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Sleeper Cartel Halloween Party 2007

A year has come to pass...

The scent of food lingers on the air...
Bottles of libations are herded across the land...
...and a bunch of yahoos are throwing a Hallows' End party...again!

On Saturday, October 27, 2007 at 7pm (server time on Perenolde Realm), Sleeper Cartel will host its third-annual server-wide Hallows' End party on The Isle of Darrow (you remember Scholo, don't you?).

Whether you are a Perenolde native or an off-realm visitor,
everyone is invited regardless of level, guild and even faction!

Hallows' End has always been our biggest, best, and craziest event of the year.

You don't want to miss it!!

Previous Events
In case you've never seen us in action, take a look at our previous events including
Coming from off-server?
Roll an alliance alt on Perenolde and send Darias or one of the officers a mail in-game prior to the party and we'll arrange for transport (summons) the night of the party. This offer is limited ONLY to those who mail us in advance. If we don't know of you the night of the's a rough walk from Stormwind.

Events planned for the evening include:

A Brand New Questline!

Everybody enjoys a fancy dress party, but when there's a murder at the masquerade...will you become the next great gumshoe and figure out who killed the guy in the pirate costume? Put it to the test in Callistana's latest questline!

Level 1 Race: University Transfer

    "Good morning class."
    "Good morning Professor!"
    "Welcome to your first day at Falthrien Academy. Uhh...yes, what is it?"
    You: "This isn't Scholomance! I'm at the wrong school!"
How fast can you get level one?

Check back as the date draws closer for more!
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