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Come for the food, stay for the prizes
On Saturday, October 21st at 7pm (server time), The Sleeper Cartel hosted its second-annual server-wide party at Raven Hill in Duskwood, on the Perenolde World of Warcraft server. Everyone was invited regardless of their level, guild and even faction! There were 2000g in games and prizes in what turned out to be a fantastic party. Look below for a list of the games we planned. We've held events before this one, our Summer Party, our Shamrock Shindig and our First Hallowe'en party.

(Created by Crescence. High resolution version available here)

Some interesting facts...

Over 400 participants1200g in prizes
40 Sleeper Cartel guild members running events85 pre-made costumes sold
60-70 guild members involved with pre-event farming13 horde showed up
670 free drinks50-60 trivia contest participants
22 people undertook our "Into the Depths of Madness" quest200+ free [Orange Mageweave Shirt]s given out
Hundreds of guilds personally invited200+ packages given out for Bobbing for Skulls
21 participants in the Cemetery Run1400+ items of free food given out
35-40 participants in the "Remove-O-Matic" Curse Removal System quest95 qualifiers for the epic item giveaway

Our fun and games for the evening:

Into the Depths of Madness

A madwoman has captured some poor hapless low-level toons and taken them to a VERY nasty place. She and her henchman intend to do unmentionable evil to them...unless you can rescue them. Bring a couple friends for this quest.

The Cemetary Run

You like gold? Well, I like killing off your level one alts. Get a level one (or MAYBE level two) Alliance alt to the center of town in Raven Hill no later than 7:15 server time. We will be racing through some of the nastier places in the area for honor, glory, laughter...and more importantly...GOLD. .

Remove-O-Matic" Curse Removal System

The rescuees from the madwoman are gravely ill, and need their bodies clensed. Gather a small handful of items from the surrounding areas to produce a charm to clense the evil their bodies have absorbed. .

Spooky Trivia Contest

Test your knowledge about All Hallow's Eve and Warcraft against other players for prizes! .

Party Attire

In case you don't have a costume, we'll be providing FREE Orange Mageweave shirts to all attendees. Additionally, other costumes will be made available for purchase. While supplies last! Act now! May cause ulcers!.

Bobbing for Skulls

Try your luck! One or two of our guildies will be handing out gift wrapped items. Might be some gray vendor junk, might be a green of some random usage. Then again...might be more mixed in there..

Costume Contest

We started this last year, and it was a big hit at Summer's End, so we're kicking it off again. Got a good costume to wear for Hallow's End ( webcams PLEASE)? Bring it with you to the party and model it for our judges. .

Prize Tokens

If you win or complete one of our games you'll be awarded prize tokens. Turn them in at with our prize redeemer for cold hard cash!


In adition to the actual events, as with any of our parties, we'll have plenty of party-themed food to distribute. Drinks also will be provided (free BEvERages)..

Epic Item Giveaway

Everyone placing in any of our events will be entered into a draw to win an EPIC (purple) item, which will be drawn for at the end of the night. You won't need to be present to win, but you'll need to have completed and placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in any of our games.

Any horde characters participating split a pot of 200g , distributed after the event. They were also entered into our epic item giveaway.

This party was the result of countless hours by countless guildies who came up with event ideas, worked out logistics, farmed the thousands of materials, donated gold and volunteered their time during the event. This would not be possible without them.
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