail the gift anytime to Karin (the sooner the better of course)

5) Check your in-game mail on Christmas Eve or Day to see what your secret santa got for you! I'll try to mail out all the items I collected on Christmas Eve Day.
Party at the abandoned station
Party at the abandoned stationTonight we'll be having our guild night at the abandoned tram station in between Stormwind and Ironforge, at 7:30pm (server time). The best way to get there is by keeping a close eye out for it as you ride the tram, and jumping halfway through!

Our dungeons this week will be the Deadmines, Maraudon and perhaps a Scholomance 10-man, if we can swing the numbers.

Hope to see you there! :)
New officers!
New officers!Some of you might have noticed a few new Sergeant-at-arms' (officers) in our guild. I want to take this opportunity to welcome Madkat, Blackbran and Darias to the leadership team. If you've been in the Sleeper Cartel for more than 5 minutes, you'll know each of these people are already incredibly helpful. They join Juliea and Rashnack, as well as myself (Karin).

I'm sure they'll do a great job keeping things running smoothly :) Congratulations can be given here.

Feel free to give any of us a holler in-game or by email. We're always willing to help if we're free and able, and we're always interested in suggestions and ideas you might have about the guild! See you in the game...
PvP Night - Wednesday
PvP Night - WednesdayThis Wednesday, come on out to Ratchet in the Barrens for PvP action at 7:30pm (server time)! If you think scripted encounters are fun, the challenges offered by fighting horde are completely different and equally rewarding.

Everyone's welcome to come, and this will be our first event as part of our PvP team efforts. If you find you like PvP, make sure you check out battlegrounds and our strategy guides on Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch (must be logged in). Also, consider joining our PvP team to be kept abreast of updates, events, strategies and more!

Update: The PvP night went great! There's an official wrap-up here, plus they were chatting about us on the WoW forums. Good job to all those who came :)
The roof, the roof, the roof is on firaaah!
The roof, the roof, the roof is on firaaah!Tonight the Sleeper Cartel rowdied up the roof of one of the quaint little houses in Booty Bay during our guild meeting. To accompany, Madkat conducted a fantastic scavenger hunt that had guildies scrambling around town for answers to the 35g worth of questions.

Jettarus was lucky enough to win 30g in our 50/50 draw, and we held an impromptu (clean) joke contest. Lilka, Argert and Zarad all won prizes for making both Sonia and Karin laugh (the judges for the event).

Unfortunately, Juliea and Madkat arranged for everyone to get prairie dogs and parade them around Karin like it was 1999! Ahh the horror...

Watch your mailbox for upcoming details about Enchantapalooza and our first official PvP Night (happening next week!).
Raid guild
My apologies to anyone who might have heard this second-hand, but a number of higher-level members have decided to leave our guild and pursue more serious raiding goals. Their strategy is more one of technical requirements, where armor, stats, builds and experience are determining factors for participation in raids, which is different from some of the ideals of the Sleeper Cartel. As such I wish them all the best and am glad that they're playing World of Warcraft in the manner they most enjoy.

This will affect our guild in a few ways. Because some of these higher-level members included some of our officers, you may see some shuffling within the ranks as we re-organize. As for our own raid strategy, our goal remains to begin with weekly Zul'Gurub runs while offering a shot at participation to anyone interested. We'll look at how the numbers work out at the end of this week, but it's certain that this will be delayed somewhat. A likely alternative is to consider an offer from one of the many guilds who have approached us to form an alliance in raiding.

So you'll see some people leaving, others shuffling around a bit, and myself still as ringleader. I encourage you to make sure your time in Warcraft is an enjoyable one (and do something about it if it isn't!). The Sleeper Cartel will remain and continue to be a friendly, helpful family guild just as it always has, and I look forward to seeing all of you in-game! :)
Guild mount program update
Guild mount program updateDo you have your mount yet? Will be buying one soon? Make sure you know about our guild mount-purchasing program!

Regular mounts will cost you only 64g if you buy it through the guild, and epic mounts only 800g . Talk to an officer for details.

As a side announcement, due to us having over 700g in the guild bank, effective today we will now be giving out 15g instead of the usual 10 to any guildie who asks for it, to help with buying their mount. This knocks the total amount a guildie has to save to 49g (not including your 18g riding skill training)!
Tour de Azeroth - Saturday at 7:30pm
Tour de Azeroth - Saturday at 7:30pmThis Saturday, November 12th at 7:30pm (server time), the Sleeper Cartel will be doing some sightseeing during our guild night! Join us to see the sights of Grom'Gol, the oozing walls of the Undercity and the prickly gates of orc-infested Orgrimmar.

We've chartered a zeppelin for the night and we'll be departing from Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills at 7:30pm sharp and travelling on foot to get to Brill. From there we'll hop on our ride and relax! 50/50 draws, arranging groups, etc will all be done in flight, until such time as we're ready to hit these instances:

Gnomeregan (lvl 26-35)
Maraudon (lvl 42-51)
Scholomance (lvl 58-60)

If you want to know where to find each quest, check out our guild-exclusive dungeon quest list. Hope to see you there!
Introduction video
Introduction videoRiverphoenix created a great movie featuring our guild, an introduction of sorts to who we are. It's very entertaining, click here to view it! (23.4mb Windows Media file)
Zul'Gurub lawn social - Thursday!
Zul'Gurub lawn social - Thursday!This Thursday at 7:30pm (server time) we'll be doing a twenty person guild-only raid into Zul'Gurub, and we want you to come! Zul'Gurub is not easy, but if our last ZG raid was any indication it'll be a blast no matter what happens.

This will be our first raid where we'll be using our raid rules. Also keep an eye out for nature resist gear and potions. I've asked Madkat and Acror (our guild alchemists) about getting ahold of some Nature Protection potions for our tanks and assists.

Please be sure to read the raid rules, and have TeamSpeak, CT_RaidAssist and Decursive (if you're a caster) installed. If you'd like to come, please let us know in-game or on the scrawling board!
Hallowe'en Party wrap-up
Hallowe'en Party wrap-upThis last Saturday we played hosts to around 150 people inside and around the Stormwind Cathedral for one large Hallowe'en party. We had drunken scavenger hunts, costume contests, bobbing for skulls, free food and drink, costumes for sale and of course our custom quest series! We also ended up well under budget, even after giving away two epic items.

Some highlights:
- 140 guild masters mailed, inviting them and their guild to our event
- 37 guild members online
- 25 guildies helping with the event
- 500 Savory Deviate Delight
- 450+ rounds of drinks
- 160 Fireworks
- 200 cooked food items given away
- 30 Heavy Leather Balls
- 160g worth of costumes sold
- gave away 2 epic items
- 40+ people who won in at least one of our games
- 6 horde members who showed up
- 11 members of B r o t h e r h o o d showed up wearing only tabards, then proceeded to donate money
- 4-5 hours of entertainment (people showed up way before 7pm and didn't dissipate until after 10:30pm)
- Completely drained the auction house of mageweave during the event
- 4 rare items donated to us (three from another guild master)
- 17 new applications to join our guild
- Many many great comments

All in all, a resounding success! Be sure to check out our photos, and if you happened to attend the event please mail me your photos so we can include them too. Thanks for coming, and a huge thank-you to all our guildies who helped out directly or indirectly put this thing together.
The Grim Batol Gala - Saturday at 7pm
The Grim Batol Gala - Saturday at 7pmOur weekly guild night will take place this Saturday in enemy territory where the cumulative hitpoints of the monsters guarding it are slightly less than that of the Stonewrought Dam! Meet in the far south-eastern part of the Wetlands by 7pm (server time) for frolics, food and fun.

Faramon assures me that the lvl 62 elite Dragonspawns won't be a big problem, but watch your back and lend a hand for your fellow guildie just in case. :)

Dungeons this week will be:
Stockade (lvl 25-29)
Uldaman (lvl 36-47)
Blackrock Depths 5-man (lvl 52-60)
Dire Maul (lvl 57-60)

Check our guild-member-exclusive quest list to find out what quests you should grab ahead of time!
The Sleepers awake...
The Sleepers awake...On Saturday, October 29th starting at 7pm (server time), the Sleeper Cartel will be hosting a Hallowe'en Event for the entire Perenolde server!

More information will be revealed to the public as the date approaches closer, but here are a few things we can divulge:
- Over 300g in prizes to give away
- Free fun and games
- Custom competitive quest line with rewards
- Vendors to keep you full, inebriated and well-dressed

With special thanks to all our volunteers! :)
Sleeper Cartel Clambake - Friday 7pm
Sleeper Cartel Clambake - Friday 7pmOur guild night this week will be on Friday at 7pm (server time) in Auberdine! We'll be discussing our upcoming hallowe'en event too, including logos, t-shirts, quests, prizes and more :)

Instances this week will be:
Razorfen Kraul (lvl 26-34)
Razorfen Downs (lvl 35-42)
Blackrock Depths (lvl 52-60)

Check here for our members-only quest list. This and next weeks 50/50 draw will be raising funds solely for the Hallowe'en party, so while the prizes you can win remain the same, the money raised won't go directly into the guild coffers, but this is a good thing.
Guild night - Saturday at 7pm
Guild night - Saturday at 7pmThis week we'll be meeting at the Pig & Whistle Tavern in the Old Town district of Stormwind on Saturday at 7pm (server time). We'll be doing:

    Deadmines (lvl 17-22)
    Scarlet Monastery (lvl 33-42)
    Sunken Temple (lvl 50-55)
    Zul'Gurub (lvl 57-60)

You can find a list of quests here (must be logged in). I doubt every instance will have a full group, so pick an alternate you'd like to help out in just in case. All donations are appreciated, especially weapons and armor. We'll be doing a 50/50 draw this week, and since I hit the rank of Sergeant, drinks are on me! We're also taking ideas for a Hallowe'en server-wide event we can run as a guild too :)
Leatherworking Night - Monday @ 7:30pm
Leatherworking Night - Monday @ 7:30pmBlackbran has been promoted and is now our guild's Master Leatherworker! If you wear leather armor, have a question about the profession, its specializations, or are considering taking up leatherworking, feel free to drop him a in-game mail or send him a whisper.

On a related note, the Sleeper Cartel will be holding a Leatherworking night this Monday, October 3rd at 7:30pm, on the Crafting Terrace in Darnassus! This event is open to everyone. Come to learn about the profession, donate materials, skill-up/learn new patterns if you're a leatherworker, and get new armor! We'll be doing a 50/50 draw as well to help raise more money for tradeskill nights such as these. :)
Guild night is tonight! Friday @ 7pm
Guild night is tonight!  Friday @ 7pmGuild night will usually take place on Saturdays, but due to a timing conflict we'll have our weekend party tonight1 This week it'll be held in Thelsamar, Loch Modan at 7pm (server time) tonight, Friday Sept 23rd.

Our instances this week will be:
    Gnomeregan (lvl 26-35)
    Zul'Farrak (lvl 45-50)
    Blackrock Depths (lvl 52-60)

We'll be doing a 50/50 draw as usual, and don't forget to check our dungeon quest list. Hope to see you there! :)
Weekly guild night! - Next event
Weekly guild night! - Next eventLast weeks guild night went great! We gave away four prizes of 30g , two Tiny Crimson Whelplings and a Ring of Saviors (congrats Flawks!). We also ran all three scheduled dungeons with full guild groups and completed all of them successfully.

And of course special thanks to our guild tailors (Melaina, Senesret, Myrethin and Disordaly) for creating all the free tuxedos and wedding dresses (see above photo), and to Feena for being the guild photographer! If you're looking for ways to help out, let me know in game and check out our scrawling board for what's up in the Sleeper Cartel.

Based on the preliminary results from Polaris' poll, guild nights will normally be held on Saturdays -- except this week :)

Guild night this week will take place on Friday at 6:30pm (server time), and we'll meet inside the tavern in Menethil Harbour, Wetlands. Dungeons this week will include:

    Stockades (lvl 25-29)
    Maraudon (lvl 42-51)
    Scholomance (lvl 58-60)

Rumour has it that another epic item might be given away... hope to see you there! :)
Guild night - Saturday
This week's guild night will be held on Saturday at 7pm (server time), inside the Blue Recluse Tavern in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind.

This will be a huge event to help close out the summer so I invite everyone to attend. There will be Savory Deviate Delights, a feast, free drinks, tuxedos and wedding dresses for everyone, a huge 50/50 draw, whelplings, epic items, and more. We'll also take a group photo in the park or wherever our guild photographers decide would be best (Feena and Reksuh).

Our dungeons this week will be:
    Gnomeregan (lvl 26-35)
    Uldaman (lvl 36-47)
    Blackrock Depths (lvl 52-60)

Check here for our members-only dungeon quest list. Have a suggestion for an event we could run? Let us know on our Scrawling Board.

Also, Feena created a new desktop wallpaper for the guild, based upon our last guild night (thanks Feena!):

Gnomeregan this Saturday
Gnomeregan this SaturdayOn Saturday at 11pm (server time), we'll do a complete run through Gnomeregan, as it is one of our two Dungeons of the Month. If you're over level 25, come and have some fun! We'll do a 50/50 draw too :)
Friday's guild night
Friday's guild nightSorry to say last nights Lowbie Night will be rescheduled to Tuesday, Aug 30 @ 7:30pm (server time), due to the server going down right when we were organizing. Mark it on your calendar, there will be free enchants, garb and food, as well as a surprise to whomever lvl 1-30 can make it :)

As for Fridays guild night, let's meet upstairs in Menethil Keep, Wetlands at 7pm (server time). The theme this week will be the always entertaining Deviate Fish. We've got over 120 Savory Deviate Delights, drinks to wash 'em down with, and a lot of deviate-themed stuff in the 50/50 draw, including a recipe or two so you can make them yourself! We'll also have a few high-end enchants to raffle off, some more deviate-themed patterns for our leatherworkers, and more.

We'll do the following instances, depending on who shows up:

    Deadmines (lvl 17-22)
    Scarlet Monastery (lvl 33-42)
    Zul'Farrak (lvl 45-50)
    Blackrock Depths - Emperor (lvl 60)

As usual, check out our guild-member-only Dungeon Quest List, and I hope to see you there!
Lowbie night tonight!
Lowbie night tonight!This is just a quick note reminding everyone that tonight is our Lowbie Night! This is a chance to help our members within levels 1-30 complete quests, do instances and even outfit them with new weapons, armor and enchants if we can.

If you're not under level 30, bring an alt character, or bring your main character and help out!

We'll be meeting outside the Cathedral in Stormwind at 8pm (server time) tonight. There won't be a 50/50 draw during this event, but we should have lots of fun nonetheless. Hope to see you then!
Fun fun fun
Fun fun funWell we said this was going to be a big guild night, and it was! After taking over Dun Modr for our guild meeting, we raised 94.1g for the guild, and had three draws for 34.4g . Flawks was even lucky enough to win a Tree Frog Box!

With 28 people online this has been one of the largest guild nights ever, and I thank you all for coming out. Take a look at the photo on the right for a preview of some of the great screenshots we took.

We ran two groups through Uldaman, a mini-group through Shadowfang Keep, and a 10-person guild-only raid on Blackfathom Depths. Good job everyone! :)
Friday night madness!
Friday night madness!We've got FOUR dungeon/quest runs scheduled for this Friday, and it's going to be a big meeting! The 50/50 draw will be larger than usual and we've got a few nice items from the guild bank that we'll offer up for prizes as well.

Starting at 7pm server time, we'll be meeting in the tavern at Dun Modr in the northern Wetlands. Note that this is not Menethil harbor, but an enemy-swarmed town to the north that we'll have to defend while we have our meeting.

Rumour has it that Blackbran will be supplying some party favours, of the fireworks-ale-heavy-leather-ball variety. If our meeting remains secure, there's a fireworks vendor there who'll sell to you cheap :)

    Shadowfang (level 24-30)
    Uldaman (level 36-47)
    Sunken Temple (level 50-55) (this is our Dungeon of the Month)
    Onyxia key quest (level 50-60) (see here for details, written by Polaris)

Detailed quests lists for each dungeon are, as usual, available on our scrawling board (note that you'll have to be logged in to see it). This guild night is the first in a series of three that will be huge events to help close out the summer holidays. Let's kick some horde tail!
Sleeper Cartel desktop images
Our own agent Feena (click to visit her website) has created a set of desktop wallpaper images exclusively for members of the Sleeper Cartel! Show how proud you are to be in the guild and download one today! :)

Night Elf



Do you have something in mind you'd like to make? Desktop wallpapers, flash animations, movies, etc. If so, please do and let us know how we can help! :)
Buying a mount? Read this...
Buying a mount?  Read this...Sleeper Cartel is proud to announce a new partnership with the elves, dwarfs and humans of Azeroth that will let you buy mounts at up to 20% off!

Buying your level 40 mount through the guild will cost you 64g. You'll also need 18g to buy the riding skill. And don't forget to ask the guild bank for the 10g every guildie is entitled to for their mount. This arrangement means you pay 18-28g less for your mount than if you were in another guild!

For those of you saving for your epic mounts, purchasing it through the guild will cost only 800g (instead of 900-1000g )!

This way you'll have more money to spend on skills and weapons, and of course you can still pick any mount you'd like. Send a whisper or mail to any of the guild officers or myself, and we'll arrange for Rashnack to pick up your shiny new horse, ram or cat. (Sorry, no mechanostriders yet).

Details on this arrangement can be found here. I'll also update the FAQ page soon. :)

(Don't forget, Alchemy night is tonight!)
Alchemy night tonight!
Alchemy night tonight!Tonight at 7:30pm (server time), we'll be holding our Alchemy Night and a 50/50 draw at the Blue Recluse tavern in the Mage District of Stormwind.

If you're an alchemist and want to level-up and learn new recipes, make sure you make it. If you're not an alchemist, make sure you come anyway! Acror, our master alchemist, and all our other alchemists will be on hand to create potions on request and hand out free potions that you might never have known existed!

The Blue Recluse is a great mystic-themed tavern with more seating than the Pig & Whistle, hope to see you there!
Are you a sergeant?
We're looking guildies with a PvP rank of Sergeant or higher, if you are this person please let us know! I would like to set up a system of purchasers of mounts, so that guild members can buy their mounts at a 20% discount (10% faction discount from Honoured, 10% PvP vendor discount). So level 40 mounts would only cost 64g, and epic mounts 800g. Of course we'd throw in a few gold or percent for yourself, so you'd easily make money simply by flexing your PvP might.
Want to help the Cartel? -- Instance guides
Want to help the Cartel? -- Instance guidesI would like to have some instance guides available that we can send to guildies once we've grouped up to do our dungeons each night. Do we have any volunteers to write them?
(for example)
The "rescuing gryphon child" quest is a long chain which you should start far in advance. You also get the mallet on that quest series.

There are a ton of yellow scarab beetles in Zul, but the east side has more beetles than you dreamed of. Trolls are grouped in twos and threes. Break up the groups using sap or sheep. Priest mind-control can be handy. Some trolls will hex you, turning you into a frog.

Advance down entrance path. At the fork, go left to Gahz'rilla. Watch for patrols. Clear out all mobs around Gahzrilla before summoning him. Keep Gahz'rilla on land during the fight. He'll heal if he enters the water. etc etc

-- excerpted from
It has to fit into 1-2 in-game mail messages, so they can be really brief. I'll give you 5g for each one you write! Currently I need mini guides for every instance, so get writing! :)

By the way, our last guild night raised 40.1g for the guild, and smashed their way through Razorfen Downs and Maraudon! Let us know what you think we should be spending all this bank money on. :)
Wrap-up and next guild night...
Wrap-up and next guild night...Last week's guild night was a blast, with the most ever guildies online during an event, 27! We raised over 50g for the guild, gave away two prizes of 25g , had a drunken scavenger hunt through Stormwind, partied it up in the Pig & Whistle Tavern (see photo), and swarmed Gnomeregan and Zul'Farrak. Gnomeregan fell, alas Zul'Farrak came a bit short of crushing everything into troll dust, but I hear those trolls still lurk around those sandy Tanarisian dunes...

We also had a mini guild night last night (Tuesday) which was announced in the Guild message-of-the-day (MotD) over the weekend. Five of us took to Uldaman, slaughtered everything and basically completed the last of every possible quest for that instance. We also raised 22.7g through a mail-only 50/50 draw, thanks everyone :) Be sure to check out our Bank page to see how we're doing financially, and our Big Projects list.

This next guild night takes place on Friday at 7:00pm, and we'll meet in Theramore in Dustwallow Marsh. Our dungeons will be Razorfen Kraul (lvl 26-34), Razorfen Downs (lvl 35-42) and of course Maruadon (lvl 42-51) as our last Dungeon of the Month event for that instance.

Check your mailbox for dungeon guides, and/or check out our dungeon quest list. We'll of course do our usual 50/50 draw as well!

After the higher-level players have helped out, they'll do a run through Blackrock Spire (lvl 58-60). Hope to see you there :)
Guild night - July 29
Guild night - July 29We'll be bringing down the house at the Pig & Whistle Tavern tonight, in the Old Town district of Stormwind! Festivities start at the usual time of 7pm (server time). Drinks will be provided, we'll do a 50/50 draw, and a mini scavenger hunt!

Our dungeons this week are Gnomeregan (lvl 26-35), Zul'Farrak (lvl 45-50) and Blackrock Depths (lvl 52-60).

For a list of quests for each dungeon, check our dungeon quest guide. Hope you can make it!
Booyaaaaa!Guild night tonight will take place at 7pm (server time) on the Menethil harbor docks while we group up, do our 50/50 draw and hang out!

I encourange all players in their respected professions to come prepared to help outfit the guild, as it'd be much appreciated! The guild will pay for your materials too :)

We'll be doing The Stockades, Scarlet Monastery and Zul'Farrak. Please see our Dungeon quest guide for details on which quests to get ahead of time, and to see which matches up with your level.
Perenolde server down
Guild night is on hold until the Perenolde server comes back online. I suggest watching this post in the official WoW forums, as well as the official server status page and the general realm status forum.

Hope to see you online soon :P
Upcoming guild night!
Upcoming guild night!This Friday we'll be doing our regularly scheduled guild night starting at 7pm (server time), meeting at Saldean's Farm in Westfall. There will be a 50/50 draw, Dragonbreath Chili, Savory Deviate Delights, free booze, and a chicken hunt! Our dungeons this week:
  • The Deadmines
  • Uldaman
  • Sunken Temple
  • and general questing
Come one, come all! We'll be outside, so dress warm and maybe bring some campfire-making equipment. I'll mail you a quest guide in-game if your level matches pretty close to the dungeons we'll be doing. See you then!
Photo courtesy Reksuh, from our photo gallery.
No guild night this week
There won't be a regularly scheduled guild night this week, as I'll be away this weekend. Keep an eye out for who's running instances though. The hot ones lately seem to be Deadmines, Stockades, Scarlet Monastery, Maraudon and Blackrock Spire. Be sure to check out our quest guide to make sure you've got as many of them as possible (you might need to log in to see it)!

I've updated the FAQ page with details about the Mystic Cartel (our horde guild), voice chat software, recommended addons and more.

Have a great weekend! :)
New dungeon-of-the-month!
New dungeon-of-the-month!This month we're doing Maraudon as part of our Dungeon-of-the-month program, facilitated by Thory. The goal of this program is to help level up guildies and get as many people familiar with Maraudon as possible. This dungeon is recommended for anyone lvl 42-51.

This Thursday and Friday at 7pm in Theramore, Thory will arrange groups and lead the charge into Maraudon. To prepare, try to grab as many of these quests as you can:

Number before each quest is the minimum level required to obtain it:
  • 39 - Shadowshard Fragments (from Archmage Tervosh, top of 1 of 3 sentry towers, Dustwallow Marsh)
  • 39 - The Pariah's Instructions (from Centaur Pariah, southwest of Mannoroc Coven - must have friendly reputation with Centaurs)
  • 41 - Twisted Evils (from Willow, Desolace, southeast of Thunderaxe Fortess and across the road)
  • 41 - Vyletongue Corruption (from Talendria, Nijel's Point, Desolace)
  • 45 - Corruption of Earth and Seed (from Keeper Marandis, Nijel's Point, Desolace)
On a few side notes, Errune won the scavenger hunt and 10g last week. Oscong and Lartfor came in second and each won 7.5g !

Last weeks guild night netted us 17.3g, so I've updated the new bank page with our current bank totals.
Long weekend wackiness
Long weekend wackinessGuild night this Friday will be run by our friendly Sergeant-at-arms, Juliea. We'll be doing Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs and Zul'Farrak (if enough people show). Meet in Menethil on Friday by 7pm (server time).

Also, watch your mailbox for details on a scavenger hunt this weekend. Grand prize is 10g!

And finally, make sure you're around for Monday night, as we'll be doing a PvP Night starting at 8pm (server time) in Booty Bay. After taking on Gurubashi Arena, we'll head to the Crossroads in our guilds first raid! (someone bring lots of fireworks, maybe even some Snake Burst fireworks?)

Hope to see you there, and have a great long weekend! I'll be away on a small camping trip, but I'll see you all on Monday.
Photo Gallery updated
Photo Gallery updatedI've updated our Photo Gallery with images from events over the last 4 weeks (finally):
Watch this space for news about events planned for the long weekend, including a scavenger hunt and a PvP night.
Guild night tonight
Guild night will take place at 7pm (server-time) tonight, meeting in ye olde Pig & Whistle Tavern in the Old Town district of Stormwind. There will be free drinks and a 50/50 draw. Anyone bringing fireworks and Heavy Leather Balls?

Tonight we'll do:

    Deadmines & Stockades levels 17-29
    Scarlet Monastery levels 33-42
    Blackrock Depths levels 52-60

Provided there are enough people. Consider trying out Skype tonight for voice chat (even if you don't have a mic you can at least listen) to see if you like it. Hope to see you there!
New guild AddOn - SC_GuildNote
Annoucing a new AddOn that I've tweaked to make updating your public note in the guild screen with your tradeskill information much easier. SC_GuildNote 1.0 will activate whenever you close your tradeskill window or gain a skill point, and will automatically format/update your public note to reflect your current tradeskill information. The file is tiny (around 1kb) and runs completely invisibly, only activating when needed.

To install it, place the unzipped "SC_GuildNote" folder into your World of Warcraft -> Interface -> AddOns folder.

It's always a good idea to put your tradeskill information into your public note anyway so that other guildies know who to send materials to, or who to ask questions of. This AddOn makes it a lot easier. Let me know if you notice any bugs!
They've gone to plaid!
They've gone to plaid!Today I'm announcing a new guild for Sleeper Cartel members who have horde characters. The Mystic Cartel is a horde-only guild meant as a way to keep in touch with other SC members as they play their horde alts. All guild events, news, and support will still be done alliance side, except now if you have a horde alt you can hope to group up with the players you're already familiar with.

My horde alt is a level 7 character named "Karnin" and the guild is already up and running. Do a "/who Mystic Cartel" to see which members are online and whisper one of them to get an invite. Be sure to update your Public Note when you get there so we know who's who.
Back in the saddle!
Back in the saddle!Faramon and Polaris ran guild night last Sunday, raising a heck of a bunch of gold for the bank (40g ?), and gave away 30g and two 16-slot Traveller's Backpacks through the 50/50 draw to Xavior.

Thanks to a nearby unsecured wireless access point, I now have some form of internet connectvity. So to get back on track, here's what we've got planned for the guild in terms of events:
  • Guild Night - FRIDAY JUNE 10 @ 7:30pm (server time)
    Since Battlegrounds were released this week, and since we haven't done much PvP yet as a guild, we'll be entering the Warsong Gulch battleground, followed by Uldaman and Sunken Temple afterwards. Meet in Theramore by 7:30pm. We'll do a 50/50 draw before heading out.

  • Mining Night - MONDAY JUNE 13 @ 8pm (server time)
    Come out and learn great mining routes for Copper, Tin, Iron, Mithril and Thorium! We'll start with copper and work our way up from there. This event is partly in preparation for Engineering night a week later (maybe consider donating part of your haul to engineering night), but everyone is welcome to attend and hang out. For iron you'll need to be lvl 32+ and for mithril 38+. Meet in Stormwind by 8pm. (50/50 draw too)

  • Lowbie Night - TUESDAY JUNE 14 @ 6:30pm (server time)
    All members are invited to attend, but especially those within levels 1-30. Some of the guilds finest should be able to help you slaughter boars, kill gnolls, crush VanCleef and destroy Thermaplugg. We'll basically break off into groups with 1-2 high level players and the rest lower levels to help you power through difficult areas and quests. This would be a good night for alts too! Meet in Goldshire, Elwynn Forest by 6:30pm. (50/50 draw)

  • Guild Night - FRIDAY JUNE 17 @ 7pm (server time)
    Deadmines, Maraudon and/or Lower Blackrock Spire, plus a 50/50 draw.

  • Engineering Night - MONDAY JUNE 20 @ 7pm (server time)
    Even if you're not an engineer you should try to make it to this event! Our engineers will be on hand to craft bullets, guns, scopes and all sorts of other gadgets while they skill up with materials provided by the guild. Our last tradeskill night went really well (check out the "thought-provoking" photo of Xavior). 50/50 draw.

  • And more...
    Keep an eye on our Scrawling Board for guild members arranging dungeon runs, or ask about a dungeon you'd like help with. Most of our members are pretty helpful if they're not already engaged.
And announcing a new feature... Dungeon of the Month. Suggested by Thory, the idea is that we'll concentrate on a specific dungeon to get everyone familiar with it, and to complete as many quests in there as possible. Thory has informally been doing Uldaman for a few weeks now, and we'll soon need suggestions for a new one.

I may need a hand with a few events so be sure to check the scrawling board occasionally. I would also love for members of any rank to consider arranging an event. A dungeon run, a quest night, a footrace (see 1, 2, 3), just let me know. Any costs will be covered by funds in the guild bank, and myself or one of the officers would be happy to help.
Like sand through the hourglass...
Our 50/50 draw last week raised 17.2g for the guild, and everyone who entered the draw won a prize too. We gave away Fiery Enchants, runecloth bags, Blight, rings, Savory Deviate Delights, and more!

Your guild leader is still without internet access since his move last weekend, however guild night will still take place this Saturday. Watch this page for details...
Reksuh = Husker???
Reksuh = Husker???It can be difficult sometimes to know who's alt belongs to who, so in order to make things easier I've given everyone access to view the "Officer Notes" for each player! This is where I usually keep this sort of information, as it's easier than looking up the player on the website.

Also, remember to update your "Public Note" with your tradeskill information, listing your main profession first, like:

    Enchant 270/Mining 250

This way it's easier for us to pass around items to those who need them (I know I personally send out lots of tradeskill materials to guildies).

Both the Public and Officer Notes are available on the Guild screen, under the Social button in-game.
A long weekend, eh?
A long weekend, eh?Congratulations to Gruffe for winning the Scavenger hunt last weekend! He wins 10g and a 14-slot runecloth bag. Ravenknight, a new lvl 10 recruit who saw our webpage and wanted in on the hunt, got second place winning 7.5g and a 14-slot runecloth bag.

Our last guild night raised 44.8g for the guild, the most ever in one night! We gave away 22.4g , a Fiery Enchantment and a White Kitten through the 50/50 draw. This next guild night we'll be giving away another Fiery Enchantment (donated by Raiderred) and a Gutrender (donated by Thory), as well as the usual cash we raise in the 50/50 draw.

Guild nights take place on Friday nights at 7pm (server time), however a few members are willing to host dungeon nights other times of the week. Here's a brief list of what'll be happening this weekend alone:
  • FRIDAY: Sunken Temple (lvl 50-60) and Gnomeregan (lvl 28-36)
    Guild night and 50/50 draw - Meet in Ironforge in the Military Ward at 7pm
    Check out this post by Polaris for a guide to the Sunken Temple

  • SATURDAY: Maraudon, Sunken Temple, Scarlet Monestary or Stockades
    Lead by Polaris - 50/50 Draw - Meet in Ironforge in the Military Ward at 7pm

  • SUNDAY: Uldaman (lvl 38-48)
    Lead by Thory - Meet in Ironforge in the Military Ward at 7pm
Weekend events
Weekend eventsThis weekend I've set up a scavenger hunt! The first player (or team of players) to send me the following items will win 10g and a 14-slot Runecloth bag. If you're part of the winning team, each member will get a Runecloth bag (and you split the 10g ). The items are cheap, but finding them will encourage you to explore a bit throughout the world. :)
  • 5x Bean Soup
  • 25x Copper Bar
  • 1x Deadmines Cleaver
  • 1x Decomposed Boot
  • 5x Deeprun Rat Kabob
  • 3x Deviate Fish
  • 1x Exotic Cookbook
  • 1x Gnawed Bone
  • 10x Rhapsody Malt
  • 1x Parrot Cage (Senegal)
BONUS: 1x Dark Iron Baby Booties (additional 5g prize)

Mail me what you have as soon as you find it. The most complete list by Sunday night / Monday morning wins! (Be sure to mention if you're on a team or not).

Guild night tomorrow takes place on the Kalimdor continent. We'll be doing Blackfathom Deeps and Razorfen Downs, meeting first in Darnassus at 7pm server time. This weeks 50/50 draw will actually consist of FOUR draws, one for the lottery, one for a Fiery Enchantment donated by Ling, one for a White Kitten pet donated by Shawnie and one for a 10-slot bag donated by Raiderred.

I've updated the Enchanting tradeskill night, Stockades and Maraudon (guild night), Razorfen Kraul and Questing photo galleries.
Two-month anniversary
Two-month anniversaryThe Sleeper Cartel turned two months old yesterday! I sent everyone a letter with a special something attached to help celebrate (Savory Deviate Delight or Dragonbreath Chili). We've grown a lot since that time, and have a great collection of skilled members. The instance levels we've been doing have slowly gone up, and we've started doing two instances each night, so we can cater to as many members as possible.

This is your guild! If you have any suggestions for events, money or items you'd like to donate, questions or comments, please let me know!

Our next guild night is Friday, May 13 and we're doing Maraudon (lvl 37-50) and the Stormwind Stockade (lvl 23-29). Meet in Ironforge in the Hall of Explorers before 7pm (server time). We'll have a 50/50 draw and free food will be provided.

This coming Monday is our Enchanting Tradeskill Night meeting at 7pm (server time) in Ironforge. If you want anything enchanted or if you're an enchanter, make sure you can make it! Many enchantments will be free, but if you'd like something a bit higher level it'd help if you brought some coin so our enchanters don't go broke! Maybe even a few green items they can disenchant.

Photos from our last guild night can be found here (please upload your own if you have any).
Next guild night!
Our next guild night is Saturday May 7th, 2005, and we'll be doing Scarlet Monastery! We're leaving at 7pm (server time) from Menethil Harbour, meeting inside the tavern. Sorry for the lack of details, hopefully I'll get more posted in the morning :)
Guild night (& Children's Week)
Guild night (& Children's Week)Guild night this week will take place Sunday at 1:00pm and we'll be doing Uldaman and Gnomeregan (you can choose depending on your level). Attendance is optional of course, but we'd love to see everyone make it. As customary, I'll be doing enchantments. Perhaps our alchemists and leatherworkers can bring potions and armor kits too (hint hint).

We'll all meet in Ironforge outside The Stonefire Tavern in the Military Ward before we break into our travel groups. Once we get to the instance we'll sort into combat groups. While we wait we'll do another 50/50 draw. :)

(If you're doing Uldaman and would like to skip the lagginess of the great dwarven city, you can meet us in Thelsamar, Loch Modan.)

After the dungeons we'll head to Stormwind to check out Children's Week, to see what we can do for the poor widdle orphans.

Photos from last guild night can be found here, and from alchemy night here.
Upcoming events
Upcoming eventsTomorrow's guild night will be at 4pm (server time) in Menethil Harbor. We'll be doing Razorfen Kraul which is a fairly low-level instance, so feel free to bring your alts! We'll be practicing good grouping strategies, having a 50/50 draw and doing a giveaway of free stuff (if Scbank can make it).

Also, this Monday at 7pm (server time) I'm holding an alchemy night in Darnassus, with over 15g worth of free materials and recipes for our alchemists. Even if you're not an alchemist you're welcome to attend, hopefully there will be lots of free potions going around.

I'm also thinking about a PvP Night, in addition to the weekly guild night and bi-weekly tradeskill night. Let me know what you think on our scrawling board.

Hope to see you there!
Guild night wrap-up
Guild night wrap-upDuring guild night last Saturday the Sleeper Cartel took to the Scarlet Monastery to bring down High Inquisitor Whitemane, Scarlet Commander Mograine, Herod, the Scarlet Champion and Houndmaster Loksey.

The trip was long and most members gained a few flightpaths along the way, plus got some good experience and learned a bit about the layout of the monastery. Two groups went in, but I'm sad to say, only one came out. A few photos of the event can be found here (if you have more photos, please upload 'em).

Before we headed out, we managed to raise 1.6g for the guild coffers with our 50/50 draw, with congratulations going to Drisper for winning 2.6g ! As always, money and item donations are always greatly appreciated for the guild bank, especially with many of our members recently hitting or about to hit level 40.

Upcoming dungeons we'll be doing for guild nights: Razorfen Kraul, Uldaman and Scarlet Monastery. Other dungeons we'll probably set up outside of guild night to help guildies complete some of the lower-level quests (Deadmines, Gnomeregan, and Shadowfang for the cool caster loot).

Also, congratulations to Rashnack, he is now our first level 50!
Footrace wrap-up!
Footrace wrap-up!Preparation pays off! We started off our guild night by holding the first Perenolde Footrace last Saturday from the Stoutlager Inn in Thelsamar, Loch Modan to the fountain in the city centre of Darkshire.

Participants ran through Loch Modan, Dun Morogh, Ironforge, the Deeprun Tram, Stormwind, Elwynn Forest and finally into Darkshire, a 15-minute trip on foot with a fireworks ending when they crossed the finish line. Out of the 9-10 people who ran, 8 of them finished, meaning everyone who finished won a prize.

1st: Lesleya (14-slot Runecloth bag + Minor Speed (Boots) enchant)
2nd: Stormeagle (two 12-slot Red Mageweave bags)
3rd: Rhok (a 12-slot Mageweave bag)
4th: Shadowknife (5 Swiftness potions)
5th: Chillwill (10 Deviate Fish)
6th: Stpeznas (25s)
7th: Flops (25s)
8th: Jebu (25s)

Photos of the event can be found here. Racing shirts, expertly cooked food, and vendor food/drinks were available free to everyone who showed up, even bystanders.

Thank you to everyone who raced and everyone who expressed an interest. I'd like to especially thank our guild volunteers for their awesome work: Belenus, Shawnie, Sonia, Carter and Daevak.

Expect more fun events in the future, ideas and volunteers are always welcome.
First Perenolde Footrace, Saturday 7pm
This Saturday we will be hosting a public event for all Perenoldians in the form of a footrace. The practice footrace we did during our guild night two weeks ago gave us some insight into how best to do the public event, and so now we're ready!

For details please see this post on the World of Warcraft forums.

Meet at the Stoutlager Inn in Thelsamar, Loch Modan by 6:30pm (server time) this Saturday if you're participating, 6:00pm if you're helping. I need volunteers too, so please whisper/mail me in-game if you can make it! Hope to see you there!
Easter long weekend events
Easter long weekend eventsOur second guild night had six members starting off and finally finishing with three. For this event we waded through Blackfathom Deeps, a lvl 20-30 instance in Ashenvale. While not as popular as our last event, I think it might have something to do with the fact it was a long weekend :)

As an Easter mini-event, the guild officers and I ran an Easter egg hunt in Westfall. Everyone who came got a new unique non-combative pet. At one time we had about 4-5 people participating, especially hilarious if you saw other peoples' reactions (if you came you know what I'm talking about). In case you missed out on this event, let me (or an officer) know.

On a side note, Nighttalon has been promoted to our master leatherworker. If you have any questions or need a high-level item crafted, please let him know. Rashnack is also a high-level leatherworker, and I'm sure he'll also be happy to help. I'm still looking for others who would like to become master tradeskillers. Let me know in-game if your skill is lvl 200 or higher.

Happy Easter!
First guild night a success!
First guild night a success!Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the first official guild night! It was a success with about 6-9 people showing up to participate. Here's a quick summary:

Practice Footrace from Stormwind to Moonbrook
Mysterious took first place, winning a 14-slot runecloth bag! I think we're almost ready to host the public event, but I can easily see us doing a guild-only footrace once a week for more prizes.

Deadmines run
We took two groups through the Deadmines to collect loot for the guild, finish off any quests members might have and to see how everyone works as a team. I was extremely impressed!

50/50 draw (fundraiser)
For those not familiar with a 50/50 draw, it's a lottery where the winner gets half the pot with the guild getting the other half. Tickets were priced at 20s and members could buy as many as they wanted. I kicked in 50s to start off the pot. Sonia won 1g 80s and the guild got 1g 20s . Check the bank page for why this is a good thing.

Our next event is our Tradeskill night this Tuesday. Watch your in-game mailbox for the third installment of the Sleeper Report for details.
Practice race this Wednesday
The Perenolde footrace will occur on Saturday right before our Guild night, however in preparation I'd like to run a small practice race on Wednesday that won't be announced ahead of time, and with smaller prizes.

Anyone who's willing to help out and/or participate, meet me online this Wednesday at 10pm server time, in Stormwind.
It's official...
It's official...The guild has been created! The tabard is the same as what Shadowknife designed, if you currently don't have a tabard, let me know and I'll mail you one.

Also, log into the website with the username and password that was mailed to you and update your profile for our online roster. Check out our upcoming events and read about how the bank works too while you're at it :)

IMPORTANT: Please tell me or an officer what level your professions are, as these will be placed in the guild info screen. This way we can see who does what.
TabardsShadowknife took on the task of designing our new tabard. Check it out and let us know what you think on our Scrawling Board. I think it looks pretty cool, if you have ones you'd like to see considered send 'em in!
World Event
World EventI'm planning a footrace between two locations in WoW (Kharanos and Loch Modan for example) that will give out prizes to the fastest runners. The idea is that anyone can participate of any level, plus get our guild name out there (and recruit more members).

1st place: 1 Runecloth bag (14 slot) + Minor Speed Enchant (Boots)
2nd place: 2 Mageweave bags (12 slot)
3rd place: 1 Mageweave bag (12 slot)
4th place: 5 Swiftness potions
5th place: 20 Deviate fish

People placing 6-10 will get 25s each.

Good samaritan award: 1g
Bad samaritan award: The coveted "Gnawed Bone" of shame

1) Race is open to Alliance characters level 1-39.
2) All travel must be on foot. Griffons, boats, etc will be monitored.
3) Druids must be lvl 29 or lower (due to Travel Form at lvl 30)
4) Hunters must be lvl 19 or lower (due to Aspect of the Cheetah at lvl 20)
5) Selecting other participants and setting them to "follow" is not allowed. If you notice someone has you set to "follow" (try strafing from side to side), message me immediately.

At the beginning of the race I'll hand out drinks, food and yellow shirts that participants can wear if they wish as part of their check-in package.

I can supply the prizes and materials, but I'll need a few members to help run the event. I need:

  • 1 or more photographers to take screenshots

  • 1 low-level tailor to make shirts on demand

  • 2 race officials to monitor flight masters

  • Volunteers to hang out, advertise, watch the finish line, etc

So what do you think? I'm still wondering about what prizes I should be offering and I definately need ideas for racing routes. I'm looking at Kharanos to the inn in Loch Modan, however there're few mobs to get in the way (no danger to it). Maybe IF to Menethil? Use the Scrawling Board!
New name!
If you logged in lately and noticed that you're no longer in the Shadow Conspiracy, it's because the guild was changed to the Sleeper Cartel. We're rebuilding with a few new members, a few old members and a bunch of events planned.

As always, if you decide you'd like to be a member of the Sleeper Cartel, please sign up on the Recruiting page.
New Guild Activities
we have had a guild officer meeting and we all agree that our guild needs more participation.
We have thought up some ideas and suggestions and we would like your feedback.
all the info is on the scraling board
Event ideas
Event ideasWe're looking for ideas from members for guild events we can do to get people more involved. Things like raids, 50/50 lotteries for raising money for the guild coffers, staging cool screenshots, tradeskill nights, etc.

Mail or whisper me your ideas, or scrawl 'em on our scrawling board!
New Tabard
New TabardRashnack has chosen and secured our guild tabard, thanks to the donations of members needed to obtain the 10g required.

Members can purchase their guild Tabard in Ironforge at the Visitors Centre (SE of the auction house), or at any guild tabard vendor. Looks pretty good, don't you think?
New website
New websiteWe're proud to unveil the new Shadow Conspiracy website for all to enjoy, powered by WowGuild.

If you're a guild member, please make sure you log in so that you can see all the guild-specific stuff, and so that you can update your profile for our guild roster.

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