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Everything you need to know about Sleeper Cartel!

Table of Contents:

A Rare Guild Where Parties are Epic and Friendships are Legendary

Sleeper Cartel is a family-friendly guild. We try to be laid-back and generally easy-going. However, since we are a moderately large guild and have members of all ages and walks of life, we have adopted a Mission Statement, set of Core Values, Goals and Guidelines to keep things running smoothly.

Sleeper Cartel Mission Statement:

Sleeper Cartel is a guild of fun, family-friendly, supportive, respectful and enthusiastic players who actively seek to achieve individual, group and guild goals. Sleeper Cartel explores and experiences all aspects of the game, including raiding, PvPing, questing, tradeskilling, exploring and everything else in between. Sleeper Cartel caters to a wide-range of playstyles and does not require its members to change how or when they play. Sleeper Cartel is visible and active in the larger WoW community by its participation in Blizzard's Guild Relations Program, the Perenolde Server Small Guild Alliance and by hosting server-wide parties and events. Sleeper Cartel is active in the real world by its sponsorship of various charities, such as Autism Speaks, Toys for Tots and the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk.

Sleeper Cartel Goals:

It is the responsibility of all guild members to strive toward achieving Sleeper Cartel's Goals.

  1. Nurture a friendly, supportive environment where every member from the oldest to the most recently guilded knows that they are a unique and appreciated part of the community.

  2. Be open to the constant evolution of needs in the community by the free exchange of constructive feedback and tangible suggestions of how to improve, strengthen and move the community into the future.

  3. Enable and encourage all members to take an active role in contributing to the community, by providing the support and means to carry out ideas for guild events (guild nights, special events, tradeskill nights, farming nights, questing nights, etc.), guild services or other endeavors that seek to enhance the community of Sleeper Cartel.

  4. Assist guild members in achieving individual goals by offering a diverse range of guild services, accepting and supporting the wide-range of playstyles among members, and enhancing the gaming experience.

  5. Assist guild raid teams and PvP teams in achieving their group goals by offering resources (raiding forum, TeamSpeak, WoWWebStats, etc.), support, encouragment and congratulations in achievements.

  6. Hold (at least) one server-wide event per year to maintain good relations with the Perenolde Server and to provide an opportunity for the Perenolde community to enjoy the game together.

  7. Hold three guild-wide special events per year to celebrate being Sleepers and to partake in good ole' fashioned WoW fun as only Sleepers know how.

  8. Hold regular guild nights on Saturday evenings as a means to regularly come together as a community and enjoy the more "off the beaten path" parts of WoW.

  9. Maintain a wide-range of materials and resources for guild members and for server-wide and guild events via the guild vault.

  10. Set a positive example in word and deed for the larger WoW community by being positive figures in Blizzard's Guild Relations Program, Perenolde Server Small Guild Alliance and in interactions with other players in-game and on WoW-related websites and forums.

Sleeper Cartel Core Values:

  1. RL > WoW: Sleepers value commitments to family, friends, work, and other real life activities above commitments to WoW and the guild.

  2. Community: Sleeper Cartel is a community of friends and family. Sleepers keep the community healthy and strong by actively participating in and contributing to events and activities within the guild (i.e. questing or running instances together, attending in-game events and guild nights, participating in guild chat and being active on the Sleeper Cartel forums).

  3. Trust: A community without trust cannot thrive. Sleepers trust Leadership to guide the guild in all decisions in accordance with the guild's goals and with the guild's best interests in mind. Leadership trusts all Sleepers to actively participate in and contribute to the community and to uphold Sleeper values in every area of their WoW life. Sleepers trust each other to be friendly, supportive and respectful in their interactions with each other.

  4. Responsibility and Accountability: Sleepers are responsible for their own actions, both positive and (in rare cases) negative. Sleepers wear their guild tag proudly and seek to act in a Sleeperly manner at all times.

  5. Compassion and Respect: Sleepers keep in mind that there are real people behind the screen and treat each other with compassion and respect.

  6. Support: Sleepers support each other's goals and seek to help each other in whatever ways they are able to achieve them. Whether it be in game or out, Sleepers celebrate each other's victories and mourn each other's losses.

  7. Open Communication and Active Listening: Sleepers are open to constructive criticism, tangible and practical suggestions, alternate perspectives and positive and productive ideas.

Member Statistics

Sleeper Cartel's charter was created on March 3, 2005 and officially became a guild on March 11, 2005. Our new Mission Statement, Goals and Core Values were adopted on January 15, 2009.

Guild statistics
Total members:   81 guild members
(+249 alts)
Average level:   Level 90
(90 not including initiates or alts)
Highest level:   Kimerati-Perenolde (level 100)
Lowest level:   Maarit-Cairne (level 1)
Newest member:   Pursue-Perenolde
Oldest member
Num of Deathknights:   26
Num of Druids:   35
Num of Hunters:   44
Num of Mages:   32
Num of Paladins:   33
Num of Priests:   30
Num of Rogues:   25
Num of Shamans:   24
Num of Warlocks:   30
Num of Warriors:   34

Additional statistics about SC members can be found on our Member Statistics page, or by checking out our WoW Armory page.


The original tabard was designed by Shadowknife and became official the same day the guild's charter was turned in, March 11, 2005.

On June 28, 2007, the tabard colors were slightly altered by Darias when he was appointed Guild Leader. An image of the current tabard is on the left.

Blizzard's Guild Relations Program

Sleeper Cartel is honored to be a part of Blizzard's official Guild Relations Program. SC was one of the inaugural guilds to be invited into the Program by Blizzard on October 10, 2006. When making selections, Blizzard chose only those guilds that have made lasting, positive contributions to the WoW community.

Along with the other selected guilds, we form a valuable resource for Blizzard, providing feedback based on our experiences as a guild. This is a great honor for our members since in Blizzard's own words, "members of the Guild Relations Program should be shining examples for the rest of the community."

Some of the advantages of being a part of the program include: a link to our website from the WoW homepage, with a listing of our guild name and details about us, and eligibility to participate in upcoming beta tests (including beta testing in The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions).

Blizzard's Guidelines

Due to our involvement in Blizzard's Guild Relations Program and our own guild Core Values, it is important to Sleeper Cartel to set a positive example within the World of Warcraft community. Therefore, Sleeper Cartel has adopted Blizzard's Policies and extended them to all Sleeper Cartel members.

In-game Policies

    A Note About the Character Naming Policy

    In addition to Blizzard's Character Naming Policy, Sleeper Cartel does not accept character names that contain special characters (ex: š, ẻ, ī, ὀ, ů). This is a technical issue, as the roster updater for the website does not recognize these characters properly and causes a host of issues in the administration of the roster. Sleeper Cartel will also deny names that would reflect poorly on the guild (i.e. Stupidhead, Likeschix, Ipwnyou).

    Because we began following Blizzard's Character Naming Policy more closely in recent years, there may be some character names within the guild currently which are technically in violation of the portion of the Policy regarding multiple words within one name. These characters fall under a Grandfather Clause, in that we will not force those members to change their name, although they are encouraged to do so of their own volition.
Terms of Use and End User License Agreement

    A Note About Account Security

    Sleeper Cartel supports Blizzard's policy regarding account-sharing. The only account-sharing that is permitted is that between a parent and a child. Account-sharing between friends, spouses or other family members can potentially put your account, and by extension the guild, at risk. We ask that members be respectful of Blizzard's policy and follow it always.
Forum Code of Conduct

    A Note About Communication

    These guidelines are applicable to any publicly viewable forum Sleepers participate in, including but not limited to, guild chat, party chat, raid chat, /yell, /say, in-game voice and text channels (General, Trade, etc.), TeamSpeak, Sleeper Cartel forums, Small Guild Alliance forums, SuperPuG forums, and Blizzard's official WoW forums.

    1. Treat guildies and non-guildies with respect. Be courteous and friendly and be mindful that what you think is non-offensive, others may think is offensive. If there is any doubt in your mind whether or not you should say something, chances are you probably shouldn't. Derogatory or generally disrespectful comments made toward others is not appropriate at any time.

    2. Language. All language in public channels should be clean (G-rated), civil and non-disruptive. The use of ALL CAPS and l33t sp33k (or other similar "languages") can be considered disruptive and is discouraged. In addition, while it is appropriate to link loot drops in guild chat (which Sleepers will congratulate you on), excessive or repetitive linking of items could be considered disruptive and is also discouraged.

Leadership Policies

Like many guilds, Sleeper Cartel has a forum which is visible only to its Leadership Team. The forum began in March 2006 purely to contain Membership Applications, but later grew to also hold discussions regarding guild management issues. As it is visible to members at or above the rank of Emmissary, the once "Applications Forum" soon became known as the "Emissarium."

Whenever a Membership Application is submitted, a thread is automatically generated in the Emissarium. It contains the applicant's name, level and class as well as everything submitted in the original application. Guild Leadership uses the information provided to decide if the applicant is a good fit for the guild. Each member of Guild Leadership then reviews and votes on the application, and those votes determine if the applicant will be granted membership.

Record Keeping

Like any good organization, Sleeper Cartel keeps excellent records. Application threads are kept from the moment they are auto-created by the website and are never deleted, even when a member leaves the guild. During a member's time in the guild, typical notes in his/her application thread will include: when the member was invited into the guild, notes from their Associate Mentor, and when they're fully accepted as Family into the guild (as well as any further promotions).

Factual accounts of issues that occur and discussions regarding resolutions take place in application threads as well. Keeping a documented history of each guild member's time in the guild allows current Officers to maintain an up-to-date and accurate picture of any issue (good or bad) that impacts our members. This history is also a great help to new Officers, in that they can know in detail (and judge for themselves) the way specific issues were handled, as well as provide precident for handling future issues that arise.

To that end, it is vital for Guild Leadership to be able to keep track of things as objectively as possible. In order to do that, part of the record-keeping practice of the guild may necessitate the use of the in-game chatlog feature (brought in with Patch 1.7), as well as out-of-game communications via email or instant messaging.

For Guild Leadership, using chatlogs removes personal bias. If an Officer is in the middle of a boss fight, and a member contacts them about an issue, chances are something might get missed; or maybe the Officer got tired and misinterpreted the conversation. By using pure, unaltered chatlogs, which record a conversation as it occurs, Officers are then able to post the exact text of the conversation in the member's application thread. With clear-cut representations of conversations, all Officers can better determine how to best handle any given situation.

Compliments and Praise

We love hearing good things about our members! That includes words of thanks and appreciation from fellow guildmates and compliments about our members received from non-Sleepers as well. Nothing makes us happier than posting a note into a member's application thread that says, "Billybawb < Polar Bear Brotherhood > said that Topspin really should be commended with how much he drops things at a moment's notice to help out with crafting items for people in the Trade channel or help with the random quest. It says a lot about your guild!" If you run into a SC member and they impress you as being a great member of the WoW community, please let us know!

Feedback and Conflict

The Leadership Team is charged with the honor and responsibility of leading Sleeper Cartel within the scope of the guild's adopted Mission Statement, Goals and Core Values, but sometimes as humans, we miss the mark. We want all SC members to know that we take our "jobs" very seriously and want to always do what is in the best interests of the guild. If you have constructive feedback or a tangible suggestion regarding how we might be able to do something different, please feel free to contact us at any time. We want to hear from you!

We also understand that it's impossible for everyone to get along perfectly all the time. When conflicts arise between our members, or with one of our members and another member of the WoW community, the Leadership Team is available to assist in a resolution when one cannot be reached independently. Please feel free to contact any member of Leadership, and we will do our best to help evaluate the situation and find the best course of action for everyone involved.

All applications to join Sleeper Cartel are handled through our website on our Membership Application page. Each application is reviewed and voted on by the Emissaries and The Don. Every application is reviewed carefully and, if it is needed, additional information may be requested. Above all else, all applications are reviewed to ensure that the applicant wants to join Sleeper Cartel for the right reasons and that their personality will be a good fit within our community and within our Mission Statement, Goals and Core Values. Once a decision is reached (typically after two weeks), the applicant is contacted directly via the email provided in his/her application.

All applicants are encouraged to contact an Emissary or The Don in-game if there are any questions regarding the guild, an application or the outcome of an application.

Guild Ambassador Program

Officers in other guilds on any server are invited to participate in our Guild Ambassador Program. We value the opportunity to learn from other guilds and to allow other guilds to learn about how we do things in Sleeper Cartel. We are interested in guilds who are willing to allow one of our Emissaries a temporary Ambassador membership in their guild in exchange for a temporary Ambassador membership in Sleeper Cartel. This is a diplomatic arrangement and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in participating in the Program, please fill out an application on our Membership Application page (with the knowledge that we are not recruiting you for a full membership, of course) and indicate that you are interested in the Guild Ambassador Program, along with details about your guild, what you hope to achieve by participating in the Program, and a link to your guild's website (if applicable).

Guest/Trial Membership

Guest/Trial Memberships may be granted on a case-by-case basis to those individuals who wish to "try out" Sleeper Cartel prior to transferring their Mains from another server. Because of the cost involved in transferring servers, we understand the desire to see what Sleeper Cartel is all about before investing in the transfer.

If you are interested in a Guest/Trial Membership, please fill out an application on our Membership Application page and indicate that you are interested in a Guest/Trial Membership. Please include what server you are thinking of transferring from, the name(s) of the character(s) you are contemplating transferring, as well as an explanation for the reason behind the potential server transfer.

Friends & Family of Current Members

Every application to Sleeper Cartel is reviewed independently. A reference to a current guild member has some influence, but only to the extent if we need to speak to that person to gain more information about you. The thought you put into the application is far more important and carries much more weight.

With that being said, we welcome the children of current members to apply to SC. For very young members (under 11), it is OK to help your child to complete the application (or even type it), however we would like to see what he/she can come up with in his/her own words. Note if your child is under the age of 15 and is accepted into SC, you will be required to supervise (and be responsible for) his/her playtime at all times to ensure the security and comfort of your child and of the guild.

Applicants from an SGA Guild

If you are currently a member of a guild that participates in the Perenolde Server Small Guild Alliance, please indicate so in your application. Pursuant to SGA policies, we must first speak with your former Guild Leader before accepting your application to join SC.

Tips to All Applicants

Be thorough and honest. Tell us about yourself and what you enjoy doing in-game and out. Be sure to answer all of the questions on the Membership Application page to the best of your ability. Also, be sure that the email address you provide is an email address you use and check often. If we attempt to contact you via email and we don't hear back from you within a reasonable amount of time, your application may be automatically rejected without further notice.

Good luck to all the applicants - we hope to call you a member of the Family soon!

Ranks and Promotions
Sleeper Cartel is first and foremost about our community. The ranking system is merely a way to honor our long-standing, active members and to recognize those leaders who have an interest in guiding the future of the guild.

Let us be clear that joining Sleeper Cartel to "work up the ranks" is an attitude not in line with our Core Values. We only look for members who are genuine and sincere in their intentions and commitment to our community.

The "Ranks, Promotions and Activity in Sleeper Cartel" article provides a detailed explanation of:
  • Guild Ranks
  • Promotions
  • Associate Mentor Program
  • Inactivity
  • Leaving the Guild
It is important that all prospective and current members of Sleeper Cartel read this article.

Guild Website
The SC website exists as a means for guildies to exchange information about the game, to schedule and plan events and to generally communicate with each other, even while not in-game. It's important for all members to log-in (as many features of the website are only viewable by logged-in guild members) and check the website often, as the website is the main source all the latest SC news and important information.

Username and Password

Website usernames and passwords are created and emailed to new members within a few days of joining the guild. If you don't have a log-in or have forgotten it, please contact any of the Officers and one will be created for you as soon as possible.

Website Profile

Once you've received your website log-in information, please take some time to set up your profile. It is the best way to show your individual personality to the rest of the guild. In your profile you can include information about your character, an avatar and include as much or as little real life information about you as you'd like.

The Leadership Team often uses out-of-game email to communicate important information and will also use it to send website log-in information. You may list your email address in your profile and choose to only make it visible to the Officers, or you can make it visible to all logged-in guild members. If you don't have an email address you're comfortable listing, many of our members have created WoW-only email addresses, such as mainname.perenolde(at), and you may wish to do the same.


Currently, our website hosts six discussion forums for all members to use. The forums include:

  • General Chat - miscellaneous discussions regarding the game and other random silly things
  • Events - a tool to schedule and sign-up for events
  • Office of the Revels - a forum used to suggest and plan Guild Nights, in-guild events and server-wide parties
  • Money-making / Tradeskills - information regarding professions, requests for help with farming materials or crafting items and tips on how to make gold
  • Player-vs-Player (PvP) - here you will find all things PvP, including information about guild PvP teams
  • Raiding - a plethora of information and discussion about all things raid-related including information regarding and links to the SGA and SuperPug forums.

Guild Services
One of the many benefits of being a Sleeper Cartel member, is the support we offer each other through our various guild services. Below is a summary of the many programs run by our members for everyone to enjoy. If you have ideas for a new guild service, please let us know!

SC Service Toons


    When the Guild Vault is overflowing, when we have far more donations than guildies can use, SCAuction is the invisible, hardworking toon that sells the item and deposits the gold back in the Vault.


      16-slot (or higher) bags are provided for members on the Guild Services tab of the Guild Vault. But if you need bags and donít see them in the Vault or need a specialty bag, send an in-game mail to SCBags with your request.

      SCBags has a small stash of specialty bags and materials. If you are requesting a specialty bag, please consider mailing the materials with your request. And if you can tailor bags or have spare materials, please also consider donating your extras, as they go toward a good cause!


      Our guild lockpicking character, SCLockPick, will gladly accept your locked boxes, mail it to a guild rogue and then send it back to you after it has been unlocked. It may take longer than it would to find someone in a capital city to open it for you, but you will be helping your guild rogues level up and it's free. The more you send the more you help out the guild too!

      If you're a rogue and would like to volunteer for the lockpicking service, please send an in-game mail to SCLockPick, indicating your interest and current lockpicking skill level so that you can be sent the right type of boxes to unlock.

    Guild Jewelcrafting Service

    Our Guild Jewelcrafter, Eevie (Neinna's Alt), will cut gems to your specifications or find a guild jewelcrafter who can do it! This service provides a way for jewelcrafters to level up their tradeskill, and offers a valuable service to guildies who might otherwise be searching on /Trade for someone with a rare design. Eevie will also provide cut and uncut gems in the Guild Services tab of the Guild Vault for use.


    Although WoW offers an in-game voice chat feature, it is often unreliable. Sleeper Cartel uses TeamSpeak as it's chosen voice chat client and it is free to use at any time by any SC member (or not at all - it's optional). The advantage of voice chat software is that you can quickly and easily communicate without having to type anything. This becomes especially important in end-game instances and raids. Many of our guildies use it just to chat while they farm or quest and it's also used during Guild Night and special events. If you don't have a microphone that's okay; you can still listen in!

    To access the SC TeamSpeak Server, you will need to download the TeamSpeak Client (PC and Mac versions available).

    Once downloaded, logged-in guild members may view the TeamSpeak login information here.

    WoW Web Stats

    Sleeper Cartel offers a WoW Web Stats account for use by guild members, including all SC led and organized raid teams. With WWS, guild members can generate and share reports of raids, which include a tremendous amount of detailed information and statistics, by simply uploading combat logs to the WWS website. The username and password which allows access to upload data is available to all SC Raid Leaders, although anyone can view our logs at the main Sleeper Cartel WWS page.

    For more information about SC Raiding please see the SC Raiding section below.

    Guild Banking
    Guild Vault

    The Guild Vault serves as a resource for all Sleeper Cartel members, and fully uses all six tabs available. In it you will find: armor, weapons, equipment, schematics, recipes, patterns, tradeskill materials, quest and reputation items, glyphs, scrolls, tabards, bags, gems, oils, potions and elixirs. All of these items are donated by your fellow guildies and put into the Guild Vault for your use. We encourage you to make deposits and withdrawals so that nothing in the bank gets old or stagnant.

    In addition to the deposit and withdrawal of items from the Guild Vault, our Vault Administrator, Yeshe, will redistribute items to guildies, recycle items by disenchanting, mail items to the guild auction fundraising service (SCAuction, run by Jiaxu) and occasionally make loans to guildies who request them.

    Logged-in guild members may view a detailed description of how the Guild Vault works, by reviewing "The Guild Vault and You" article.

    Level 60 Epic Ground Mount

    Effective March 1, 2010, all Level 60 members of Sleeper Cartel at rank of Family or above are entitled to 100g toward the purchase of a flying mount. To claim your funds, send a game mail to the Vault Administrator (Yeshe) from the character that just dinged 60 and your funds will be sent in reply mail.

    Note: Since Death Knights receive an epic ground mount for free at Level 55, that class is excluded from this offer.

    Hacked Members

    Players can take all the precautions in the world, and yet still fall victim to keylogger schemes that capture their WoW password. We have a list of things members can do to protect themselves, but should the unthinkable happen, the Vault Administrator, Yeshe, will mail the hacked character gold to help them get back on their feet.

    The gold stored in the Guild Vault is donated by our members for general guild use, and what better use is there to help make sure our fellow guildies don't get discouraged when things go wrong!


    Check out our Events Calendar to view upcoming events and activities. Any guild member can schedule an event, so if you donít find exactly what youíre looking for listed on the calendar, feel free to invent one and post it!

    Office of the Revels

    The Office of the Revels is our guild entertainment department. Members plot, plan and help perpetrate Guild Nights, server parties, and other types of potentially lethal forms of in-game guild fun! Our philosophy is simple: Anything that is against Blizzard's policies and could get the planners and/or participants kicked off the server is a no-go... everything else is fair game! Want to see what weíre planning or offer up an idea? Check out the Office of the Revels scrawling board to see what's going on. Interested in joining our unholy crusade to totally rock-n-rule guild entertainment on Perenolde? Simply contact the Mistress of the Revels, Canziz, and the men in the white coats will come to collect you!

    Guild Night

    Our weekly Guild Night is normally held on Saturday, at 7:00 pm Server Time. GN gives our members opportunities to meet and greet, chat, trade, exchange ideas and information, and most importantly, have fun together in interesting or unusual settings. GNs feature group activities, such as races, games, dances, achievement runs, informal raids, participation in World Events, and battleground forays.

    Guild Events

    Periodically, we hold activities in concert with our Horde-side guild, Mystic Cartel, our friends in Steele Breeze, or with guilds on other servers.

    Sleeper Cartel is also involved in real-life causes, such as Autism Speaks and Toys for Tots, and from time to time, sponsors in-game events to help raise awareness or funds. Some of our members host real-life guild events, such as Zul'Col(umbus) (Eastern US) and Westfall BBQ (Western US), and the Colorado Gathering (Central US).

    Approximately every other month, we hold other guild events, such as Trade Skills Night and Farming Night. Consult the Trade Skills/Money-Making scrawling board for more information about these events.

    Server Wide Parties

    At least once a year, Sleeper Cartel hosts themed events that are open to the entire Perenolde community. Hundreds of players show up at these server parties to play games, go on special quests, receive giveaways, win prizes, and have a heck of a good time! Our most recent offering was Spring Break 2009 (March 2009).

    General Looting Guidelines

    In non-raid instances, we adopt a general need-before-greed attitude.

    More specifically, we say that we roll GREED on all uncommon bind-on-equip items, unless it is something you or an alt will use. All rare and epic items are passed on and will be discussed after everyone has passed. We try to stick to one needed blue/purple item per instance in order to let others have a shot, unless of course no one else can use it or everyone else already has "their blue."

    SC Raiding

    Charter System

    More information coming soon!


    More information coming soon!

    Small Guild Alliance

    Sleeper Cartel is a member of the Perenolde Server Small Guild Alliance (SGA), which is a group of 38 guilds who have banded together in order to be able to do high-level, end-game raid content. Dungeons like Naxx, Obsidian Sanctum and Vault are raided many times each week! They also form the basis of a responsible set of guilds that you can use to find groups at any time.

    Logged-in guild members should review the SGA: Small Guild Alliance thread and "SGA: Beginner's Guide", as both contain important information to help you navigate through the SGA, its website and its policies.


    More information coming soon!

    Mystic Cartel

    Mystic Cartel is the Horde-side version of Sleeper Cartel. It's a place for members of SC who reach Family status or above to play their Horde Alts. MC has also formed a guild aliance with their sister guild, the Epic Dolls. Horde players with SC Mains may type "/join epiccartel" to chat with members of MC and the Dolls, look for groups and ask questions.

    To add a Horde Alt to MC, type "/who Mystic Cartel" and ask. If no MC Officers are in-game, talk with a SC Emissary and they may be able to help you.

    The Epic Dolls and Mystic Cartel have formed their own raid team, Epic Cartel, that generally runs Thursday and Saturday nights. If you are interested in joining the raid team, contact Erudo/Erudi of the MC/SC or Lealu/Lealah of the Epic Dolls.

    Recommended Addons

    Sleeper Cartel does not mandate the use of addons. However, the following addons are recommended and are great tools for enhancing your time within the guild. Links to these addons are also provided on our Downloads page.


    This addon adds two simple slash commands to your World of Warcraft interface (/gwho and /gwhoall), intended to facilitate the communication between members of a growing guild. It also enhances the guild member login/logout notification messages, if you have enabled them in your WoW interface options.


    This addon runs quietly and invisibly. There are no configuration options. It simply places your tradeskill information into your Public Note so that your fellow guildies can see who in the guild is at what level when viewing the in-game guild roster.


    RedBanker will give you a list of the top 4 quildies who can use any item in your inventory, Guild Vault or Auction House that you hover your mouse over (see the picture on the right). This is the same addon used by the Guild Vault Administrator to redistribute donated items, and now you can use it too!

    Guild Craft

    Guild Craft is set up to show you what fellow guildies can make / craft. On load, it will scan your tradeskills, and send them out to other guildies also running the addon. To see what you've sent out to the guild and what they have, just bring up the browser by typing /gcb. You can shift-click the item in the left-hand list to link an item into an open chat box. A search box is available which will search name and tooltip text of each item in the database.


    See the previous section regarding TeamSpeak for full details.

    Original Posting - 03/20/09
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Thank you Guest for joining Sleeper Cartel!

Why not fill in your profile and make a welcome post? You may also want to re-read our FAQ. Ask any member in-game or on our website if you have any questions, and welcome to the guild!