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General Chat: Pull up a chair, grab a pint, and meet your fellow guildies!
 SubjectAuthorRepliesViewsLast Post
 Post Your Gratitude VI: Beyond the Final FrontierSteinbrecher-Perenolde361284Corsina-Perenolde on Jan 25
 Um Darias...why am I On Hiatus in-game???Darias-Perenolde1524Darias-Perenolde on Mar 4
 Issues...overwhelming, or, problems with coalescing serversDarias-Perenolde5513Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Jan 17
 Adding images to a scrawlJiaxu-Perenolde141173Remorseless-Perenolde on Jul 3
 HTML Tags and Forum WizardryArgert-Perenolde516171Dinden-Perenolde on Jun 11
 With sadness, an announcementKimen-Perenolde348Littlebaby-Perenolde on Mar 28
 Cicif HiatusCicif-Perenolde152Vladz-Perenolde on Mar 4
 Karazhan attunementRhodan-Perenolde270Myrli-Perenolde on Jan 28
 secret Santa MAKEOVER!Vladz-Perenolde199Melisande-Perenolde on Jan 3
 Legion RaidingKimen-Perenolde2107Vladz-Perenolde on Dec 27
 Court of Stars / The ArcwayRhodan-Perenolde5133Rhodan-Perenolde on Nov 26
 Happy ThanksgivingMelisande-Perenolde085Melisande-Perenolde on Nov 24
 Remembered My Password!Malkariss-Perenolde3116Darias-Perenolde on Nov 18
 800 JC i am available to craft Saber's Eye cutsVladz-Perenolde087Vladz-Perenolde on Oct 23
 Obliterum ForgeRhodan-Perenolde1118Vladz-Perenolde on Oct 3
 Teamspeak, ventBadjett-Perenolde1120Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Sep 20
 Legion guild night Idea for Mounts and PetsVladz-Perenolde0104Vladz-Perenolde on Sep 17
 DemonHunters, BAH!!Vladz-Perenolde3177Littlebaby-Perenolde on Sep 2
 Names, Names NAMES!Vladz-Perenolde3158Melisande-Perenolde on Aug 29
 Grove Warden MountTinkerbela-Perenolde1132Vladz-Perenolde on Aug 27
 Limited time offer!! Expires August 30th!Vladz-Perenolde0152Vladz-Perenolde on Aug 12
 Turtles all the way DOWN!Vladz-Perenolde0116Vladz-Perenolde on Jul 31
 Beware chat scam!Yeshe-Perenolde1142Littlebaby-Perenolde on Jul 9
 the lull before the storm?Vladz-Perenolde2160Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Jun 11
 Mythic DungeonsTelonnar-Perenolde6286Littlebaby-Perenolde on May 20
 Happy Birthday Siddhi and Tempe!!Yeshe-Perenolde2176Siddhi-Perenolde on May 9
 Leave the light onLuxury-Perenolde6233Badjett-Perenolde on Apr 29
 Taking a bit of a wow-breakSckittles-Perenolde3218Littlebaby-Perenolde on Mar 30
 Where’s Wholey/River/Casz/Splatt???Wholeylight-Perenolde10463Telonnar-Perenolde on Mar 2
 Gold, and more Gold!Krv-Perenolde1229Littlebaby-Perenolde on Feb 1
 a couple notes on the timewalker weekly thats up this weekTelonnar-Perenolde1174Telonnar-Perenolde on Jan 7
 A Tale of Two SCs: Santa Claus and Sleeper CartelDarias-Perenolde11403Tinkerbela-Perenolde on Dec 25
 Merry ChristmasLittlebaby-Perenolde1168Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Dec 25
 Veterans DaySiddhi-Perenolde1182Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Nov 12
 Running of the gnomesLuxury-Perenolde0171Luxury-Perenolde on Oct 22
 guild night ideas for tonightTelonnar-Perenolde0200Telonnar-Perenolde on Oct 17
 Mistresses of Revels!Darias-Perenolde3266Luxury-Perenolde on Sep 22
 2nd acct altsTelonnar-Perenolde0243Telonnar-Perenolde on Sep 17
 Looking for volunteersSteinbrecher-Perenolde2223Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Sep 12
 WORT needs DPS (and maybe a backup healer)Telonnar-Perenolde9403Telonnar-Perenolde on Sep 9's the game and guild for you?Darias-Perenolde5316Darias-Perenolde on Sep 4
 ilvl 665 Shield to give away to someoneRhodan-Perenolde0194Rhodan-Perenolde on Aug 30
 Opinion Time!Erudi-Perenolde13337Vladz-Perenolde on Aug 28
 Demon HuntersKrv-Perenolde3274Darias-Perenolde on Aug 10
 The sheriff is back in town...during the day no less!Darias-Perenolde9345Darias-Perenolde on Aug 7
 Healing Paladins and Shamans can go 2H now!Vladz-Perenolde2260Vladz-Perenolde on Jul 13
 WTB 3 x Steelforged EssenceVladz-Perenolde1222Vladz-Perenolde on Jul 6
 6.2 Undocumented ChangesYeshe-Perenolde0261Yeshe-Perenolde on Jun 25
 Flying for Draenor?Steinbrecher-Perenolde4304Rhodan-Perenolde on Jun 22
 Aviana's Feather quest is up in inn todayTelonnar-Perenolde0260Telonnar-Perenolde on May 24
 Site Redesign was overdue...Darias-Perenolde12404Tempestmyst-Perenolde on May 16
 RIP BB KingSteinbrecher-Perenolde0232Steinbrecher-Perenolde on May 15
 Vial of the Sands?Rhodan-Perenolde4295Rhodan-Perenolde on May 7
 RIP Ben E. KingSteinbrecher-Perenolde0239Steinbrecher-Perenolde on May 1
 RIP PercySteinbrecher-Perenolde1280Yeshe-Perenolde on Apr 15
 10th Anniversary GNSteinbrecher-Perenolde9358Emmistar-Perenolde on Apr 8
 Happy Pi DaySteinbrecher-Perenolde2280Siddhi-Perenolde on Apr 5
 I feel as though someone's watching meSteinbrecher-Perenolde1280Siddhi-Perenolde on Apr 5
 Guild Heroic Dungeon AchievementRhodan-Perenolde10316Rhodan-Perenolde on Mar 19
 A long time ago, on a server blade far, far away...Darias-Perenolde10455Phosphor-Perenolde on Mar 13
 Intro Post ZandautZandaut-Perenolde14374Rhodan-Perenolde on Mar 12
 A new Sleeper Cartel ContestKrv-Perenolde13481Myrli-Perenolde on Mar 11
 Pwn the picture before you...the sequel!Darias-Perenolde331241Luxury-Perenolde on Mar 11
 GN 3/8/15Steinbrecher-Perenolde4271Luxury-Perenolde on Mar 11
 World of Warcraft without subscriptions is comingSteinbrecher-Perenolde0280Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Mar 2
 Sad Day for TrekkiesSiddhi-Perenolde2292Darias-Perenolde on Feb 27
 Just a little something I saw today.Sheehas-Perenolde11420Siddhi-Perenolde on Feb 26
 SnowErudi-Perenolde2304Yeshe-Perenolde on Feb 20
 Conan plays WoWSilvanos-Perenolde4337Luxury-Perenolde on Feb 16
 Phosphor has left his mark...again.Silvanos-Perenolde3318Luxury-Perenolde on Feb 16
 /LickSilvanos-Perenolde5333Silvanos-Perenolde on Feb 13
 WoRT is... well it just is.Krv-Perenolde4354Autumnraine-Perenolde on Feb 13
 Let's see those UIs!Sheehas-Perenolde5332Sheehas-Perenolde on Feb 8
 State of the Guild Address 2015Darias-Perenolde20649Rhodan-Perenolde on Feb 2
 EventSiddhi-Perenolde5337Ruiness-Perenolde on Jan 30
 Dad loses gamer son, starts playing WoW...Silvanos-Perenolde3439Ruiness-Perenolde on Jan 30
 NOOOOOOO!!!!!Silvanos-Perenolde9377Darias-Perenolde on Jan 29
 an amusement...Silvanos-Perenolde3349Luxury-Perenolde on Jan 29
 Housewife fails! Ruiness-Perenolde2334Darias-Perenolde on Jan 25
 Heya allRefrel-Perenolde2294Siddhi-Perenolde on Jan 24
 Time on his hands?Steinbrecher-Perenolde0246Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Jan 22
 I would just like to say...Darias-Perenolde2308Siddhi-Perenolde on Jan 13
 Darias...what the heck happened to the forums?Darias-Perenolde0274Darias-Perenolde on Jan 12
 PepeSilvanos-Perenolde0259Silvanos-Perenolde on Jan 11
 garrison and follower addons (must haves imo)Telonnar-Perenolde1293Telonnar-Perenolde on Jan 10
 Down goes Kargath BladefistSheehas-Perenolde3298Silvanos-Perenolde on Jan 9
 Hunter Enchanter's IllusionSilvanos-Perenolde1315Darias-Perenolde on Jan 7
 Coming up on a year Ruiness-Perenolde4320Siddhi-Perenolde on Jan 2
 Raiding with the HordeMyrli-Perenolde0272Myrli-Perenolde on Dec 28
 Tank and Spank!Jannich-Perenolde1296Darias-Perenolde on Dec 20
 Two things! I won't be temp leaving after all (Yes baby news included)Luxury-Perenolde20568Jannich-Perenolde on Dec 19
 Garrison InvasionsMyrli-Perenolde2336Telonnar-Perenolde on Dec 12
 We Got Cows!Corsina-Perenolde8418Corsina-Perenolde on Dec 11
 I am back Okage-Perenolde6369Siddhi-Perenolde on Dec 3
 WARNING: Hearthstone Strategy GuideDarias-Perenolde5477Darias-Perenolde on Nov 28
 Music threadSilvanos-Perenolde3341Cellestia-Perenolde on Nov 25
 Oh, too funny!Silvanos-Perenolde6372Cellestia-Perenolde on Nov 25
 New UbiSoft game coming out! Best graphics ever!Silvanos-Perenolde3373Cellestia-Perenolde on Nov 25
 Blizzcon Cosplay ContestSilvanos-Perenolde3382Siddhi-Perenolde on Nov 22
 Kalli Says FarewellKallistrata-Perenolde4382Siddhi-Perenolde on Nov 21
 My guild bankSilvanos-Perenolde4391Cellestia-Perenolde on Nov 18
 important for garrison resource collection / pets / rares etcTelonnar-Perenolde1319Ruiness-Perenolde on Nov 16
 Gearing up new or disused alt for latest content and/or wodTelonnar-Perenolde5545Telonnar-Perenolde on Nov 16
 Ding 100!Vladz-Perenolde3353Siddhi-Perenolde on Nov 16
 So, I'm listening to Khadagar in the cinematics last night...Darias-Perenolde0296Darias-Perenolde on Nov 15
 Temporary time off Luxury-Perenolde7396Darias-Perenolde on Nov 15
 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th monthSteinbrecher-Perenolde1328Tinkerbela-Perenolde on Nov 14
 Welcome To Draenor!Corsina-Perenolde5319Tinkerbela-Perenolde on Nov 14
 Status of the 'NoodleNeinna-Perenolde1299Vladz-Perenolde on Nov 14
 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th monthSteinbrecher-Perenolde0275Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Nov 11
 Looking for GroupKrv-Perenolde1321Silvanos-Perenolde on Nov 9
 Realm 1st Achieve for WarlordsSilvanos-Perenolde23860Silvanos-Perenolde on Nov 8
 Siddhi...Silvanos-Perenolde5403Silvanos-Perenolde on Oct 18
 blasted lands quests now have gear Telonnar-Perenolde0305Telonnar-Perenolde on Oct 18
 Stein's WoW Ironman AttemptSteinbrecher-Perenolde22569Steinbrecher-Perenolde on Oct 18
 hallows end new loot and petsTelonnar-Perenolde0300Telonnar-Perenolde on Oct 17
 ubrs 90 guideTelonnar-Perenolde2384Telonnar-Perenolde on Oct 17
 Finally, with days to spareVladz-Perenolde5374Siddhi-Perenolde on Oct 16
 Hey Everybody!Kybelius-Perenolde14450Luxury-Perenolde on Oct 14
 Taking a breakSckittles-Perenolde7999Luxury-Perenolde on Oct 14
 Musings on Patch 6.0.2Rhodan-Perenolde1309Vladz-Perenolde on Oct 14
 Valor/Justice points going awayMyrli-Perenolde1345Telonnar-Perenolde on Oct 12
 I'm participating in Extra Life this year!Erudi-Perenolde4345Erudi-Perenolde on Oct 11
 Ren faire Melisande-Perenolde0304Melisande-Perenolde on Oct 3
 Last chance for the Free Choppa!Vladz-Perenolde0281Vladz-Perenolde on Sep 30
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