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The Impact of Sleeper Cartel on the Real World

With a body of individuals such as we have, and the things we've already accomplished...why stop at things just in the virtual world? We first kicked things off for our guild anniversary with our inaugural Sleeper Cartel Donation and Charity Drive.

After a little bit of discussion, we realized we could do more, so, we're setting aside one single charity in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter for our guildies to donate their available time and resources too.

The World of Azeroth (at least on Perenolde) knows what Sleepers can accomplish...let's show the real world what we can do too!

Summer 2010 Fundraiser: NSC Rescue

From our very own Foxtrot:

For the summer 2010 Charity I propose that we support NSC Rescue. NSC is a local Denver based animal rescue. They frequently pick up animals with literally hours left to live from the local kill shelters. They then foster these animals, cover spaying/neutering, vaccinations and tagging. Each adoption also includes mandatory training for owner and animal to provide the best possible chance of success.

NSC is where I adopted my little BT Mugsy from (right).

NSC is small, they work very hard and have an amazing staff. Georgia the VP was fostering 5 animals a few weeks ago in addition to her own crew of 5. That is dedication and a lot of hard work.

Thanks for considering

A little bit about NSC

NSC started as a response to the unfulfilled need for professional assistance during the dog adoption process. While numerous people are willing to adopt shelter animals - many times the combination of untrained dogs and unknowledgeable owners leads to returned or unwanted pets. By giving the dogs structured training before, during and after home placement - their chances of success more than quadruples.

Our founder - Gina Biernat - has over seventeen years in the animal behavioral business. She owns and operates Clearwater Dog Training - a facility that promotes educated owners and educated pets. With this background, NSC was destiny in the making. Gina has had years of exposure to the problems that ultimately fail dogs - and after the passing of her beloved German Shepherd Keno - she felt it was time to act.

"Keno touched so many - I just wanted to help people find forever friends like him. These dogs have it in them - they just need the right second chance."

In the early part of 2006, NSC received its 501(c)(3). We are working towards upgrading our current facility to include a fenced dog run so that the animals can have time outside off of the leash in a secure environment. Long term - we hope to have the funds to build or buy headquarters that would allow for an even greater number of rescued animals.

At NSC - we try every day to provide the necessary tools for our shelter dogs to lead positive, well mannered lives in the homes they find themselves in. While all of our dogs are a work in progress - they are more likely to be successful in that endeavor with our help.

Please consider our organization if you or someone you know is looking for a forever friend.

Integration Training

The training process begins with our professional trainers evaluating the animal. We gather as much information on the dog by observation, interviews with past owners/shelter staff, and by trying out a few behavioral commands. Next we work out a strategy to achieve main objectives for each canine: overcoming separation anxiety, discouraging dog aggression, basic manners, etc. Each plan of action includes determining where the dog would best be served as far as living situation. If foster families are available (and are thought to be appropriate) we will arrange for them to work on their behavior while in a home environment. Some dogs need the consistency of living at the training facility to overcome initial problem behavior.

Those animals that live at the facility receive thorough behavioral modification from the trainers and from volunteers during their everyday care. Dogs learn to walk on a leash properly, to submit to human intervention, to refrain from problem behavior (such as jumping), and know the basics like ‘come’, ‘sit’, and ‘down’. Animals that have separation anxiety or aggression are given more professional attention to help with these behaviors. When possible, our dogs are exposed to small animals and children to determine if they would be suitable for living in such an environment. They are also evaluated for their reactions to other dogs, both as living companions and in public situations.

How can you help?

Sleeper Cartel is filled with animal lovers (just look at how many hunters and druids we have!), so this has to be a perfect charity for us to sponsor. I thank Foxtrot for coming up with this charity, and if you like pets of any shape, size, or level of furriness, I urge you to make a contribution (of whatever size) by clicking on the PayPal link below.

Sleeper Cartel members can do amazing things in-game, but as history has shown, we can do some amazing things in the Real World too. We will continue taking donations for NSC Rescue through Labor Day Weekend (Monday, September 6, 2010).

Christmas 2009 Fundraiser: One Meal

Darias first heard about One Meal via this article on Something about was just touching. A young girl taking the initiative to see a need and then having the drive to do what little she could to take care of it. Watching her family rally around her in support to feed so many who are in need in their community, and seeing that they're 100% donation driven made him realize that there's something Our Family could do to help them.

Our charity then for the holiday season was One Meal of Mobile, AL. We set up a PayPal link for every Sleeper (or non-Sleeper, since it wasn't a guild-only post) to donate to. On Monday, December 21, whatever donations we had, would then be deposited into One Meal's PayPal account on behalf of Sleeper Cartel. One Sunday meal provided costs around $150. We only had a little over three weeks to donate, but we'd seen wonders from his guild over the years, and when we put our mind and hearts to something, we can achieve great things.

Wonders never cease, and on December 21, the deposit was made along with this email:

By now your PayPal account should have $335 more than it did yesterday morning. In the short time since we began this drive, our guild members really came together to support your cause. I only wish we'd have started it sooner or carried it on longer, but I wanted to make sure you had every penny that you could for anything you'd be doing for Christmas.

God bless you and your family and all those in the community you're supporting. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

Guild Leader of Sleeper Cartel

And then, on Christmas Eve, the following reply came from Mike, President, Co-founder of One Meal.

WOW, Thank you so very much!! That contribution is going to make it so much of a nicer christmas meal and this means so much, not only to us, but to the persons we are helping. Please pass along to your "cartel?" my deepest and most sincere gratitude and may God bless each and everyone of you.

Winter-Spring 2009:

Based on a suggestion from Sangster, Sleeper Cartel is proud to announce it's Winter / Spring Charity as

Their Mission:
To provide co oling vests, and other protective gear such as Doggles, MuttLuks, and any other necessary gear to help the Military Working Dogs in Iraq's extreme conditions, who in turn protect and serve our Soldiers.
How did the idea for this project come about?
Starline Nunley, a member of the Gem City Dog Obedience Club, started with the idea of helping her son, Major Parker Frawley, who is a Longbow, Apache helicopter fighter pilot stationed in Iraq. She asked him if he would like a Cooling Vest to help him cope with the typically very hot temperatures encountered there. His reply was “Mom, I am and we (soldiers) are all right. The military provides for us very well, but dogs have different needs. It is so hot that they are having trouble doing their job and that puts us all in danger.”

Temperatures sometimes reach as high as 145 degrees. The dogs cannot work for more than an hour to an hour-and-a-half before being completely exhausted. Our troops are provided with proper equipment but the dogs are our first line of defense in many situations. They’ve been forgotten and have no protection against the heat, blowing sands and rough terrain.
What are the goals for this project?
The initial goal was to provide Cool Vests for the 15 MWDs at Marez, Mosul, Iraq. This was expanded to purchase Doggles to protect their eyes from the blowing sands, Muttluks to protect their feet from the hot sand and asphalt which is melting in the 130 plus degree temps. This sticks to their feet, causing burns and not allowing them to dissipate their extra body heat since dogs “sweat” through their feet. Plus collapsible lightweight water bowls that can be used for both food and water and allows no water to be wasted, and one toy for them to enjoy during their “down” times.

However, once we had reached our initial goal, we have continued to raise funds to be used to outfit more Units of MWDs. Our goal now is to outfit all 45 kennels in Iraq, which is approximately 300 dogs within the 45 Units. This number changes, as dogs are rotated in and the ones who were there are sent home for R&R. The gear goes with the dogs, since most will be redeployed back to Iraq, they at least, will have their gear. So there will always be a need to outfit the incoming MWDs and replace gear that wears out, as long as we are in Iraq.
What is the cost to outfit one dog?
$300 purchases one cooling vest, two cool packs, doggles, muttluks, a water bowl and a toy. We do receive other requests for items such as extendable leashes which wear out, and sturdy storage containers for the dog food (the rats were eating through the bags and into the food faster than the dogs could be fed!)

What's Sleeper Cartel goal?

As a guild, our aim is to provide AT LEAST one set of gear (as listed above) for the dogs serving abroad. Raising $300 is not outside of the scope of this guild to say the least, but let's start there. If we get two, that's awesome, but with these economic times, let's stick to just one for now.

UPDATE 1/29/2009: We've already received donations for two, so, I've raised the bar to trying to raise enough money for FIVE units by our deadline...

The deadline for all donations is April 30, 2009. I will apply the donations on May 1, 2009.

Whatever you can contribute, thank you in advance for your donation!

Sent on May 1, 2009...
Hello Starline,

I wanted to drop you an email to let you know that I have just made a deposit into your PayPal account our charity drive's final total: $965.00! I believe that's three full sets of gear for our furry soldiers and a baby step toward a fourth.

We would love to also be visible on your Organizations page. If the following is too much, let me know and I'll shorten it, but I think this adequately describes us:

Sleeper Cartel - A World of Warcraft Guild

High school and college students, executives, housewives, teachers, military personnel, and the occasional grandmother or two are all a part of our organization in what some may view as "just a video game". Sleeper Cartel is much, much more. Sleeper family.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. My number is xxx-xxx--xxxx. As it turns out, I'm closer to you than you might think. I live in xxxxx, OH near Columbus. If it wasn't for PayPal, I might have been able to just drive out passed Springfield and hand you the check in person!

You have a wonderful charity going here, and on behalf of the rest of the membership of Sleeper Cartel, thank you for all you are doing for our military personnel...whether two footed or four. :)


Thank you one and all who donated to this charity!

...and if you have a suggestion for the next place for us to donate, please drop me an email!

Winter 2008: Toys for Tots

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping and family and work-related activities. It's often so easy to forget that there are others very nearby who maybe don't have to worry about the "hassle" of shopping because they don't have the means to do so. As our country faces difficult economic times, It's so important, now more than ever, to take a step back and remember what the Holiday Season is all about.

Sleeper Cartel is proud to announce its official charity sponsorship for Winter 2008:


The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.


The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a shiny new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy youngsters that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.


The objectives of Toys for Tots are to help needy children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas; to play an active role in the development of one of our nation's most valuable natural resources - our children; to unite all members of local communities in a common cause for three months each year during the annual toy collection and distribution campaign; and to contribute to better communities in the future.


The principal Toys for Tots activities which take place each year are the collection and distribution of toys in the communities in which a Marine Corps Reserve Unit is located and in communities without a Reserve Unit that has a Marine Corps League Detachment or group of men and women, generally veteran Marines, authorized by Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to conduct a local Toys for Tots campaign. Local Toys for Tots Campaign Coordinators conduct an array of activities throughout the year, which include golf tournaments, foot races, bicycle races and other purely voluntary events designed to increase interest in Toys for Tots, and concurrently generate toy and monetary donations.


How Do I Get Involved?

To the WoW Community:

Sleeper Cartel encourages the entire WoW community to get involved by dropping off a toy at a local dropoff location or by donating funds online toward this great cause!

To Sleeper Cartel Members:

In addition to the challenge of donating toys at your local Toys for Tots dropoff location, SC will be collecting funds from its Members via the Guild PayPal account. All of the accumulated funds donated to the PayPal account between now and December 1 will be sent to Toys for Tots in one lump sum under the Guild's name.

To make a donation to the Guild's Toys for Tots fundraising efforts, click on the PayPal button below:

Link removed

If your financial circumstances prohibit you from donating toys or funds to Toys for Tots, we encourage you to find some way to help your local community during the Holiday Season by volunteering at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter or similar organization.

Sleeper Cartel wishes you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season

Summer/Fall 2008: DSACO Buddy Walk

Team Bethany (Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio Buddy Walk)

History of the Buddy Walk

The Buddy Walk was established by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) in 1995 to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome and to raise funds for education, research and advocacy programs. In 2007 alone, the Buddy Walk raised more than $6.5 million nationwide. This year over 250,000 people are expected to participate in more than 275 walks across the country. It is the premier advocacy event for Down syndrome.

What is the Buddy Walk?

The Buddy Walk is an event where we celebrate and support people with Down Syndrome. We use this event to gain support for our organization. Individuals with Down Syndrome, families and friends walk a one mile course and then enjoy fun at the Crew Stadium. We anticipate the Buddy Walk to attract over 3000 participants from across central Ohio and hope to reach our fundraising goal of $250,000. More importantly, we hope that all participants will help spread the word that individuals with Down Syndrome possess a wide range of abilities and are active participants in the community.

How you can help

Make a tax deductible contribution to DSACO and TEAM BETHANY at

From the Team: About us

Bethany is a very active 8yr old girl. She played t-ball and soccer this summer and kept the family very busy. Our family has participated in the Buddy Walk for 6 years. This year will be out 7th Buddy Walk. She is in the 3rd grade and has a 3 year old brother named Jeremy. This event is very special to our family and usually have lots of family and friends join us for the event.

Spring/Summer 2008: Autism Speaks

Speak Up Sleepers (Walk Now For Autism)

From the Team's Page

"Speak Up Sleepers formed as a team to show support for those of our members whose lives are affected in some way by autism. The idea was to expand our impact in game to the real world, and help raise awareness for autism both within World of Warcraft and in real life."

The Sleeper Cartel was proud to announce that our official charity for the Spring / Summer season was Autism Speaks. Among the membership of our guild, we have several people who have had their lives touched by children who register on the Autism spectrum. From sons and daughters to nieces and nephews, from friends and neighbors to granddaughters and grandsons, Autism has touched the lives of the Sleepers in a very profound way.

As part of our guild's mission statement, we have always tried to be a "service guild" to our server-mates within the game. In an effort to expand our service commitment to the real world, we have made the choice to affect our communities that support us across the country and across the world. It is with this in mind that the Sleeper Cartel decided to support two charities a year on a guild-wide basis.

From our news item about the charity event:

Autism Speaks is a charity which focuses on the research of and education of the myriad of disabilities on the Autism spectrum. We urge not only our membership but our fellow World of Warcraft enthusiasts across servers to take a moment and do what you can to support Autism Speaks, whether it be a donation or participation in a local walk. Also, please note that the only enrichment the Sleeper Cartel receives from our support of this charity is a good feeling, knowing that we've done something that's right for the world around us.

Please join us in our support of Autism Speaks. The Sleeper Cartel is proud to contribute to this organization, and we hope that through our support, Autism awareness will spread and increase.

From the announcement of the charity through actual day of the walk (June 7, 2008) we changed our tabard from the gold-on-black design to a blue-on-white design to coincide with the color patterns of Autism Speaks. On April, 19, 2008, Sleeper Cartel members staged an walk in-game to show our support for the cause. In a very short amount of time the membership of Sleeper Cartel helped "Speak Up Sleepers" reach their goal of $1000, well before the date of their walk.

With this being our first charity in the real world, this was a very proud moment for us to have contributed to the communities and families affected by Autism. The outpouring of assistance was staggering to say the least. We count this as only being the first of many times to come where we will be able to affect the causes our members hold dear and look forward to hosting more in the future.

If you have a charity you would like the Sleeper Cartel to support in the future, please send your suggestions to Darias at the email posted in his profile.
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