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Paladin Macros (pre 4.0)
A few handy macros to help keep you (and your party) alive.
Last updated October 16, 2008 @ 6:15:01AM
Viewed 6749 times

Change Log

  • 2010-02-09
    • Added Tanking macro of doom
    • Replaced "target=" in all mouseover macros to the new "@mouseover" syntax.

  • 2009-05-15
    • Several new macros
    • Added "Seal & Judge Castsequences" Seal & Judge macro
    • Removed down-ranking on FoL and HL

  • 2008-10-16
    • Started New Article for Post 3.0.2 Changes
    • Added "Shocky" macro
    • Removed down-ranking on FoL and HL

11,000+ Hits Can't Be Wrong

So, I had this article with some Paladin macros that I mostly created for my own reference and for the other members of Sleeper Cartel. It apparently got popular because as of October 2008, it had had 11,000 hits.

The original intent of of it was to replace a nifty add-on (Panza) that did an all-around job for taking care of paladin skills. It down-ranked spells for you based on the estimated health of the target. It kept track of seal / judgment combos. It kept track of blessings. It did a hell of a lot.

Then, when The Burning Crusade expansion broke. However, at with that same event, new, nifty macro changes came too, and there was a whole new host of functionality to tap into. The forums were full of various macro combos, and I started compiling them together and it gelled into the previous article.

Seal and Judge Combos: Changes

One of the biggest changes in the patch toward Wrath of the Lich King (patch 3.0.2) is the change ups to sealing and judging.

Prior to this patch, sealing and judging worked like this:
Seal ---> Judge that Seal ---> Pick another Seal ---> Reseal when it fades
Post 3.0.2, it's now:
Seal ---> Pick a Judgement ---> {Do Stuff} ---> Judge something else

Formerly, seals lasted 30 seconds. When you would cast Judgement, it judged that specific seal and it's properties onto the target, and the judgement of that seal lasted as long as you kept hitting the target (or it was dispelled). The seal on your self would have to be constantly reapplied though if you wanted to get it's benefits.

After 3.0.2, Seals lasted 2 minutes, and shortly thereafter, it was extended to 30 minutes. Judgements then began to have a dual purpose. Every seal has a separate property of what happens when you judge the seal, and the three judgements each do something completely independent of each other. This adds to some amazing flexibility...but also a good bit of complexity too (at least from a macro writing standpoint).

Seal and Judge Combos: Macros

To use the following macros, you target your mob, hold down alt, and hit the macro. That first time, it will seal with whatever you have first (in the example below, it's Crusader). Once your target is in range, hold alt and hit the macro again and it will judge that active seal.

After that, it will alternate back and forth with Holy Shock and the second seal you have in the macro. NOTE: If you're trying trying to NOT get any agro from melee, make a macro like the second example so you don't inadvertantly HoSho something and have it turn its sharp pointy things on your healing gear. :)

The reset timer isn't a 100% requirement, but it's a nice thing to have to visibly keep you from resealing too often.

Seal & Judge Castsequences: One Macro to Seal Them All, and One Macro to Judge Them
This macro is what I use when I'm raid healing specifically. The macro seals one type of seal -- Wisdom, Light, or Justice -- and then judges the same type. I've also added in a SoR/JoW combo using the alt key which is slightly different. The macro as-is is 254 characters without the line breaks that I included below (I put those in just for readability; the final macro should be one contiguous line...not even a space after the semicolons)

By default, I'm usually judging wisdom, but mix them up however you like. If you're short on space, the "alt" line (the first section) is probably the best bet to be removed.

/castsequence [reset=target,mod:alt] Seal of Righteousness,Judgement of Wisdom;
[reset=target,mod:ctrl] Seal of Justice,Judgement of Justice;
[reset=target,mod:shift] Seal of Light,Judgement of Light;
[reset=target,nomod] Seal of Wisdom,Judgement of Wisdom;

Shocky: "Back of man, I'm a shockadin!"
This is the full macro if you have holy shock. If you didn't go up the holy tree enough to get Divine Favor / Holy Shock, obviously omit them. Additionally, if you want to make this a PvP macro remove Exorcism.

The way it works is you hit alt for SoR, and that will also pop DF and your wings. After that, spam the same key and you'll throw out Exorcism first (as it's your longest range spell in the rotation), and then JoW (for some mana regen). After that comes HoSho as it's next closest in range. By this point the mob should almost be on top of you (if it isn't breathing on you), then Consecrate, followed by Shield of Righteousness, and Hand of Reckoning. From there, you have a bit of time before you can run back to the Exorcism cooldown.

Again, if there's anything on here you don't have...just remove the line.

NOTE: If you wanna use this for Battlegrounds, take out Exorcism. Doesn't work on players.

/cast [mod:alt] Seal of Righteousness
/cast Divine Favor
/cast Avenging Wrath
/castsequence [harm,nomod] reset=target,combat Exorcism,Judgement of Wisdom,Holy Shock,Consecration,Shield of Righteousness,Hand of Reckoning

Recommended Addons

I still recommend using Grid, although at the time of this posting (10/16/08), it's still got post-patch bugs. I'll be trying it out on 10/17 to see how many members of my Kara raid I kill.

All the healing, decursing, and some of the other macros as well use mouseover targeting. Using Grid makes healing a snap and your whole raid is a very nice compact area to hover over.


I never used Decursive, because Panza already had the same functionality. So nevertheless, I feel the other decurser's pain. This quick little macro will save you all kinds of headaches.

Hit the macro while mousing over someone and it will Cleanse them. If you don't have someone mouseoverred (mousedover?), it will act as if you just clicked Cleanse on its own.

/cast [modifier:alt,@player] Cleanse; [@mouseover,exists] Cleanse; Cleanse


Again, more mouseover macros. Mouseover casts on the target; ALT casts on you; otherwise, it acts as if you just clicked the base spell out of your book and then you target someone and click them.

#showtooltip Flash of Light
/cast [@mouseover,exists,nomodifier] Flash of Light; [@player,modifier:alt] Flash of Light;

#showtooltip Holy Light
/cast [@mouseover,exists,nomodifier] Holy Light; [@player,modifier:alt] Holy Light

The Bacon!
Beacon of Light is a great spell...and being able to cast it via mousever is even better! This one has the additional feature of if you have a mob targeted, it's target (as long as it's friendly to you) can get the bacon without you even having to move the mouse!
/#showtooltip Beacon of Light
/cast [@mouseover,exists,help] Beacon of Light; [@targettarget,help] Beacon of Light; Beacon of Light

Holy Powerhouses Batman!

Simply mouseover the target and let 'er rip. You don't even have to change targets now!

/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm] Hammer of Justice; [@targettarget,harm] Hammer of Justice; Hammer of Justice

/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm] Holy Shock; [@targettarget,harm] Holy Shock; Holy Shock

/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm] Hammer of Wrath; [@targettarget,harm] Hammer of Wrath; Hammer of Wrath

Fr. Merrin :P
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm] Exorcism; [@targettarget,harm] Exorcism; Exorcism

Tanking Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Seriously, I <3 this macro. This follows the typical 9696 rotation, and just puts it in macro form. The only caveat with this is that you have to have a seal up or it will stall at that first JoW. Of course, you can trade that judgement out for your own choice, but I find that keeps me topped off (even if I have Divine Plea up and running).

/castsequence reset=combat/target Consecration,Shield of Righteousness,Holy Shield,Hammer of the Righteous,Judgement of Wisdom,Holy Shield,Hand of Reckoning

Tanking Puller

A simple macro, tosses out Avenger's shield, and drops a Consecrate. Step forward, hit the macro so it cycles, then move back. Pulls the mobs and then starts the agro ticks before they reach the rest of your group.

/castsequence reset=combat/target Avenger's Shield,Consecration

Righteous Defense

Leave my friend alone!

/cast [help] Righteous Defense; [@mouseover,exists,help] Righteous Defense; [@targettarget.exists,help] Righteous Defense


Silly pally! Why'd you burn through your mana pool?

This is really for anyone, but I'm including it in here too. Change "Heavy Runecloth" to whichever bandage you have on hand. (This is borrowed directly from WoWWiki.)

/use [modifier:alt,@player] Heavy Runecloth Bandage
/use [modifier:ctrl,@pet] Heavy Runecloth Bandage
/use [help] Heavy Runecloth Bandage


Thanks to the dev team at Panza for the great mod that pushed me to dig into the macro engine. Their add-on made me want to stay a pally. The death of it (and other mods was a loss to the community.

Thanks to Smacker for HoW and RiDef macros above.

Contributors at WoWWiki's "Useful Macros" article.
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