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Ranks, Promotions, and Activity in Sleeper Cartel
Last updated April 23, 2008 @ 7:10:23AM
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Guild Ranks
The Sleeper Cartel ranking system exists to recognize those members who contribute to and are leaders within the Sleeper Cartel community. It is not a system of favorites or a Who's Who among our members.

All members are encouraged to step up and let their personalities and abilities shine. If you are interested in taking a more active role in the guild and need help in knowing how, feel free to contact any member of the Leadership Team and we will help you find ways to get involved.
  • Guest

    • Guest/Trial Members and Guild Ambassadors. Note that Guest/Trial Members who wish to convert to full membership should contact a member of Leadership. Guests who wish to be full members are made Associates and proceed through the ranks as discussed below.

  • Associate

  • Retired

    • This rank is reflected on the website only and not included in the in-game ranking structure and includes former members of Sleeper Cartel.

  • On Hiatus

    • This rank includes those members of Sleeper Cartel who have contacted Leadership or have posted to the forums that they are taking a break from WoW due to real life circumstances. On Hiatus members will be granted up to four months of leave before being removed from the guild, but will be contacted by Leadership prior to removal.

  • Club 14

    • This rank is specifically reserved for members of the guild at or below age 14.
    • A friend or family member of the Club 14 member must also be an existing member of the guild at Family or above.
    • While still considered a full member, guild leadership holds the expectation that their game time is supervised at all times (whether actively online or in person watching them play).

  • Family

    • Being a Family member is considered the standard rank of the guild. Many members achieve this rank and are content to stay there. That's perfectly OK. Family members can bring in alts to the guild and can begin participating in the SGA.

  • Lupara

    • Lupara are those members who have been in the guild for 6 months or longer who have proven to possess all of the Sleeper Cartel Core Values and have made a lasting impact on the community. They are welcoming and friendly in guild chat, volunteer their time to craft items and give advice and use the forums to their fullest potential by organizing events, making fun posts and engaging positively and productively in guild discussions.

  • Capo

    • Capo are those member who, having been a Lupara, have now stepped up to perform a specific role for the guild, such as spear-heading a guild service or leading a guild raid group. They have proven that they posses an interest and dedication for leadership in the Sleeper Cartel community.

  • Emissary

    • As the Officers of the guild, Emissaries are selected from the Lupara and Capo by existing members of the Leadership Team and/or are voted on by the guild-at-large. These members possess all the Sleeper Cartel Core Values and are committed to leading and guiding the future of the guild. They are self-starters who have shown level-headed reason and decorum when discussing guild-related issues on the forums and/or with the Leadership Team. Emissaries vote on applications for membership and are directly involved in making micro- and macro-level decisions on behalf of the guild, keeping the guild's Mission Statement, Goals and Core Values at the forefront of every decision.
    • Current Emissaries are: Erudi, Ladythunder, Lettice, Littlebaby, Phosphor, Pojocatdog, Roxylock, Steinbrecher, Yeshe

  • Don

    • Darias is our fearless leader. He seeks council from the Emissaries when making every decision.
Sleeper Cartel is first and foremost about our community. The ranking system is merely a way to honor our long-standing, active members and to recognize those leaders who have an interest in guiding the future of the guild.

Let us be clear that joining Sleeper Cartel to "work up the ranks" is an attitude not in line with Sleeper Cartel values. We only look for members who are genuine and sincere in their intentions and commitment to the community.

When making promotions to any rank, the Leadership Team generally looks at a few key elements:

1. Is the person following guild guidelines?

2. Is the person socially interactive in-game? Do they engage in guild chat? Are they friendly, welcoming, positive and helpful to others?

3. Is the person interactive on the guild website? Do they create and/or sign-up for events? Do they post to the forums? Are they positive and productive in guild-related and non-guild-related discussions?

When making promotions to the ranks of Capo and Emissary, the following are considered in addition to the above:

1. Is the person a self-starter? Do they create events? Do they motivate others?

2. Is the person a decision-maker? Do they take the lead when they see something that needs to get done? Do they get the task completed successfully?

3. Is the person dedicated? Does this person volunteer to spear-head a service for the guild and consistently follow-through on their commitment?

4. Does this person show reason and decorum? Does this person conduct themselves appropriately regarding sensitive issues or during rigorous discussion? Does this person accept feedback with maturity? Is this person able to view issues from multiple perspectives?

Clearly, there are a lot of considerations when making promotions, but really, the great thing about our guild is that so many Sleepers possess these qualities, decisions for promotions are often easily made.

If you'd like to commend a Sleeper Cartel member, we invite you to send an email or in-game mail to one of the Officers. Your positive comment will be added to their file and will be taken into consideration when making a decision about their promotion.

Associate Mentor Program
Sleeper Cartel is a big community with a lot of things going on at any given time. It can be daunting to come into a community such as ours and often makes new members ask, "OK, now what?"

The Associate Mentor Program exists to help Associates through their first weeks in the guild and is intended to be a two-way evaluation process. It's set up both for new members to get a feel for what SC is from the inside, but also provides an opportunity for the guild to get to know new members. During their time as Associates, new members are asked to make a concerted effort to be active in the guild both in-game and on the website forums. While activity isn't necessarily mandated, it's really important to get as involved in the community as possible, as it is the only way to get to know who new members are and how their personality might mesh within the community.

When Associates come into the guild, they are assigned a Mentor. The Mentor is available to answer questions about the guild, the game, the website and a host of other topics and to help the Associate feel more comfortable within the larger SC community. Based on the recommendation of the Mentor, in addition to feedback from other sources, a decision will be made by Leadership whether to promote the Associate to Family status or whether the Associate and Sleeper Cartel should part ways. Please understand that being guilded as an Associate does not automatically guarantee full membership.

The typical Associate period lasts between 4-6 weeks, but the process is different for everyone, as there are many variables that contribute to each person's experience. Associates who are inactive for 14 days or longer will be contacted via email and may be, at the discretion of Leadership, removed from the roster.

Sleeper Cartel has no requirements or expectations regarding how or when you play. However, in the interest of keeping our membership active and below our choice to stay under 500 characters, we remove characters that have been inactive for two or more months.

Main characters (the character that you most play and that you applied to the guild under) that reach the two-month mark will receive email notification of the intent to remove them from the roster to allow an opportunity for you to seek approval for continued membership or to request On Hiatus status (members On Hiatus are afforded a four-month leave without removal). Note that when your Main is removed, all of your Alts will be removed, as will your website access. Once you have been removed, you may reapply to the guild via the Membership Application page when you become more active in the game.

Alt characters that reach the two-month mark will be removed from the in-game roster without notice in order to free up roster space for other characters that are more active. If you find that one of your Alts has been removed and you'd like to bring it back into the guild because you plan on playing that Alt more frequently, just contact any Officer in-game and they can help you.

Leaving the Guild
We realize that Sleeper Cartel may not be for everyone. Above all else, we want players to spend their online time in the manner they most enjoy. We do our best to make sure you'll fit into the guild when you apply, but if at some point your goals change, we can't fault you for looking at options that may suit your goals better.

However, in our constant effort to improve the guild, we ask that you please talk to us ahead of time if you have any concerns about the guild, or want some advice on what you can do to accomplish your goals. We may be able to help or point you in directions you might not have considered.

Once you add a character to the guild, we hope you’ll keep it guilded. However, if you have a compelling reason for removing a character, we ask that you please discuss it with Leadership prior to its removal.

Please understand that if you remove one character from the guild, your other characters and website access may be removed as well. This decision will be at the discretion of Leadership and is based on your history within the guild, the circumstances surrounding your decision to remove your character(s) and your plan for future active involvement in the Sleeper Cartel community with your remaining character(s). If removing your character is not contrary to the interests of the guild, and you have a plan for continued active involvement on your remaining character(s), an arrangement may be worked out.

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