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A Rare Guild Where Parties are Epic and Friendships are Legendary

Raiding guilds recruit when they need to fill a specific role. New guilds do mass recruiting efforts to build numbers. Small, struggling guilds recruit to increase their chances of success.

Sleeper Cartel does not fit into any of these categories and does not actively recruit. However, we're always open to add members to our community who are a good fit.

If you're here, you've heard about us, you've spoken to one of our members, and you've decided to join up. You're almost there!

The Process

  • All applications will be voted on by all of our Officers.
  • We do this to ensure that you want to join Sleeper Cartel for the right reasons and that your personality will be a good fit within our community.
  • When necessary, additional information may be don't forget your email address!
  • Once a decision is reached -- a process which takes up to 14 days. -- you'll be contacted directly via email.
  • Record Keeping: After you apply, your application is kept indefinitely in an officer-only forum.
    • Approved applications are retained as a "personnel record". Praises from guildies and well as any disciplinary actions are tracked there.
    • If you're application is declined, we still keep it for reference purposes

Make us WANT to get to know you!

Your application is a reflection of you and the person we're (hopefully) going to meet. Make sure you are thorough and give us a good indication of who you are before you submit it for review. Applicants are strongly encouraged to do the following before applying:
  • Read our FAQ
  • Read some of the publically viewable discussion threads
  • See some of the past events on our Downloads page
  • For ONE Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, or Middle Earth character, elaborate on why they're you're favorite.
  • Browse some of our Articles
  • Tell us something unique about you in your application.
  • Above all else: talk to some of our members and find out about the guild!
Happy adventuring and good luck!

For a short time, please contact one of our members in-game and ask for an officer.
We're being bombarded by a spam bot and haven't had the chance to put in stop-gap measures.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Meet Herra-Perenolde
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Hi all, it's been a while but I'm back. For those of you that don't know me; my husband and I both play WoW. I have a son in college and a toddler at home. I use to play a lot but now it is jus... Read more
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