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Full Version: Legion Raiding
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I\'m trying to assess interest in raiding in the Legion expansion.

A bit of background: Our group has been raiding together for a very long time but we are a small group and often find difficulty filling out a full 10. We have also discovered that many times 11-12 and >14 are better balanced.

This is a decidedly anti-drama group. We have fun together but on the other hand we aren\'t that keen on continuous wiping ;-) So there are some stipulations: Come prepared with food and flasks. You should also have run LFR at LEAST 2-3 times. There is a lot to learn and even in LFR you can gain some understanding of the overall mechanics.

If there is sufficient interest, we may start up a raid night or two again.

+1 for Sundays and the time not important to me. I cant commit to any week days though.

I have ran Emerald Nightmare LFR once and a half.
I am attuned for Kara.
I have been know to drag \"Da Wif\" along for DPS/HEALS.
I prefer super hero movies over star wars, GO Deadpool!
I am an accomplished Alchemist with Rank 3 flask recipes and can produce raid cauldrons.

Did I mention that I Tank with 3.9 to 4.6 million health and on a cool down for 6.1 to 8.0 million health? Yeah I really like Deadpool!

so what is the verdict Kimen?